PM’s son claims loss of weapon, and then of ammunition, during Sunday party halted by police officers


REAL News — Some partygoers are asking why the Police allowed Gaston Browne Jr.  to take a firearm into a pre-Carnival fete held on Sunday, May 22, while officers are now investigation the loss of ammunition. CLICK HERE TO JOIN OUR WHATSAPP GROUP.

According to Police reports, Browne – the well-known son of the Prime Minister – lost possession of his licensed firearm at some point during the celebration at Barnacle Point, causing officers to stop the fete and conduct a search for it.

Reportedly Browne claimed that he slipped while in the VIP lounge, and his 9-millimetre Beretta pistol fell from its holster.

After realizing he had lost the weapon, Browne reportedly informed a police officer who was on duty at the function.  As a result, the officer stopped all activities at about 8 p.m., and patrons who were attempting to leave the event were stopped and searched.

While lawmen were conducting searches at the gate, however, Browne reportedly returned from inside the compound and informed the officers that his girlfriend had handed him the allegedly lost firearm.

Reports say the weapon was examined in Browne’s presence and it was discovered that its magazine, containing 15 bullets, was missing.

Another search was conducted in the immediate area, but the missing magazine and ammunition were not found.

Officers later took the firearm, along with an extra magazine, from Browne, and these were taken and secured at Parham Police Station, the reports add.

Browne and his girlfriend were instructed to return to the Police Station on Monday, May 23, but REAL News could not confirm whether the weapon and bullets were returned to him.

In the meantime, some residents are asking whether Browne was omitted from the usual search to which party-goers are subjected before entering such events.   Others are saying that this appears to be a case of “different rules for different people.”

A retired law-enforcement officer, meanwhile, says that firearms and alcohol do not mix.

Accordingly, he says that Browne should never have been allowed to take a weapon into a party where persons’ judgment might be impaired by drink, since “anything could have happened.”

Other persons are alleging that a previous Commissioner of Police had relieved Browne of his weapon on other occasions. CLICK HERE TO JOIN OUR WHATSAPP GROUP.

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    • Why did the authorities give this young idiot Gaston Browne Jr a gun license in the first place. His license should now be revoked. People the sooner Antigua see the back of this BROWNE family the better. I know this guy and he is an idiot.

  1. Man with tiny ****** alone take gun to fete. So when the girls Dem a whine. Them can feel something.

    Fella put every patron in danger. What if this was found by a drunk smaddy n start shootup the place.

    Blacklist he from future events.

    statements made are not politically motivated and apply to any human being in this situation.

    • Not if they are held at Barnacle Point, the Stanford property that he now owns with no apparent record that he paid for it.

  2. A weapon in the possession of an individual who does have the know how. To properly secure it at all times is an untrained individual. Who lacks the discipline of situational awareness to snap your holster, keep the weapon on safety, secure your magazine and damn well make sure that there is not a round in the chamber.

    This individual should not be allowed to possess a deadly weapon!

  3. Why is a gun needed at a Fete???

    Anyway at least is was located.

  4. Dis not the same youth that pointed a gun at a woman’s vagina when he was just a teenager?

  5. One thing which is NOT missing, and that is the proliferation of the GUN CULTURE, within the Nation. Not only is this a dangerous trend, it will become a DEADLY trend, as the volume of guns increase in the Nation.
    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist, to figure out, why gun manufacturing and assembly plants are a part of the New Economic Zones!

    The GUN CULTURE will only strengthen, the #GANG CULTURE, from white collar crimes to blue collar crimes.

    TEK #WARNING! Many of Us have lived through these cultural changes, and they’re deadly, nasty and destructive.

  6. Once there is corruption, there will be destruction.
    The laws of the nation apply only to the small man. The well-connected and wealthy are not governed by the laws.
    This situation should motivate all fete goers to boycott all the fete activities in protest of the partiality and nepotism. But no, not in Antigua. The people are deeply involved in the corruption and will not cry out for justice and impartiality.

    Sad failed state.

    There is no good future for this island. It is DOOMED! CORRUPTION WILL BE ITS DESTRUCTION.


  7. Barnacle Point is owned by the family. So he can do what he want up dey. Just call he or he sissa if u want u fete up dey. dem also own the barbuda boat-gym-apartments-heavy duty truck-restaurant-real estate-farm-rentcar business-and plenty u na hear bout. Ebryting belongs to them and they are above the law. Pretty sure Police to fraid to investigate what really happened up there. He’ll just walk out the station like the last time he get inna gun trouble.

    • south Police, you sound like you vex that people own things. What do you own other than envy?

      • @Ras Smood the impersonator, grow your own balls and dick to be a man and stop being a bitch!
        Is Vere “Ras Smood” Edwards fucking your wife, and satisfying her like a Ten_Man sam?
        Is Vere “Ras Smood” Edwards this powerful, that you want to be like him?

      • @South_Police…someone is trying very hard to sully Ras Smood, by impersonating him. Jumbee Picknee will show up in their dreams with their hangman noose!

      • @Ras Smood…no worries when the original Ras Smood aka Jumbee Picknee shows up in your dreams like a #headless horseman!

      • Ras smood
        We need some transparency here. South police, it seem like you know the ins and outs. Inquiry minds want to know. The public should know about all the corruption that’s going on. Put it on the table.

        • @What a travesty…while there are pockets of transparency in the Bation, much more MUST be done, to make it more visible especially in the public sector.
          “Transparency,” in Our Nation will be a very difficult thing to achieve overnight, without oversight by the stipulated and relevant agencies which are bounded by law, and duty to make such a reality.

          Next, the degree of separation in the ‘old culture’ makes it very difficult due to lack of cooperation & collaboration.
          The newer culture(s) tend to be more clandestine and cliquish while using the lack of cooperation and collaboration among, the older culture.

          Regardless, of which political party is the Ruling Arm, of the Government,

          A…automatic forensic auditing, by Independent firms/agencies with teeth that bite are a must, and must be consistent.

          B…TERM LIMITS! Term Limits! Term LIMITS! term_limits are a must for the Members of Parliament!

          Ras Smood
          Son of Mami_Wata & Papa_Elegba!

    • @South_Police…someone is trying very hard to sully Ras Smood, by impersonating him. Jumbee Picknee will show up in their dreams with their hangman noose!

    • Sounds like a family that rule Antigua for years and still do to some extend by marriage. We never learn.
      Our head hard bad.

  8. Word on the street is that baby dawg seem to be above the law and police wink turn a blind eye, whenever reporters are made about him to them.
    Like pointing a gun at a woman’s vagina, pulling gun on a man in Villa and partying on a boat, when the country was in lockdown over covid-19.
    Now he taking a loaded gun into a fete and losing it. Anything could have happened because of his carelessness.

  9. I’m hearing this fool tried to fight a young lady at the event and decided to pull his gun and lost it
    We are allowing cowards to live above the law!!

    • The next time he pulls a gun on people, I hope it backfires and the bullet lands where the sun doesn’t shine.

  10. The father thinking he’s above the law with the Asot case, and the son breaking the law by carrying a gun with ammo.


  11. Smh they give this careless fool a firearm license but refuse to give it to people who really need to get one especially if your home and business has been constantly hit by crimes. In Antigua is who you know especially if your daddy is the ZpM.

  12. I actually applied and paid for a gun license several years ago but have not received it yet. May I please have mine? I am a trained expert and I promise I never drop any of my guns

  13. If the bwoy ignorant like his father, we in deep trouble. The police can’t touch people who above the law. Only the collective people can do that. Get rid of Gaston fast so we can stop the madness. If the bwoy shot somebody he will get away with it. If the man crab still can dictate.

    If you were to drop your gun,it could discharge. If the safety is not on and the bullet could hit someone. No one should be allowed into a fete of any kind with a firearm, much less a loaded firearm. This young man needs to take a few steps back and survey the landscape of his life. He seems to take life to casually. He was involve in an issue on one the off shore islands during the heights of Covid-19 in Antigua. His father needs to sit him down and have a serious talk with him. Like telling him to grow to heck up,not to embarrass the family. I knew the young man as a Baby in Villa Area. His Mom is a close friend of a relative of mine.

    • Could not have said it better myself!! He has a lot of maturity to do. I smell a rude awakening coming

    • Well highlighted @ Wharf Rat, however, we must always remember that chilvren tun out like dem parents … BECAUSE GOAT 🐐 CAN’T MEK SHEEP 🐑

  15. Where is your safe young Mr. Browne? Once you were issued a firearm license the authorities should have made sure you had a gun safe. No need to party with heavy metals lol.

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