PM’s response to outrage over ‘pretty young ladies’ comment: ‘Get a life!’


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  1. You’re correct Hon.Gaston Browne you’re correct. UPP Women’s Forum is very ONESIDED. UPP WOMEN said nothing when OBSERVER HOSTS and HAROLD LOVELL were BASHING DONNA CHAIA. Shame on UPP women.

  2. Prime Minister do not bother with These UPP WOMEN . They are a bunch of Persons who hated NON NATIONALS. NON NATIONALS for ABLP.

  3. It’s amazing that everything the PM does his detractors have an issue with it. I mean how desperate can your detractors be to try and drag you and demean you down to their low levels.

  4. wow the PM has really paid his supporter well to flood the comments under different names. But he cant duck the issue or distract

    • Like wise the upp
      If you his comment is wrong… must woman hater or you just men.

    • Paid….lol…who is paying who again. Here this joke as you are talking about paid. If the UPP wins an election then the UPP supporters say the voice of the people is the voice of God. If UPP looses an election then their reaction is “well if ah dat ah d government dem want ah dat dem get. Note the contrast?

    • So true. Any women not disgusted by this man’s statement must have a serious problem. And all who saying non-nationals for ablp must be getting it good from these politicians because I don’t see what they’re offering to have one so “diehard” I’m a non-national and I’d never vote for ablp

      • @ LUCIA
        As a NON NATIONAL I am surprised of your comments. 99 % of NON NATIONALS for ABLP.

  5. The Prime Minister is just joking. UPP must learn to relax and have some FUN. Hon. Gaston Browne was just having Fun. Plesse don’t be so serious.

  6. Bunch big of morons in the comments section today never should’ve click on this story sometimes Àntigua people is an embarassment and sometimes act like Stupid Fools and yes I’m born Àntiguan it doesn’t change my views IDIOTS .

    • Avatar photo The clown PM has clearly hired some people (or person) to spam any article about him with positive comments about him

  7. Those comments were inappropriate for a Leader. It doesn’t matter what he says about getting a life. He needs to get some decorum In his life.

    • So is his response “get a life.”

      So is most of the nonsense he posts on his Facebook page.

      He’s trying to be Trump 2.0. Instead of a silly hairdo, he’s got a ridiculous mustache.

  8. Why we foreigners are soo rediculous. This is no comment for a prime minister to make. It was inappropriate. We all living here and if we can’t speak out to wrong we should shut up, cause the truth is we don’t want Antigua to become like some of what we left back home to come here.

  9. Avatar photo It's not like he's some pervy old man who involved himself romantically with a woman young enough to be his daughter

    oops… I guess he did

  10. Is this the type of person we want to represent our country and our people? Traitor dictator Gaston must go.

  11. Since the UPP women forum decided to speak can they please address what Mr Lovell, Serpent and the others had to say about Evergreen in Miami?

    As far as I know Mr Lovell is married and he puts into the public domain his extra marital affair. How moral is that and the consideration for his wife in making that information public.

    I notice Evergreen never addressed the “walking to the car, room service etc”.

    So UPP women Forum is this the type of morality you encourage from your leadership, is this the influence that is expected to shape young minds.

    Before you speak about the PM speak about that..

    Ps Please note the comments by the PM was insensitive and inappropriate in such vulnerable time.

    • @DC
      Ask Mr Lovell and Serpent…Get the recording from the Saturday Snake pit program when he asked Mr Lovell if he could read his response publicly.

      The recording has all the information you require.

      • @Mel
        Maybe I missed that bit of detail. If two friends meet at a hotel it doesn’t mean they are having an affair. I am surprised to hear D breaking on Lovell a former friend like that.
        I reckon she didn’t get what she wanted from him when he was a minister of government.
        So like the other turncoats, she is trying the other party.

  12. Listened to 107.3 this morning. Women on there speaking about critical and cognitive thinking blah blah. Basically also saying that we should think outside the box. Reference was made to some comment on this subject about spanish girls and he who is so cognitive in their thinking did not even bat to question the veracity of the statement but rather ran with it. Why b cause anything that berates the PM does not to require critical or cognitive thinking.

  13. Gaston allllll de waaaa’aaaay on election day, Gaston allllll de waaa’aaay on election day.

    I want to say to these scums that are trying to pin point Gaston’s faults, he that is without sin, cast the first stone. ABLP in 2023.

    • Nutten+Nuh+Change
      Bring the money and come.
      ALP all the way.
      Bring the bag ah money and come
      ABLP all the way

    • Gaston said on his Radio show that he and Labour won’t be in government forever. He is probably telling us something that we already know. Antigua is bigger than Gaston. The country was there before him and will be there after him.

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