Pokies explained in relation to slots


You may or may not have heard of pokies, but if you have it might have been in Australia or New Zealand where the term first originated from site map pg
. These two wondrous countries are home to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, jaw-dropping landscapes exotic wildlife and of course, some of the world’s biggest and best casinos and slot games are very popular in Australia and New Zealand just like they are across the globe –
deposit and play.

Slots are so popular in Australia that if you were to walk into a bar or diner you would most likely see “pokies” lined up with players happily gambling. But just what is a pokie?

Pokies are basically what Australians and New Zealanders call slot machines or what they would also know them as, casual poker machines which are where the term pokies originated from!

Online 홀덤 poker games offer some benefits over physical card game play because they are played online, which allows players to track their winnings and losses over time.

Slots by another name – where did the term “Pokies” come from? 

Now you know that pokies are just another nickname for slot machines, you might be wondering where this unusual term came from. It’s still a bit of a mystery where the term came from but most people believe it is a shortened version of “poker machine” because when slot machines were first introduced in Australia they were known as poker machines (video poker machines to the rest of the world!) because they featured cards as symbols and therefore over time the name was shortened to pokies. As you might know, if you’re an Australian yourself of know any Aussies, they love to abbreviate just about everything, which can be very entertaining, if not a little confusing at first if someone asks you if you fancy a “biccy and a cuppa this arvo” but you get the gist eventually!  

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet 

The good news is, no matter what they’re called, slot machines are the same in Australia and New Zealand as they are all over the world and can be played online or as we have explained in land-based venues such as brick and mortar casinos, bars and bookmakers.  

Other countries around the world also have their own nickname for slot machines and depending on where you visit you could be playing a fruity, a pokie or a puggy! If you visit the UK, you will probably hear most slot fans refer to them as a fruity or fruit machine, especially the older generation who were used to playing traditional style slot machines in their local pub or casino. However, if you visit bonny Scotland, they have their own endearing term for the slot machine – the puggy! Although, the origins of this term are also a little mysterious! 

No matter what you call slot games, you’re guaranteed to have hours of fun and even better, you could walk away with life-changing jackpot prizes if you try your luck progressive jackpots, just be sure to set yourself a sensible budget before you play and get carried away with all the excitement of the game!

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