PM Wants LGBT Team To Row The Atlantic


Prime Minister Gaston Browne is suggesting that an Lesbian Gay Bi-Sexual and Transgernder team take up the next challenge to row across the Atlantic.

Browne also suggested a teenage team or a team comprising of rastafarians take on the Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge.

Antigua and Barbuda made history on Monday when Team Antigua Island Girls became the first all black female team to row across any ocean.

Speaking a head of their arrival yesterday, Browne told state media that he is throwing out the challenge to the LGBTQI community.

“We should been piling on the records, so we have had the all female, we should have an all rasta team, an all LGBT team or perhaps a teenage team,” the prime minister said.

“You know I’m also nominating stansha or comrade Bramble to lead the LGBT team,” Browne added.

Antigua and Barbuda has sent three teams in the last three years to do the 3000 mile journey across the Atlantic.

As the nation celebrates the latest team to successfully complete the challenge, Browne said he wanted to start early discussion on who the next team should consist of.

Browne said he is also in favour of a solo row from the Canary Islands to Antigua.

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  1. HUMOR
    A little humor now and then, is relished by the wisest men.’ Sure the PM intended no pun.

    If he is serious, the groups and persons identified in this news story would need few things done to have enough aboard.

    A group may desire ‘…full decriminalization of marijuana.’ For an arduous rowing journey across the Atlantic Ocean there has to be adequate supplies-‘…food; …water; …medicine and marijuana.’

    The others may need…..; well figure this one out.

    • Lol would really like a rasta team to take up the challenge. That would def be earth shattering. What a momentous occasion it would be. Jah!!

  2. Hey hey hey I have an idea how about the PM, CUTIE, ROBIN, and COLIN BROWNE.

    THE FIRST PM, RASTA, OLDEST, and FATTEST person all in one boat to cross the Atlantic ocean. Oh and the first group of politicians too.

    Can you imagine the welcome if they make it back to Antigua?

  3. Wow wow wow wow this is what and y media is a killer if u live your live listening to it…..not saying he did not say it but he dsid way more than that but all u gathered was that part u have to be gay……HE ALSO SAID THAT IF GIVEN THE CHANCE 99%OF PEOPLE WOULD STEAL WOULD YOU REPORT NEWS LIKE THAT NOP U WOULD NOT.

  4. This seems fine to me, I am OK with the gay and lesbian community being encouraged to achieve great things in Antigua. As long as the gay and lesbian community doesn’t act too aggressive, then I support the idea of welcoming them to achieve all they can in Antigua, as our country is more accepting than many other countries in the region.

  5. I have a good team made
    up of ABLP politicians captain Gaston, Cutie, Lennox and Smantha rowing away from Antigua and Barbuda.

    • Most of “them” do NOT even look “feminine”. They look straight as an arrow, wear suits and ties, and appear very masculine. Don’t be fooled.

  6. You wanna put ANU on the map as a mecca for lgbt and all the brainwash global trends to come over ? Stop trying to keep up with those bs global ideals, that is not Caribbean culture nor is it a statement we want to make about our island.

  7. How about decriminalising homosexuality and constitutionally protect members of the LGBTQ+ first, then support them afterwards, as opposed to asking something that’s completely flippant?

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