Police and Military to ensure that no illegal gatherings take place during the Carnival



All bars and clubs are to continue to close at 11:00 pm during the Carnival days of August 1, 2, and 3.

Strict enforcement is to follow by the Police and Military to ensure that no illegal gatherings take place during the Carnival period, but certainly none on the August 1, 2, and 3 weekend.


Meantime, the Cabinet encourages all to take the vaccine in order to protect one’s family, one’s business and the nation.


Any spike in transmission could result in Antigua and Barbuda being removed from the green light accorded by the U.K., and from the safe Category 1 in which the USA has moved the state.


The Cabinet reminds that those who disobey the strict protocol rules to include social distancing, wearing of face masks properly, and who fail to sanitize are subject to a fine of $500.


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  1. Cabinet: please give consideration to beach use, national park access and specific regulations over the 4-day August weekend.
    Nationals would like to enjoy our island responsibly.
    Perhaps permit beach use up to 10 people per group with picnic but no music. Ensure recently trained beach officers are working & visible each day.
    Allow hiking & cycling but not car/motorbike gatherings.
    Ensure police are actively alert, can see well & patrolling and willing to enforce regulations & protocols.
    Please, give the people some easement – we don’t all have access to private flotillas to Barbuda or behind -high-walls pool parties.

  2. How would you know. Who are not sanitized. Police and Military you are going to have your hands and boots full. Enforcing such laws and rules on Carnival Days in August,2021.

  3. Taking the vaccine don’t stop us from getting COVID -19 or any virus 🦠 associated with the coronavirus. The authorities need to stop ✋ using this strategy that vaccines protect us and our family from contacting the virus 🦠. Fully vaccinated people are still COVID-19 positive. Also, they need to encourage people to do a good medical checkups before taking the vaccine. It is not everyone body can handle the vaccine. I did a total medical checkups myself before taking the vaccine.

  4. Not one of the members of the septic tank gang have a degree in medicine. They don’t know a damned thing and only follow blindly.

    Vaccinations don’t stop anyone from getting the COVID. It allegedly prevents people from getting violently sick or dying. If that’s the case why is cabinet so worried about people getting it since they are vaccinated? Nothing but a bunch of bullshit and an excuse for Draconian rule.

    Look what happened in Haiti.

  5. Finally people start talk up. I thought all yall was a bunch of fools that think y’all protected from the virus. When I speak to people about it, the way the speak is like they are fully immune to the virus lol bunch of idiot, far as me can tell the vaccine don’t do nothing, can u stop wearing a mask once fully vax? Can u go out pass 11 once fully vax? Can you go to a party once fully vax? Can they host carnival once fully vax? Noo ok I rest my case.

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