Points system for traffic violations in Antigua & Barbuda


In response to a surge in road accidents in Antigua and Barbuda, Attorney General and Minister for Public Safety,

Sir Steadroy Cutie Benjamin, has initiated measures to enhance road safety. Recent statistics highlight a worrying trend, with 2,448 accidents recorded in 2023, including ten fatalities, and a further 859 incidents from January to April 2024.

The rise in accidents has overwhelmed the Sir Lester Bird Medical Center, especially during weekends and holidays.

To combat this issue, Benjamin has introduced a points system for traffic violations, enhanced resources for law enforcement, and mandated the use of breathalyzers.

He has also coordinated with stakeholders including police and emergency services to reduce traffic-related injuries and fatalities, urging the community to prioritize road safety.

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  1. I hope these measures include the stop lights. Too often we see they are in a blinking mode and this causes serious situations, especially when we approach a junction. At this time, with no lights working to regularize the traffic and there’s an accident, everybody can say they are not wrong and rightly so! I know I wouldn’t tek no wrong!
    We need to be mindful that there are those of us who would prefer to have the lights working, regardless of how long we wait.
    We visit other places and adhere to rules and we should do the same here.
    I will wait to see these changes!

  2. Until the police force patrol the streets properly, no amount of law changes/modifications will fix the problem. There are too many boy racers on the roads that ignore existing laws, let alone new ones.

  3. I’m happy to hear this honestly, but I wish the breathalyzers were enforced years ago. 2 years ago a guy coming from a party or parties ran into my car on Airport road. He was talking and I could smell the liquor in his breathe and I could see the drowsy eyes etc. When I brought it to the officer attention the officer replied that they don’t have anything to do alcohol testing and because of that I’m in court for the past 2 years and months trying to get the guy to pay me for my vehicle that he write-off. Introducing breathalyzer now after so many tragic car accidents shows how much the lack in the government system. They’re so much more could be done to improve road safety in Antigua but until the government listen to the citizens of the country and the ideas they have to help the enhancement of road safety we agoing to always have a high number of car accident. For instance change the age to hold a driver’s license, immediately suspend drivers when caught speeding. Put proper camera systems at the stoplights and other places etc.

  4. If police were actually patrolling instead of sleeping and getting fat we would not have the traffic issues that we have. Police have to do their jobs so that citizens understand that laws are to be respected and will be enforced.

  5. A breathalyzer only measures the amount of alcohol in a person’s breath and contrary to popular belief it is not all people of the Caribbean that like or consume alcohol. Also, some prefer ingesting edibles over smoking marijuana while others may be under the influence of one or more legal or illegal substance (cocaine/ecstasy/Percocet) that will impair their judgement while driving.

    • @I know I know NOTHING…I know something. While the breathalysers have limitations, in terms of overall analysis of individual(s) responsible for [serious] road accidents, in addition to the breathalyzers, blood must be drawn and urine collected. This can be easily done, by equipping the EMS (Ambulances) with the items to collect and save these samples.

      #next_level living requires,

      Jumbee_Picknee aka Ras Smood
      De’ole Dutty Peg🦶🏿Garrat_Bastard

      Vere C. Edwards

  6. There should be a rewards system as well for good drivers. Every time I go to license my car and I have no accidents on record I should get a good driver discount. They might as well pass on the savings to the drivers since it is not being used to update the road infrastructure.

  7. What about starting to have proper driving lessons, proper driving tests, etc… In Antigua, we all know some people just pay to get treir driving licence!!!!
    Last night, coming back from a friend’s place, at Dee’s petrol station, I think I saw at least 5 cars not respecting the red light!!!

  8. Take care off alcohol, illegal drugs make police to do their job. This idea with points is useless if no one will enforce.

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