Police are investigating a shocking armed robbery on business owners


Police are investigating a shocking armed robbery on business owners.


It is reported that the of the owners of Paparazzi Pizza located in Turtle Bay area were robbed on Sunday night.


It was also reported that the owners of the establishment were followed home from the restaurant around midnight by two masked men.


The men held them up at gunpoint and robbed them in their home.


A concerned citizen says incidents like this should be reported to help in the apprehension of the criminals.

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  1. A yard man a do this kind a crime. Watch to see you make money then rob you. Typical jamaican style. Deport them bloodclaart

    • Yuh full a shit like crab , most robbery that’s taking place now in Antigua is some of the damn lazy Antiguan that don’t want to go work.

    • You mite be the robber that’s why you the first to comment you see any yard man name gangsta4life wutliss bwoy wey nuh live nuh wey

    • Low life a beg you hop off a yard man name make that JAMAICA on a whole cause guess wah you never see a yard man a beg you $1 everywhere you go not to rass mention no forget we taxes a send y’all kids to school fi go get free food cause unuh lazy no f and love handout god bless the few hard working Antiguans cause some a unuh ain’t shit a wah you do vex we have ambition to want to better we life? Y’all cuss foreigners every mother fuing day but yet still y’all nah try fi build y’all country to fuck Antigua build on foreigners back forget y’all broke down without tourism?? Please a beg leave JAMAICA out your mouth I thank you bye!

    • SYM A you do the roberry and a try blame other people to take the attention off you. But the police already have the information and they’re coming to get you when you least expect it.

  2. The police are full of shit, incompetent and stupid. I personally saw a mask man walking down my street a night ago and called the police. To this very minute none of them came or called back, even after hearing gunshots sound the early morning.

  3. This is very disturbing because this modus operandi was common in the 80’s & 90’s.
    We know of too many bar/restaurant owners who had exactly these issues.

    Please biz owners, if at all possible, do not have regular routines around money handling & movement.

  4. Wow, that’s why business owners need to get their fire arm license and strap themselves with fire arms and be ready at all times to buss coppa pon deezz lazy thugs around the place.

  5. Editor of ANR: Where in Antigua is Turtle Bay? I thought I knew Antigua very well.However,I have never heard of such a place when I lived there.

    • Mind your business in Trump country where blackmen are foolishly killed just for the colour of their skin. A little breeze blow and Biden get pitch a ground. You don’t even know Wadadli but you running your mouth in our business 😏

      • The Police had better pull you in for questioning.You are so broke and hungry that you would do just about anything.

  6. “A concerned citizen says incidents like this should be reported to help in the apprehension of the criminals.”
    Albert Einstein

  7. So then why yall nah go back to Jamaica to make a better living then? Some yall cant go back home because the amount of shit yall done do back home. People out to kill yall if yall go back. Not to speak majority of you Jamaicans never had a good living back home. Unno come a Antigua and get the best living. Some unno never work in them life till them come yah a Antigua. Wah really tek aru. Mi nah say them nah have lazy Antiguans because they do but jee whiz kip off. Yall in we Country. We couldnt do that back at yall place so have respect.

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