Police Caution Workers In Essential Services Not To Abuse Their Position

Commissioner of Police Atlee Rodeny

People employed in the Essential Services are being warned this does not mean they can be on the streets without a good reason during the lockdown.

Residents were instructed to stay at home when the government implemented the 24-hour curfew last week to curb the spread of the new coronavirus in the country.

Since then, several people were arrested for breaching the order and given penalties that included fines of up to $5000 and six-month prison sentences.

Allowance was given for non-essential workers to buy food and emergency supplies between 7am and 12pm.

However, people employed in the essential services, which include law enforcement, EMS, state media and other broadcasting services, the prison, Social Security Scheme, NODS, National Solid Waste Management Authority and others, can travel outside these hours for work related purposes.

“If you are on the street and you are one of the persons who have a pass, be in a position where you can show your pass”, said Police Commissioner Atlee Rodney.

“You can show your documentation, so that the process can move smoothly so you can go and do that essential service that you have to do why you are on the street”, he said.

However, essential workers should not abuse the process the Police Commissioner cautioned.

“We want to say to persons that are part of the essential services, do not abuse the privilege, you know, if you don’t have to be, not because you’re essential, if you don’t have to be you can minimize the flow of traffic on the street also”, he advised.

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  1. I want to commend the authorities for the measures they are taking to ensure person adhere to the curfew. But why so harsh? Locking up person for.so.long is inhumane cause they haven’t commit a crime. And the fine is too high especially at this time when the economy is low. Mr prime minister do you think this is right in the sight of God. These men will be away from their family and more expose to the virus.

    • It is absolutely right. It is a deterrent. Look at us now still NOT adhering to the curfew/lock down. For the amount that they found, I am sure that there are dozens that got away.

      You watch…mark my words….I am sure the lock down is going to be extended and this time it is going to be a FULL lock down. Wanna bet?

    • Because, it is a matter of Life or Death. What is so hard to understand? Just cooperate and let the people do their job. Just obey for a change. Simple.

  2. Laurette Byrne yes they have committed crimes by breaking the curfew regulations. However, I totally agree with you that the fines are high and since they are first offenders (most likely) a strong reprimand would have been better and if they break the curfew regulations again then they could be dealt with more harshly.

    • I am trying to figure out if its like father like son or son like father to understand the silly thoughts you two tend to spew.

    • If they would stay at home then they won’t have to be made examples out of. Maybe if we end up like New York then y’all will be happy. #tapahyayard

    • Mr Tabor these days you are acting more like a politian. Do you understand just how deadly this virus is? Do you think I like being lock down in my house? But it is for my own safety as well as my families. Some of those guys who were sent to person are well known criminals. Why were they on the road past cerfew time? I am convinced unless you Mr Tabor gets a first hand experience of how devastating this virus really is then maybe you will stop being a jackass on social media.

  3. And please, STOP bring GOD in you all foolish talk. Always trying to justify everything by talking about God this and God that. Read Romans 13. Obey that.

    Listening to Mr. Tabor on the SNAKEPIT . Mr. Pompey showed more knowledge of the Law than You. Mr. Tabor You put POLITICS in everything. You show soooo much dislike for Hon. Gaston Browne that you cannot think straight. Mr. Tabor… You should take law lessons from Mr. Pompey . Mr. Tabor You are wrong AGAIN.

    • @ ALL AROUND

      You have been always very hard on Mr. Tabor. He is a Lawyer and He is just pointing out the Legality to the People of Antigua and Barbuda. This time I shall support Mr. Tabor . Just to be clear I am NOT a FAN of Mr. Tabor but this time His discussion has some merit.


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