POEM: Queen Of Social Media


By Rawlston Pompey

  1. Ladasha Francis is mi name

And singing is mi game

Just to make me feel shame

Dem calling me ill name

Some ah call me cockroach

Some ah call me Mackerel

Cockroach ah cause confusion

And Mackerel plenty bacchanal


  1. Full of vision, energy and ambition

Strong in heart and conviction

Me Mackerel ‘fraid no competition

But in the land of my birth

Dem wah fi treat me like dirt

Putting me under strain and test

Dem ah plan to put me fi rest


  1. Coming onto the music scene

Dem ah quarrel and send threat

To dis new dancehall queen

But Mackie nah ‘pon stage yet


  1. Every dancehall queen knows

Mackerel get blow and give blows

Trying to keep my head up high

Some people want to see me cry

Dem want fi pull me down

But will not be pushed around

Tho’ adversity nah kill nobody

But Mackie ’fraid ah dem gully


  1. Everywhere Mackerel go

Is some kind ah obstacle

Placed by disciples of envy and evil

Pure in heart and strong in will

Mi getting over with ease and skill

And with all Mackerel trouble

Dem haffi come lyrically respectable

Because me no ’fraid fi do battle


  1. Dem start social media war

But if nah musical war

Mackerel go keep afar

While fans want to hear me sing

Dem keep on saying nasty thing

An inner voice tells me

Mackerel do not be despair

You are a rising star


  1. Fi me nah sleep and walk

Just sing for fans and talk the talk

Some to mi face and to mi back

Talking all kind ah crap

Things Jenny seh ’bout me,

Carn meck me fi feel angry


  1. Mackerel on de plate as relish

Sweeter than ackee and salt-fish

Dem want fi see mi fall,

But carn come up wid de lyrics at all

So dem ah bawl and bawl

Tho’ some ah the thing deh say

Might even be true

Dancehall Queens seh

Tanty Jen ah do it too


  1. When Jah was crucified

A wooden Cross He bear

In pain, agony and despair

Some spat on Him with smiling jeer

But Jah never respond or shed a tear

In awe some watched and cried

Dey crown Jah head with thorn,

Sending blood dripping down

On the garment He worn

  1. Dem say mi ah de inimitable

Cause mi lyrics stir up trouble

Tho Dem ah dancehall scene

You ah de social media Queen

On the road to success

Buju seh Mackie, Jah bless

De journey may be hard and long

But be steadfast, focused and strong


  1. No intent to harm or hurt anybody

Dem still want to crucify me

Tho’ mi hands are clean and free

Dem treating mi like droppings in latrine

Jah clearly never like de scene

Saw mi troubles and intervene

Shatter Queens with Dancehall dream

And declare ‘Mackerel’ Social Media Queen.


Dedicated to the Jamaican Social Media Queen, the inimitable ‘Ladasha ‘Mackerel’ Francis’

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      Never heard of her before.

      Came across her name and ‘…crazy video and interviews on Saturday night, yes,Saturday, June 1, 2019.

      From her own revelations speak to certain vices.

      Saw potential for a better quality of life, if led down the right path.

      Through the spirit of discernment, just moved to put ‘…some of her thoughts into perspective.’

      Sure, if she considers some of the lyrical contents, it might influence ‘…attitudinal and behavioral change.’

      This was sent off to her through a Jamaican news portal.

      Obviously from a depressed community and struggling with life and a pregnancy at 13 years.

      Now to care for a ‘…5 year-old son,’ life can’t be that easy or that nice.

      Wishing her well.

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