PM’s son says his overhead expenses are also high

Gaston A. Browne lll

The Prime Minister eldest son, Gaston A. Browne lll has taken to his social media to defend his involvement in business.

Browne responded to critics of his earnings in two posts on his instagram: @gmoney268.

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  1. G…..dnt answer illerate assholes who put dem money in hairy banks women and men who dnt want dem and has NOTHING to show for it…..



      • You smell ya self ? You’re annoying af, you bored, I guess nobody want you so you spend ur time on the internet trying to belittle ppl

        • Hey GB, YOU STINK! Your soul stinks. I can’t say heart because you don’t have one.
          You are thin-skinned, sensitive and insecure! You can cuss people but you can’t take it.

  2. I implore this young man not to descend into profanity. You have every right to defend yourself and your business without divulging your private accounting. The small overview you gave could be a stepping stone in a teachable moment for persons who are looking to get into the entrepreneurial field. How the costs of running a business has to be calculated before diving into it.
    I agree that people look at the income made without taking into consideration the expenses. Even if it is a cooler at the side of the road, the costs are not limited to the cost of the product.

    • Your Income would always be your Gross,minus all applicable deductions,equals your Net Income. That NET INCOME is really your Income.In business,it is same thing,all incomes,minus all expenditures,equals your Net Income. Many of us think that if you made $180,000 per annum.You can spend that much,when in fact you forgot to subtract all expenditures. Spend within your Net Income $$$,is the best way to go.

  3. When young ppl who sit on their dandruff asses …..bleach out faces…unpaid motorporks ….dusty weave….who always waiting for handouts …. dem ALWAYS butt vexed ….when young persons who is connected what do you think them do to maintain WEALTH ….GIVE IT AWAY?

    Gmoney tell dem ask you how can they be of assistant to you.

  4. Gmoney IF ME LUB YOU 1 more time….

    Haters gonna hate bcos fe dem pupa na help dem….cant help dem…refuse to help dem…put oman over dem.
    Instead of you ALL hating this ambitious cutie GOMASK FE YOU PUPA FE FINANCIAL HELP….OH HE BRUKE WELL GO FCK!

    • Once again, this blogger with the hearts and the hands seems like the Gaston Jr. acting out.
      Young man, you got advantages other young men did not get. It is all about self-enrichment.
      Many young people want to start businesses but your family is in everything!
      How many people with heavy-duty equipment have them parked up because your family virtually controls the market!
      Do you thing about other people!

      • When you see keep that energy and ask me when you see me, I’m not a hard person to find, I don’t have to hide behind any fake name, if I have something to say I’ll say it, I’m not obligated to answer anything, when you come at me come with facts, why you think they have a banking system to give loans? They are many ways to get loans from the banks, one is utilizing assets for collateral and getting small business loans, paying them off to establish good credit. The land at long bay was on sale for years and no one wanted it, since you’re enquiring you want to buy it? I understand it’s election and you ppl want to create a false narrative that I’m doing illegal things which is a far cry from the truth, how y’all don’t say anything when my equipments are sitting down for month?!? With no work, what market do I control, there are no facts behind any of these false accusations, quit spreading fake news and stop assuming things. Use ya brain not ya head, stop hitting it against what ever wall it is, ur clearly not thinking str8 or behind you run ya mouth

        • Really, no one wanted the land at Long Bay? You are lying. You know that you are lying!
          You are greedy. No matter how much you take from this country because you have privileged insider information, you will never be satisfied. Why? You are trying to compensate for the emptiness of your hollow soul.

          I PITY you, GB. You have no class.

          By the way, I hear Chet will rival Pointe Fm.
          Furthermore, one question, school children say he has enough support to topple you! You are an embarrassment. I am sure that you realize that your Cabinet Ministers, even those that you trust, laugh at you behind your back.

        • So Government/Crown Lands were up for sale for years and no one wanted to buy it? At Long Bay? Whosoever you are stop your lying. We are not all that stupid in this country!!

  5. Avatar photo Longevity of politicians like your father depends on the continued ignorance of people that think they can't do better and lay down and play dead to most things.

    The raping and flaunting of you’ll wealth in Antigua had now hit Legendary status.
    Still many will swear for anything name Gaston and go the top of the cliff and jump off while they look you in the face with a grin while you’re falling on your way down .
    One hand reached out to help you and the other in the cookie jar.
    Sometimes I wonder if some of are aware that slavery is over and you have choices use it..

    • Just like daddy, them nah custom to nothing. It’s like putting food in front of a dog that hasn’t eaten for days. You can take a pig 🐷 out the pen and put it in parliament and it would still be a pig.

  6. This guy is a joke like his father. You can’t fool everyone, YUh nah work fuh nothing. Since your so smart you should know if father clown didn’t have that position and the other minions around him making moves like land swap, conflict of interest and alleged embezzlement just maybe you would’ve been still trying to start a business like the other Antiguans. Boy just shut your mouth and keep holding on to daddy shirt. Bout overhead, did anyone tell you push your head where your body can’t pass? Oh sorry that was a rhetorical question YOUR DADDY DID.

  7. I actually really admire the way PM Browne and even his son and family try to make investments, start businesses etc. I once listened to the PM talk about his childhood, and I can completely understand his drive to escape poverty and better himself.
    Unfortunately, I do think that sometimes many of us get so caught up in that drive to prove ourselves as good as anyone else out there or to overcome that fear of reliving difficult childhood days that we no longer see the forest for the trees. We forget that once we have reached a certain level of success mindlessly continuing to amass fortunes is no longer needed. We forget that helping to empower others creates a more resilient society and helps to prevent all of us from sliding back into poverty.

    I think that it would be helpful for those who have made it to slow down accumulating for themselves and consider helping other wouldbe entrepreneurs out a bit more as follows:

    Have you ever seen the program Dragon’s Den or Shark Tank? It would be great if the rich among us could invest in up and coming businesses started by those who have no source of finding. There should be an easily accessible place where budding entrepreneurs can go to ask for small investments e.g. $3000. Money could be invested little by little as specific targets are met so there is no risk of non-performance. Investors can provide not just money but also guidance on setting up a buisness – legalities, DBAs, partnerships, accounting systems etc. Investors would eventually recoup their monies when the business makes a profit.

      • This is a response to why not give it a try.
        Are you suggesting that he played on a level playing field.
        How many other Antiguans knew about the land at Long Bay. The land that he bought for very little but sold for a whole lot.
        How many Antiguans had that opportunity.

        The boys in Parham tried to make an honest living and Gaston called them thugs

        • It’s PRIVATE LAND it has NOTHING to do with the government, wait you sick in ya head or something? You looking attention? What u didn’t take ya meds today? If you want the land why you don’t go and get a loan and buy it, you sound dunce, go and read a damn book.

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  9. MOST young antiguans dnt have BUSINESS PLANS they too lazy to know and obtain 1 .all they know is to look good and think dem wife fe do it ALL fe dem….look how JAMAICANS have more sense than them antiguans and is exalting themselves big time in antigua…..

    Instead of being entitled get 10 frens sit down and get a business going and start a business but badmind ah kill alla uno…


    • I wonder if Jamaicans have so much sense why they have to come to little Antigua to run businesses. Jamaica is a bigger country and there should be more business opportunities there. There must be something special about Antigua.

  10. Gaston, I am sure that I heard you say that your son borrowed over a million dollars to invest in his properties at Dredge Bay from CUB. Did you put $30million of taxpayer’s money in this bank to bail it out? Why is your son using this bank? No other bank in Antigua? Was the bank bailed out to be a lender for certain people? You really think all Antiguans are fools.
    Yes tell Antiguans to invest and go borrow some of the money government put in CUB bank.

  11. It’s a shame that you all gone beating up on our your people. It’s a shame how you all encourage this young man who has the country purse at his disposal, example land swapping. It a shame what so many government revenues pass through his hand – for rent and you compare him with other young men. It’s a shame that he got a scholarship from the board of education while the sister of the young athlete we now celebrate could not get one , although her parents were teachers and father because a ministry official. She stayed around until she ended so tragically ( always said if she had only gotten that scholarship that this young man got , it was around the same time). So when you see her sister running like that, she is doing it with the pains of not having her only sibling. So young man if I were you I would hide my head and probably go to some country and hide myself because calma is worst than witchcraft.

    • Why don’t you check into Rehab, you illiterate prick, never knew purchasing private land and selling private land was illegal, that’s the only two things y’all can come up with? It’s also illegal to apply for a school scholarship? So when ppl with “money” go to the bank and take out a loan, is that wrong too? You make no sense at all, you sound like petty and low-minded. How many years you going to mention the same thing over and over, only election time in when y’all remember certain things, come up with some new material, “go fish” (card game) b4 u say I’m talking down on someone’s profession, you sick my stomach, ppl like you that have no professionalism or proper mindset that all you can do is fight against ppl, if my skin was a lighter shade you wouldn’t have anything to say tho, y’all pick and choose who to target and create FALSE narratives to TRY and create issues, the ppl with common sense will read and ignore the crap that you guys type

  12. The public is more concerned about the the low income noodle eaters who make $2000-$2500 monthly or even less; who pay bus fee every day for themselves and their children; utility bills, food; can’t eat a balanced meal; begging ride sometimes to get to work. Talking about overhead expenses. We don’t want to hear that. Tell you puppa some people have it too hard financially. Cost of living too high. Government workers need an increase in salary. That is more of a concern than your wealth. Election is around the corner.

    • Tell us how you got Stanford’s property, Barnacle Point, for apparently nothing? And tell your puppa to stop saying Antigua people jealous.

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