PM Warns Scotiabank Manager of Consequences Over Alleged Statements


Prime Minister Gaston Browne has told the local manager of Scotiabank to correct alleged statements she made about him last week.

Browne said he did not hear the statements himself but said he was told by “a reliable source,” that Suzan Snaggs-Wilson told staff something about him.

“If that is indeed correct, I would want to say that that is very unfortunate considering that she is a guest in our country; that she is on a work permit; that was issued under the discretion of my government” Browne said.
He called on the branch manager to “use the opportunity first thing next week to correct that egregious act.”
“I got the information from a reliable source and again I don’t want to threaten her but I just want her to know that if it is she is being deliberate and she is making mischief, there will be consequences,” Browne warned.
Meantime, the country’s leader also gave an update on negotiations with Scotiabank to sell its branch in Antigua.


“What I can report to the people of Antigua & Barbuda is that I had a call about two days ago from Mr Brandon King who as you know is the senior vice president within the Scotiabank Group.

“It was a very good discussion and I have to tell you there is now a willingness to see how we can come up with an amicable solution.

He says he fully understands the position of the government of Antigua and Barbuda and they would have done some research and recognise that our arguments are sound,” the prime minister reported.

Socitabank has been in talks with Republic Bank of Trinidad to sells its assets here but the Central Bank did not approve the sale.

The prime minister wants a consortium of local banks to buy the assets instead.





  1. When a Prime Minister decides to threaten and bully rag a bank manager, things are bad. She is Trinidadian and Canadian. She is a Caricom citizen.

  2. Is it that he wants a consortium or a bank that is owned by a consortium to own it…I am getting confused.

  3. People think they can come to our country and disrespect our leaders. That cannot wok. I cannot go to another man’s country and do that. They would have the right to expel me forthwith.

    • Sidelines:
      Are you certain you are not Gaston Browne.He,Gaston Browne is relying on second hand information,hearsay. To justify his comments about the Manager at Scotia Bank.He is a liar.He talks too darn much.Great talkers are also great liars.He is the one who invited Scotia Bank.I heard a recording of a letter he wrote to Scotia Bank asking them to sit down with the Administration.Now he is spinning it as if the man from Scotia Bank initiated the conversation.Lie,you hear lie.

  4. What does Development Bank, Swiss American Bank and CUB have in common ? All these so called financial institutions have failed under the direction of the same people. Now you want them to have a hand in Scotia ? We are already suffering due to correspondence banking. I mean don’t you see what happens when politicians get in their hands on people money ? U 4got Medical Benefit Scandal, U 4got Social Security ineligible to pay on time ? u 4got Development Bank needing capital injection like LIAT every few months ? u4got what happened at Swiss Bank ? The day they announce an offical sale to government, my savings/loan/CD will be moved swiftly.

    • I have already beaten you to the latter point you have made. I will however leave my loan there. But definitely they not getting their hand on my savings!!

  5. A check online shows that this lady is very experienced in banking and has genuine degrees from respected universities. The PM should be respecting this highly qualified lady rather than choosing to listen to he say she say nonsense and making a public scene which comes over as childish dictatorial threatening.

    • It “… Comes over as childish dictatorial threatening” because IT IS! Just like a toddler’s tantrum.

  6. She should demand he reveals this source and sue the pants of both of them!.
    Where is the Canadian embassy when he’s threatening a citizen?. Also CARICOM member states should be questioning as to if this is the type of treatment their citizens will be subjected to should they decide to live and work in Antigua?.

  7. Imagjne that issues of national interest will be decided by he say she say.

    Woman stand your ground and make the PM come public with who say what and make you Scotia as an institution deal hard with that mole.

  8. Scotia Bank has become an awful entity lately.They are wicked and un-compassionate to their long standing customers. I have a Mortgage with them and cant wait for the last payment.,I already have a few of the top dogs there lined up to give a piece of my mind.They are awful.

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