PM’s wife says infidelity rumours were started on Facebook Live


The Prime Minister’s wife, Maria Browne yesterday broke her silence on rumours about the personal life of herself and her husband Gaston Browne.

She responded to allegations of infidelity while appearing as a guest on Pointe FM in her capacity of Minister of Housing.

In response to a question from the host, Maria Browne says she is well aware of the rumours.

Listen to her exact response below as she sends a strong message to those getting involved in her personal life:

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  1. She find her tongue now . didn’t even listen to it because I don’t want to throwup
    Don’t care a 🐀ass what she and her , Dictator and Self Enricher husband has to.

  2. GB “Honey go to our radio station and speak on the issue I don’t like what I am hearing”

    MB “ok tell me what to say”

    GB ” Tell them we are happy and it’s a rumour
    MB ” ok will do it ”

    Radio host (a.k.a yes man)”yes Mr. PM, yes Mr PM it is a rumour these people for UPP likes to spread rumours That’s why I jumped ship inner thoughts (if ALP loses the election I gone over to UPP)))

  3. In Public life,you play ball,you take rubbers. If you are thin skinned. Politics is not for you. Because Politics is a game played without Umpires. Because there are no rules applied in Politics. Everything is news in Antigua. That is one of the reasons. I do not have Social Media. I do not have FaceBook, FaceLook, Twitter, Instagram and or Insta-ram. I survived my life without those damn things. Based on what I have seen and heard. They bring persons a lot of stresses. Like Maria Browne and her husband,lately. They should be concentrating on ways and means. To Revitalizing and Rejuvenating the Economy of Antigua and Barbuda. So that persons lives are moving forward and upwards. Persons have $$$$$ to spend. Not wasting their times on “BULLSHIT” like Social Media utterances. As leaders you cannot stop and argue every low hanging points. You would get no where in my opinion. I AM NOT A SUPPORTER OF ANY POLITICAL PARTY IN ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA.I VOTED ONCE IN ANTIGUA.THAT WAS BEFORE MANY OF YOU ON THIS MEDIUM WERE BORN.HOW DO I KNOW THAT.BASED ON YOUR WRITINGS,I REST MY CASE.

  4. “Go high Mrs. PM”

    Mrs. PM, don’t you have any self-respect? Why even dignify gutter snipes with a public response?

  5. Infidelity in your Marriage. Is between you,your husband and God. I for one do not give two damns about that.
    Maria Browne,as a Substantive Minister. You are in charge of a very large Portfolio.You are directly responsible for Lands,Housing,Urban Renewal.You are also a Minister of State,in the Ministry of Legal Affairs,Public Safety and Labor. Are you doing (OJT) On the Job Training? By the way.Where the heck do you find the times.To oversee a Ministry and still be a Minister of State.Are you still on West Indies Oil Board of Directors? Please tell me your secret.Because you seems to be able to stretched more so than a rubber band.How many paychecks are you getting monthly? Is that the reason Gaston Browne did say.You are young and very rich.The use of the enrichment schemes began and ended at your doorsteps.While many in the Nation are hungry with white cornered mouths.How the heck do you people really sleep at nights.Is it true.You are a GHOST WORKER?

  6. I did not waste my time listening to those clowns.

    What she said? One goat min in he garden?

  7. Long ago before you start. You had to practice the art of presentation and rendition. You had to prepare yourself for the questions of your audience.
    So you don’t sound like a clown on Browne and Browne radio.

    She must have used the word “am” fifty times . “Am” is not a word. Please refrain from using that utterance when you’re making a professional presentation. You’re insulting the intelligence of your audience world wide.

    Too many quacks and invalids. Walking around with ministerial portfolios.

  8. Why is this news? We running out of important things to report. Young beautiful woman marry old man looking like Hitler, what you expect???

  9. Have you folks heard of the expression. The Deer in the Headlights .Look at the picture above and use your imagination. Looking a bit frightened,Maria.

    • I had the exact same thoughts, her face says it all, she is so controlled by this man, u can see fear all over her face!

  10. So happy someone reminded me she also has a portfolio in Legal Affairs. She has an extensive substantive ministry, minister of state and a tired and run dung constituency and came on the radio for say she nah gi eh weh? Honey, there are more disturbing rumours about your relationship than this and there’s a country that needs to be run.

  11. Wha! Blackman you joking! Is so so many positions and portfolios she carrying! No wonder flying to Barbuda for a lobster and steak lunch is so prevalent. AKA surf and turf!

    She must be taking some special blend of Vitamins +IRON to keep up with that pace of work. I need to know the secret because me get tired too easy!

  12. Silent on her portfolios speak on her personal issues, which is not what she was chosen for, do your job! Marital issues is between you and your husband. Election is around the corner, just a political stunt to pretend their is unity

  13. I am confused with all this talk about infidelity between Gaston Browne and Maria Browne on the radio and social media. Whether he or she is unfaithful is their business. Please keep that problem in your bedroom Gaston and Maria. I do not need to know in whose garden goats are eating.

  14. And this is the reason she may have said something.
    She is tired and fed up.of the rumours. How much can a person take. They are maligning her integrity with this rumour and attributing to her an action she did not do.
    At the end of the day she responds to whatever she sees fit.

  15. They’re just trying to distract from the fact that her husband has done a horrible job as PM and they’re both robbing the country blind.

  16. Not y’all mad she is responding to things ppl saying about her n her husband … ppl on social media are weirdos🙄🙄🙄🙄 I wouldn’t wanna know if the shoe was on the other foot…

    For those who didn’t care to listen , she was asked and spoke on her ministry extensively but of course this portion was apparently news worthy🥴🥴🥴🥴🙂

  17. Anytime people have to come to the press to defend an issue like this, that says it all. I feel sorry for her.

  18. Most UPPITES men and women have this tendency to belittle women who have dignity, class, morality and decency. Your classless comments is a reflection of your Party and demonstrate that you have no dignity and credibility. Looks how far you going with foolish Political nonsense? Again, leopards can’t change their spots. It’s the Modus operandi of the UPPITES to denigrate intelligent and successful women.

  19. No one can break up your marriage but you, so saying people are trying to break up your union with your spouse and hating your happiness, is a none starter and reeks with deflections.a rumor is only “a rumor” until evidence is presented, until then, plea the fifth.

  20. She can respond to whatever and she probably felt like she has to respond since Gaston’s back has probably been breaking warding off the comments. However, why haven’t we heard or seen her before? She barely shows herself as an MP or Minister. During her pregnancy it was like she fell off the planet not even to be in Parliament. I don’t know what she may have been facing during pregnancy but if women want the same respect as men you can’t just abandon the job because you’re pregnant without saying anything. She’s an ELECTED official.

  21. Haahahahahahahaha ! People touched her trottle a little too much ! Guage cluster gone wild !

    This one ya sweeeeeeeeeet ! lmao !





  23. The morality of our leaders certainly do matter. They are mentors for our young people. High moral standards are important for all in leadership.

  24. Editors @ Antigua News Room: The shelf life on this story has run out. Please stop breathing anymore life into it. How much longer are you people going to try and resuscitate it. I know you folks have heard the expression. Enough is Enough !!

  25. Thanks for the info Maria…..

    I still believe the PM, Cutie, Rodney and crew seriously disrupted the peace we use to enjoy in this country.

    Perusing peaceful people around town and attacking them with chemical weaponry and shooting bullets at them is cruel and wicked.

    That incident was avoidable and should not have happened.

    Our most vulnerable the. Old and infants my gosh how cruel and you are supporting each other with no remorse.

  26. The bigger picture is this. Here in Antigua we have world dictator traitor tyrant HT Gaston Browne who is controlling not one but two constituencies. That’s right 2 constituencies. This should never be allowed but that’s exactly what is happening.

    World dictator traitor tyrant thief HT Gaston Browne tells her what to do, when to do it, how to do it and what to say. Otherwise he bang she up. Running in the background is Gaston doing it all. What next have his piece of shit son Gaston Jr run for some constituency and make it three constituencies world dictator traitor tyrant liar thief HT Gaston Browne will run? All this bullshit needs to end and now.

    We the people need to take back our nation.

    Maria is in the public sector, if she can’t handle it, get the hell out. She never should have been allowed to run since she’s married to world dictator traitor tyrant thief HT Gaston Browne.

    • I like how you described the PM ( GB) dictator, traitor, Tyrant , HT ….. lard me belly … 2 true. Election coming up and did dirty thief scammer needs to exit.
      Awful man who have no interest in the people of Antigua and Barbuda.
      From an Antigua Taliban. Thieving GB tap thief our money

  27. Turn around is one big fat female dog.
    Gaston had enough to say about Harold Lovell and his wife, who did not cry but just sucked it up.
    Now Gaston is crying and has pushed you in front to explain because his feelings is getting hurt with just this opening jab? Some could dish it out but can’t take it.
    Listen, Girlie, you need to stop letting your husband put you out there to take the blows. It is what it is. Old goat must not play in the kiddies garden. They will soon get bored and chase him out. Booyaka!
    In real life, old men’s role in young women’s lives should be to advise them how to catch young men, not take their place. That’s just nasty.
    BTW, he is sucking your youth. You do not look as fresh as you were and should still be at your age.

  28. Feel like Gaston threaten her as he has been threatening the entire population of Antigua.

    It’s so sad the way Antiguans allow this man to manipulate them and try crush them.

    Everything that happens in his life and day he blames UPP; then really have he nervous trying to cast a shadow where there’s no tree.

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