Points On Which Covid-19 Vaccine To Take written by Dr Jerry Simon


Dr. Alfanso Jerry Simon

***Disclaimer: I do not profit financially from the sale or distribution of any particular vaccine. I am a licensed health care worker but I am not a member of the medical or nurses association and do not speak for either. I am only writing in hope to help you separate myth from fact and make the best decision to safeguard the health of yourself and family and our society. Any product brand I mention below does not necessarily constitute an endorsement or condemnation. ***

1. There is no ability without availability. ( If you are dying of hunger right now in Antigua, a 4- course meal in Buckingham Palace is not as useful to to you as a piece of VJs buntart).

2. Noise, emotion and passion is not necessarily the same as truth.

3. The best healthcare worker can not return life to you or your loved ones once life is gone.

4. The same vaccine that some are calling second rate in this country, is the same one the Prime Minister of Canada, one of the richest and most prosperous countries in the world, is trying to source from India for his people.

5. Many medicines that we use already in this country, from MBS or private pharmacies, are made in India. The same is true in most developed countries in the world.

6. If you wait for the so-called best vaccine, it may not be the most efficacious if it arrives too late to affect the strain of virus that may be circulating at that time. ( A(n) M-16 rifle is of no use to you after you have been eaten by a lion)

7. Have you seen the stats for the Moderna and Phizer scientific trials in Grenada? NO, there hasn’t been any there! And none has been carried out in Antigua or any other CARICOM country, neither for AstraZeneca. So are you sure that the Phizer or Moderna will actually work better in Antigua. ( once again see #1 and while LIAT may land in Anguilla, AA and BA do not).

8. Don’t let partisan political concerns cloud your judgement with regards to the health of your family.

9. The coronavirus does not care if you voted RED, BLUE, GREEN, ORANGE, RED again, BLACK or WHITE.

10. LIKE, HATE, SHARE, COMMENT, CUSS or LAUGH. But please protect yourself and family. Do not get caught up in distractions. Pay attention to the physical, mental, social and spiritual health of you and your children. BE WISE MY PEOPLE / HAPPY SABBATH

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  1. # 8 and # 9 will NEVER happen in Antigua!! NEVER EVERRRRRRR. We live, breathe and eat politics in this place. Even with all this going on the colors are more vibrant than ever.

    The man makes good sense. I wonder if all those who think that the government is putting microchips in our brains will listen and take heart. Microchips in our brains….I have never heard anything more foolish in my life and I am damn near 70!

  2. Tarl Jerry, let the people be. Its not a party thing. People will take or not take (be it covishield or moderna).
    I wonder if you know some people in canada wanna come back to the caribbean. Its not about the grass being greener, moderner or better. Its about being free to be.

  3. Yes Doc thank you for your clear points.
    I’ll be taking AZ because it massively reduces the likelihood of my being hospitalized or dying should I contract C-19.
    On the slim chance I contract covid, I may have mild or no symptoms, which I’ll be able to manage at home.
    I know I can likely transmit when vaccinated (data still being analyzed) so will continue to mask, distance & sanitize, but I’ll be able to go about my full life again, confidently, more socially, knowing I did the right thing for me & those around me.

    I urge people to please consider being vaccinated; for the foreseeable future (years not months) it’s the only way out of the pandemic for each country in the world.

    (Non-partisan commentator)

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