Police Address Reports of Illegal Gatherings


The Police Administration has observed that despite the regulations and warnings issued by the Ministry of Health concerning the spread of the Coronavirus, there have been several reports of illegal gathering of crowds at public and private functions in Antigua and Barbuda.

The general public is reminded that Antigua and Barbuda is still under a State of Emergency, and as such, it is an offence according to the Public Health (Dangerous Infectious Diseases) Amendment Act of 2020, for any person to host or attend any private party, which includes any person from outside his or her immediate household occupant. It is also unlawful for anyone to attend or participate in any sporting event or any sports stadium; or hold any banquet, ball or reception.

If the owner of a premise where a party or gathering is held; or the organizer of that event along with those in attendance is found committing such an offence, they will be held liable. The penalty for such an offence is $5,000 or imprisonment for six months or to both fine and imprisonment.

The Police Administration is also concerned with the actions of several promoters and organizers of functions, who promote and advertise events before seeking proper approval from the office of the Commissioner of Police. An appeal is made to those concerned to first seek permission and assistance from the police, so that a proper assessment can be carried out on the conditions under which these events are to be held.

Likewise, the mandatory wearing of face masks in public places and social distancing protocols, along with the protocols governing the use of beaches must always be adhered to.
The public can be assured that the police will continue to address this matter and are looking forward to the full cooperation of all.



  1. Who won’t hear will feel. When we get shut down again they will be the same ones that moan and complain. Plus when the police arrest and charge them and they have to pay a fine, they yell victimization.

  2. Thankfully, the police to looking into this. There are many alleged violations. Arrests, fines, and imprisonments are necessary, unfortunately. There are always stupid people who cannot hear or don’t now anything about order. Pick ’em up.

  3. Yet they allow buses and taxis to be rammed full and want people to return to work in large gatherings. The Gaston regime becoming more of a dictatorship govt, only allowing the citizens to do what the regime thinks is good and even maybe easier for said regime to control. Well, let see how well them can lock up the entire population of all the citizens.

  4. You,the Police Politicians, seems to go after the common man.However,there are Political Persons inna Antigua. Who are having gatherings without any interference by the Police.The Laws of the land must be applied to all.Regardless of names and or status.You should not be seen Police as picking and choosing.Whom to go after in a discriminatory manner. ARE YOU INNNA ANTIGUA LOB FOO TALK ABOUT PREJUDICE.NO ONE MORE PREJUDICE THAN ARE YOU.

    • Your poor writing and spelling skills make reading and understanding what you are struggling to say difficult, even painful. However, I did manage to decipher your assertion that the Police are targeting poor people and turning a blind eye to “Political Persons”…… Is that a fact or just a figment of your overworked imagination? Provide the evidence or just stfu!!!!

      • @ANAL THE 1ST.
        As long as you understood what is written.That is all that mattered.It is a fact. Politicians are having parties in Antigua.The Police are aware of those parties and do nothing.However,they would arrests poor folks.I have pictures on my phone to back up what I am saying.You want to bet and I would release them.The police are politicians in Antigua.They are Police Politicians.

  5. It is very hypocritical when the law is only applied to some. It is very idiotic talking about social distancing when passengers rubbing against each other in a full bus, but when you go to supermarket, banks etc they have all kind of protocols with 6ft apart. Why the things that don’t make sense we allow? and the things that make sense we dont allow.

  6. I am lost,so are we allowed to go to the bars. Cause u say no gathering but the bars n hang out spots are open.

  7. Some of them have gathering/ meetings twice a week and everybody lockup inside the small house, and the cars par outside.

  8. This is totally bs.. I can understand if they put a limit on how many ppl can gather together, or say that anyone congregating should wear a mask.. We are social being.

  9. Gyms are open. Exercise classes are being held. Bars and restaurants are open. The beaches are full. Summer kids camps are open. Schools are opening in a few weeks. Exactly what illegal gatherings of crowds at public functions are being reported?? How can one gathering of people be legal and another be illegal? It is too confusing. How are people supposed to know what is acceptable or not? The Government needs to actually GOVERN the people, reassess and declare what kind of public gatherings are acceptable. Is it enough if people wear face masks and practice social distancing?

    • …and church, the cinema, the Dockyard Challenge Fundraiser, ABBA Basketball try-outs, packed buses, a GOVERNMENT event where guests were filmed NOT WEARING MASKS, just to name a few more.

  10. I still see alot of pple walking around not wearing masks and are being served and not being penalized so?

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