PM wants private sector businesses to drop mask mandate in line with Government’s policy


Prime Minister Gaston Browne wants a pending “optional” mask wearing policy to be followed by the private sector.

He says when the new policy is implemented by government the private sector should do like wise.

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  1. Why they weren’t asked publicly to do the same with the vaccine mandate many suffered including myself but only time will tell!!

  2. Lol…The governments position keep changing…You would think that they did not know what they were doing…

    • You are as silly as they come sullying the name of economist. Which government can you note position hasnt changed overtime with regard to covid…and even if you name I can vouch it is not in the majority.

      Just cant please NEARGA LAKKA AH YOU

      • Prime Minister drop the vaccine mandate as well. It is the peoples right. Just like how your dropping the mask mandate drop the vaccine mandate on Private Sectors as well.

  3. Just Saying ,I can agree that protocols changes all the time according to the circumstances,but don’t you think it was draconian to mandate the vaccine on public workers ? People suffered financially because of that mandate . Now that also have been reversed. They are people still working in the public that isn’t vaccinated, so if that is the case ,aren’t they still at risk of catching and dying from covid ? How can a government made a policy that born antiguans would not be allow to enter the country of birth,if they weren’t vaccinated? A lot of these decisions are made now for political expediency……election . I am fully vaccinated and boosted ,but wasn’t force to. I made a medical decision through educating myself on the pros and cons of the vaccines ,and that should be also up to individuals to do the same .

  4. Slowly but surely, Gaston Browne’s MASK is slipping (pun intended), now that the world 🌎 has woken up to the GLOBAL misinformation from politicians.

    As a business man, I employed the vaccinated and the unvaccinated – MY BUSINESS MY CHOICE!

    Will those people who lost their livelihoods and homes be COMPENSATED BY THE ABLP?

  5. The mask never worked. The largest virus is way smaller than the space in the cloth. Places that didn’t use masks did just as well as those that didn’t. Now the CDC has updated it’s child development milestones to incorporate the retardation of speech development that comes with being surrounded by mask wearers. In other news, the US govt gave a billion dollars to the media houses to print only good news about the “vaccines”. That explains a whole lot.

  6. Let me clear my throat!

    Though sight and smell are two very different #senses, the eye and nose are intimately connected, and I repeat, the eye and nose are intimately connected by the #NASOLACRIMAL apparatus, the drainage system that carries tears from the ocular surface to the nose and ultimately to the gastrointestinal tract.

    This led me to have a conversation with my Ophthalmologist regarding the fact, that, if my eyes drains into my nasal cavity, then unto my stomach like a runaway COVID-19 train, why aren’t they requiring the #EYES to be covered as well, like our nose and mouth to keep this virus from entering our bodies?

    My Opthalmologist said, “man you’re unto something, but I can’t afford to lose my license, by repeating what you just said, in public!”

    Folks, the virus is real and deadly because it was designed to be this way! The pandemic is also real and deadly, since, it too was designed this way.

    The truth is FEAR was used as the prodding rod, to keep HUEMANITY penned and pegged like animals!

  7. Once there is life there is hope.

    Once there is lies it will be more lies. Corrupt politicians being medical experts without background is the reason for all this.

    Citizens of Antigua 🇦🇬election is around the corner let’s get rid of the dictator , any other party except the Gaston Labour Party

    • A agree. Get rid of all a dem and make them pay back all the money and lands they teef from we. Start with G-Ass-Ton

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