PM Wants Banks To Remain Open As Many Days As Possible

Customers outside ECAB on April 9, 2020

Prime Minister Gaston Browne has told the Bankers’ Association to keep their doors open for as long as possible.

Browne was responding to scenes of large crowds lining outside local banks after they opened their doors for the first time in more than a week.

The banks were opened only for a few hours in light of the ongoing curfew and state of emergency. Going forward, the banks have said that they will open only on Wednesday’s and Fridays.

The prime minister says members of the bankers association told him “that as far as they are concerned, most people have ATM cards and they have access to electronic banking.”

As a result Browne said the bankers “did not necessarily anticipate any crowding.”

“But as we have said to them, it is our view that they need to extend their hours, I know they said they will be opening for two days but I would strongly recommend that they open for as many days as possible to ensure that there is absolutely no crowding,” he said.

“In fact, we are of the firm view that a close and shut policy is not an efficient policy it will not work. It will create panic, it will create fear and people will practically throw caution to the wind. it they believe they will be deprived of essential services for an extended period.”



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  1. Well well, as I keep saying; what a dolly house thing this government running?

    Aren’t they the ones that set the curfew?

    He makes it sounds like the banks are at fault for the pandemonium.

    The PM keep playing on the emotions of Antiguans.

    Time to get going

    • The pm know what right but i think the curfew should be 6 to 6 not 7 to12 maybe in the days to come

  2. We MUST make some very hard choices and bear the burden with discipline if we want to stop the spread of the Coronavirus. Human lives are at stake. People, we have to make the sacrifice with a strict curfew, for the greater good of Antigua and Barbuda.

  3. Why not allow the western union and moneygram to send monies so that ppl can send money to their love ones in other islands.

  4. Yes but it was the banking association that decided to close the doors of the banks. Could they not operate between the specified hours like other establishments? Their workers want to sit at home while still earning they Union Approved salaries while we are made to stand up outside their doors like animals FOR WHAT IS OURS?

    Let them know that it is our money that pay their comfortable salaries. Open the damn doors let us get what we put there!!

  5. This only proofs that we need to get with 21st century banking. In europe you pay almost everything with your pin card. You do not even need to sign. you swipe your card and given the amount you are requested to put in your pin. Small amounts do not even require your pin. E.g. if you go to the bathrooms in Mc Donald or somewhere else. You just swipe your card and your account is debited right away. No delay. And if you need to give a friend money just send him/her the money straight to their account from your phone. So if someone is broke and needs to pay a bill you can top them up whereever you or they are. And the fees are not high at all. Even market vendors have there little gadget connected to their phone for you to swipe your card. Banks here are keeping us backwards by refusing to get with the time and invest in the new technology. I have hardly seen a bank which has there doors open for customers. For there is absolutely nothing that you cannot do online

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