Police and escaped prisoner in shoot-out: reports


BROADCAST NEWS: Shoot-out in New Winthorpes village last night as Police and Soldiers engaged in a gun fight with escaped prisoner, Shanell Thomas aka “Silence”.


Residents in New Winthorpes told BNN the shoot out happened after 11pm. It is alleged that ‘Silence’ also returned fire. (Residents, he is therefore armed and dangerous!!!)


He remains on the run as he was not captured last night.


Shanell ‘Silence’ Thomas escaped from the Prison farm at Diamond’s around noon yesterday (Tuesday).

Editor’s Note: Broadcast News in a medium run by veteran broadcaster and former MP Dr. Jacqui Quinn.

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  1. How this man get a gun, and why the police still can’t shoot straight? There’s obviously a foreign mafia operating in Antigua.

    • I seriously have to wonder if a “foreigner” knuckle you nah. The manner in which you constantly fixate on and attack “foreigners” says that there are some deep psychological scars that you’re trying to expunge. Go get help before you hurt yourself!

      • Have you considered how a foreign national was able to break out of jail and get a car and a gun? Pity the police didn’t shoot straight. Maybe Mr. Byam is right, a mafia gang must be operating in Antigua.


        Don’t know exactly where he might be hiding out.

        Received a call from a third-party , well respected ‘…RELIGIOUS LEADER’ about 10. 40 PM last evening-…TUESDAY 8, 2022.’

        Escapee wanted to surrender to ‘…Prison Authorities.’

        Doesn’t work that way.

        Hopefully, all goes well, and he is so willing, a ‘…Religious Leader’ shall take him to a ‘…Police Station’ ‘ALIVE’, some time today.

  2. He jus signed his death warrant….Boss better hop on a boat quick fast in a hurry….Best he min jus bang out the couple years and touch roads smh…..

  3. Does this young man have a father that can talk to him in turning himself into the authority? The father needs to get on every radio media in the country. Father please step up and do your fatherly obligation since you have failed this child in the past. A lot of our young men have become criminals because of fathers’ neglect and the generation curse inherited, through bloodline (DNA), passes down from generation to generation. We need to save the next young male generation coming up. By the way, how many non-nationals are in 1735 prison compared to native-born Antiguans and Barbudans?

  4. Lol he escaped on foot .
    🙆 Why didn’t they call in enough Forces to 🛑block off the village nothing goes in nothing goes out.
    Scratch that, half of the Force is so out of shape there must be a “run at your own risk police policy” some of them couldn’t catch a Turtoise 🐢 or a five old shuups

    • @ Where’s that AAF plane when you need it…
      The Spruce Goose could not get off the ground in time. Colonel Klink was late getting to his Cell Phone which he left on Wilmouths Strip-Mobile earlier in the day!

  5. He got a gun pretty fast.

    I suggest the force utilize someone that can get the job done. Francis, the former Assistant Superintendent or whatever his rank was prior. He sure will get the job done. Use this great ex-officer, instead of doing what you are doing to him now for stopping and preventing crimes.

    • does “Francis” happen to be your father? You come back again with the same old axe to grind and grief over “Francis” again? Why not seek therapy? Stop crying over spoiled milk dude. Help yourself and move on. . . . . . .

  6. Somebody wants him dead. This dude got set up. Now they gonna kill him. Think about it. He got a gun in less than a day. Willing to shoot out with police rather than serve 2 more years in prison. Who would do that? Nobody…set up…

    • Lol ok sounds like YOU are behind the “set up” and now trying a likkle “reverse psychology” 🤣😂😄😆😅😀

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