PM Vows To Keep Antigua and Barbuda A Unitary State Forever

L to R: Charlotte Hooijdonk, Her Excellency Karen-Mae Hill, J-Maiah Louisor, Daniel Holdsworth and T-Janica Thomas

Prime Minister Gaston Browne has firmly stated that his administration will remain steadfast in its support for Barbuda, refusing to let ‘obstructionists’ weaken their resolve to fully integrate the island and its residents into national life.

This assurance was delivered in his address marking the 10th anniversary of the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party’s governance, from June 12, 2014, to June 12, 2024.

Over the past decade, Browne highlighted the government’s continuous progress for the benefit of all inhabitants of Antigua and Barbuda.

“We have steadily advanced our nation for the betterment of everyone living on our shores. The opportunities before us are tangible, and we are determined to march confidently toward victory. Our decade in power has also been dedicated to bridging divides and fostering unity across our twin-island state,” he stated.

Addressing the ongoing efforts to integrate Barbuda, Browne acknowledged the challenges posed by persistent protests. However, he reaffirmed his administration’s commitment to overcoming these obstacles.

“Despite the relentless opposition from what I term ‘obstructionists,’ we will not waver in our mission to advance Barbuda and support our Barbudan brothers and sisters.”

Browne elaborated on the vision for Barbuda, aiming to transform it into a luxury and sustainable destination with a robust property rights system. “Antigua and Barbuda will remain a successful, unified state, with shared ownership of land and assets across both islands,” he declared.

Emphasizing the importance of inclusivity, Browne pledged to create a society where every citizen feels valued, regardless of their origin from Antigua or Barbuda. “Under my administration, no one will be left behind,” he concluded, underscoring his commitment to an empowering and cohesive leadership.

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  1. How many people were left behind when they refused to take the vaccine that caused so much deaths and illnesses? Did we feel valued when you took bread out of our mouths for two months Mr. pie-in-the-sky Gaston Browne? Enquring minds would like to know. Surely, we will never forget that.

  2. This clown just too lie. Advanced our nation? You mean advance your pocket, your family’s pockets and your cronies. What an awful excuse for a pm!
    Brixtonian, I wonder if you’re going to allow Dave Ray to bait you? This wannabe just keeps on kissing a$$ hoping for favors. Our country is overrun with them.

  3. I’m not sure whether you’re trying to set some sort of trap for Brixtonian, but as you know I enjoy a stern challenge Dave.

    BTW, Gaston Browne is only highlighting the advantages, he doesn’t understand the true meaning of the word unitarian.

    Here’s my take on the DISADVANTAGE of a unitarian state:

    It will obviously concentrate the ABLP power base even more, and also allow them even more autonomy to the detriment of local Antiguan minority groups whose voices will be heard even less; and of course our Prime Minister will use this to his obvious advantage.

    It’s a TOTAL concentration of a power grab by the government. Simple!


  4. … apologies for the delay Dave, had a busy day and driving on the notorious Friars Hill Road. Mercy!

  5. Gaston Browne,would be the leader of Antigua and Barbuda into perpetuity.He can determine what would be happening 15 years from now.Little Dictator,Little Wanna Be Adolf. By the way Gaston Browne.Your Wife,Maria Browne had a Charity,Share,Inc.That has since folded like a bed sheet.Where have the funds from that Charity gone? You did say,that rich persons were giving money to that Charity.So tell are we a way de money Garne? Dave Ray,seeing that you would know.What Gaston Browne eats at breakfast. Are you able to tell us? In my opinion,there should be an investigation into Share,Inc.and those funds given to it.

  6. But I don’t know why Dave ray is keyboard happy, that he asking for interaction with brixtonian, if Gaston had not created the moment for him to be keyboard happy be would never have any opinions.

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