PM warns facebook trolls “My clap-backs are devastating”


Prime Minister Gaston Browne has warned those who criticised his approach to a teacher to take warning.

Me Hurt? Pleaseeee. I am too resilient to be hurt by words, especially ignorant rhetoric.


Just bringing this provocation to you all attention. Don’t bother to cry when I choose to clap back.


I don’t hit first, but my clap backs are devastating.


Play ball take rubbers.


Have a good day.

This is what Brown told the teacher.

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  1. Is this really the prime minister or someone maliciously acting stupid? No so-called leader would ever behave like this neanderthal.

  2. Lie NF, if it didnt bother you you would not be all on the news with this childish issue. the only thing clapping back is when you clap it back for your man dem, undercover b@tyfreak

  3. The best clap back is the kick out of office. Can’t wait until the elections. Is crazy house you going!

  4. What on God’s earth did I just read is the Moustache for real .?

  5. Lmaooooo I swear the PM is years old living in a man’s body u have time to address trolls but ……………. Look Gaston please act ur age this is not news chups

  6. Gaston Browne are you that trivial? That you would stop running the country of Antigua and Barbuda,just to throw stones at others. Come on man,you are the Leader of the Country,Prime Minister,Minister of the Country’s Finances. How and where do you find the time to deal with such bull shit? When there are more important things to really stress you out. You always find the time to go after low hanging fruits. Have you ever seen one and or heard of something known as a Gutter Snipe? The Country is going to FINANCIAL HELL in a haste. Come up with concrete and flexible plans to stop it. That seems very difficult for you. However,you would find the time to cuss all others. Shame on you as a Leader. DAMN SHAMEFUL!!

  7. What a frigging idiot. I’ve no time for politicians in general but Browne is supposed to be the Prime Minister. He should not engage in such nonsense.

  8. Who is this child? Are we serious, have we truly chosen to eject this childish clown to lead us on the works stage? No wonder big countries no respect us when our leader is busy threatening people like a teenage girl. Grow up, Gasbag! Grow up, Antigua!

  9. YOU WORK FOR THE PEOPLE , YOU f*ck goats high ranking mason, you are the biggest coward this planet has even seen. Waiting for election that both sides of the government teif every time? two party are wings on the same bird. none really make genuine long standing change. the more things change the more they remain the same! How much destruction happen on this country, destroying small business, spreading fear over a manmade biological weapon, keeping the population down financially, spiritually, taking away freedoms on all levels while you keep the lodge open to worship your demons and f*ck goats and men and little boys.

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