PM warns LIAT ‘bad eggs’ not to obstruct recovery


Pointe Xpress: Prime Minister Gaston Browne has sounded a warning to people he has labeled as “some of the bad eggs within LIAT”.

Browne suggested that these unidentified elements had been “agitating and planning all kinds of strategies” amid ongoing efforts to restructure the bankrupt airline and return it to the skies.

“All I have to say to them is that LIAT is bigger than them and the aviation sector is also bigger than them. We know that there is displacement. They have to allow us to build back LIAT and as we build it back there will be re-employment opportunities for them, but if some of those bad eggs are trying to pursue certain strategies to undermine LIAT, we’re going to fight them,” he stated.

LIAT has been placed under judicial administration in order to protect it from claims by creditors, which would have likely resulted in it being dismantled to pay off debts.

Prime Minister Browne has opposed any such dissolution, arguing that with the airline’s debts and liabilities far exceeding its assets, creditors, including staff owed severance and other entitlements, would eventually have to settle for mere cents on the dollar, if anything at all.

Speaking on Saturday on The Browne and Browne show, the prime minister said, “Ultimately we have to make sure at this point that we have a very lean LIAT, a LIAT that can sustain itself, a LIAT that can assist with the connectivity that is needed within the Caribbean area and we are not going to allow any group of individuals to undermine what we are doing.” The prime minister added that he is aware that some of these individuals declared this distrust of him in a recently held private meeting.

“They don’t have to trust me,” Browne said, “just know that what we are doing here and what my government is doing here is in the best interest of the people of Antigua and Barbuda. We’re not going to pay six, seven hundred people money every month to maintain a bloated LIAT that we cannot sustain and then we have to collapse it.”

According to Browne, “We have to have a very lean LIAT going forward, one that can even turn a nominal profit and there is no other way that could happen. So, those of you who believe you can sit down and government sends you a check every month and pay you, it’s not going to happen.”

The prime minister underscored the fact that the interest of Antigua and Barbuda and the importance of aviation services are foremost considerations. He called on those owed severance and other terminal payments to understand that everything possible would be done to pay them.

Based on the poor financial shape of LIAT, he further disclosed that these payments would not likely  exceed 10 percent of the sums due, but the restructuring process will consider if this can be increased and, if so, by what amount. “You’ve got to cooperate,” he told the accused agitators.

“You cannot be sending threats and all your snide remarks. The bad culture that we had in LIAT, we’re eliminating that. Going forward, LIAT will be a new lean entity and we want disciplined people. All you rotten eggs who were giving trouble over the years, as far as I am concerned the [Administrator] should not take you all back. He should look into {your] background, those of you who refused to work and were on long periods of sick leave and so on, gaming the system and scheming the system. Those bad practices helped to bankrupt LIAT over the years. My government is not going to stand for that kind of foolishness, and those of you who want to fight, we are willing to fight you all.”

Browne expressed confidence in the airline’s future, saying, “All I know is that LIAT is going back into the air and LIAT will be an efficient enterprise that will provide connectivity for the Caribbean people. So I’m telling you all do not stand in the way of national development.”

Shelton Daniel – Pointe Express

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  1. PM at the end of the day remember liat will need landing rights. Dont be quick to react publicly to everything.

  2. The PM is on point.

    Sacrifices must be made to benefit the whole.

    At the back end the benefits will accrue.

    Those same pilots will be employed once LIAT normalizes and demand increases.

  3. Is this a labour PM? He sounds more like a Tory. He sounds like the Trini justice who wanted to bind Levy Joseph hand and foot and throw him into the sea.

  4. What is Pointe Express?Shelton Daniel I heard that name some where before today.It is a beautiful day in Bern.

  5. Hi I am a first time Tourist to Antigua and love this Island having spent many years going to Tobago or Grenada
    I must state I really admire the forthright stance taken by your Prime Minister He is a Leader who has the interests of his Country at his heart !! He is also commercially astute unlike so many in the Caribbean
    We are looking to buy a retirement home here cannot wait !

    • Ian we look forward to seeing you. I think your research would have already told you that our nation is one of the safest places in the world, and you would be able to still access much of the things you have access to in a a so called developed country. You really can’t beat the quality of life here

      • I agree with penman. Except usable roads, regular water, reliable electricity, dependable internet connection….

    • Mr Beach.
      Hurry up and come. Beachfront properties soon done.
      But don’t worry. See the PM. First lady is in charge of lands.

    • Mr Beach.
      Hurry up and come.
      Beachfront limited.
      Just see the PM.
      1st lady in charge of lands.

  6. Here we go again browne more rhetoric coming from his mouth and not one word of mention about that 11 million us dollars collected from ticket holders during the lockdown or how will they be repaid can he be so stupid to think these people would be booking flights with LIAT again can browne or the so called administrator tell the people of the Caribbean exactly the number of ticket holders their is out there to be repaid.

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