CABINET approves vaccine mandates for Antigua & Barbuda, says PM


BREAKING: Government announces sweeping mandatory vaccination measures in Antigua and Barbuda


BROWNE:Cabinet introduced vaccine mandates today, to protect lives and livelihoods.
Pushing for national COVID immunity by year end.”

More details expected from Cabinet notes tomorrow.


Prime Minister Gaston Browne seems set to announce vaccines mandates in Antigua and Barbuda.

He hinted again today on his Facebook page that such mandates are coming.

“Vaccine mandates are a must to protect our country and its people from an absolute health and economic disaster.

Who want to curse, can curse; who want to protest, can protest, who want to weaponise can weaponise; we must act now to protect lives and livelihoods.”





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  1. So you have lied when you said vaccines won’t be mandatory less than a year ago!!!What a surprise😡 There is a special place in hell for people like you- the tyrant’s quarters!!!

  2. What makes this clown of a PM think they will work to end the pandemic in Antigua?

    He just keeps talking about vaccines so he doesnt have to talk about the real reasons for all of these infections and deaths which is the failure of his government to protect the people of Antigua

    • It has not ended the pandemic, however, the Countries with majority of their population being vaccinated, they are able to remove all protocols and restrictions because COVID no longer poses a social threat. Take example, Denmark who recently reopened

      • Gibraltar is 116% vaccinated yet THEY HAVE THE MOST CASES IN THE WORLD. THE VACCINE WON’T DO ANYTHING BUT MAKES THINGS WORSE. things were calming down then they started vaccinating people then BOOM….a third magical wave with so these man made variants

        • exact
          Israel is one of the most vaccinated country and yet they have more cases than any other country.
          It is now known that the vaccine creates the variants.
          This will never end.
          Stop this nonsense!

          • United Arabs Emirates has the most vaccinated population in the world and the data are showing that the vaccines are working. Herd immunity is the only way this pandemic will ends.

      • Masking outdoors

        And now they are talking about 3rd and 4th boosters

        I live in the US and vaccinated people are still getting sick. And we were just told to continue wearing masks and distancing.

        I’m vaccinated BTW. But you definitely should not remove protocols for vaccinated persons.

        The cases in the US grew exponentially after the CDC said to stop wearing masks. Over 1000 people dying of C19 daily

  3. One man think Antigua cannot run without him, one man think he can take bread out people mouth. “Don’t take the vaccine and you shall starve to death” is what he is actually saying.

    This man only pretends he cares about the people lives but he know what he is getting.
    It will be nice if he showed the same passion for other issue that affects the people in the country. “Man shall not live by vaccine alone”

    How can all the leaders be saying the same exact words and no man is the same person.There must be a manual these people are reading from everything is the same

    We place leaders not to control us to represent us time to get rid of the one who idolize Hitler

    • Hallelujah! Finally. I fully support the mandate of vaccines by any Government. Thank you Mr Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda.

        • Antigua news room full of F. Tryna say something and they keep deleting my comment. Yall probably working with GASTON for sure.

      • Yeah you’re just a stupid as GASTON BROWNE only difference is he wasn’t stupid enough to take it cake he knows what the outcome would-be but in due time…you’ll find out too.😎

      • You’re just as stupid as GASTON BROWNE the only difference is he wasn’t stupid enough to take it BECAUSE he knows what’s behind it and what is gonna happen. He tricked all you dunces real good.

    • He grew up poor, got a Bachelor’s degree, worked in a bank, got into politics and bam all of sudden he’s a millionaire.

      I wonder why some Antiguans can’t put 2 + 2 together.

      • He gets money for every person that gets vaccinated and every death that’s covid related but a lot of people don’t know that that’s why he pushes MANDATORY vaccine. Wake up people.

    • Well if Gaston do not care if he lose the next election, let us give him his wish.

      Let us vote out the A.B.L.P.

      The U.P.P. will then be able to investigate, investigate, investigate.

  4. All those who don’t want to take the vaccines, when they contract the disease let them stay at home and self treat. I’m fed up with these unvaccinated people clogging the hospitals hence preventing other people from being unable to visit the hospitals. It’s happening all over the world. They would cry to be vaccinated when realization of death stares them in the face.

    • and I’m sick of dummies like you pretending that the reason there’s a raging pandemic is because some people don’t want to get vaccinated.

      Since you haven’t been paying attention, vaccinated people also get sick and also spread this disease.

      So even if everyone was vaccinated, there would still be a raging pandemic.

      • yes people would get it still but the risk of death reduced, peoples choice has been removed why?
        Because people wont understand this fact that it wont stop you catching but it will reduce your risk of serious illness or death. Right now thats the only sensible choice or herd immunity which most think wont ever be reached due to variants.

    • There’s jus as much vaccinated individuals hospitalized as there is unvaccinated. The realization of death can look both types in the face cause the vaccine doesn’t change shit. Do research before talking your shit.

      • Where’s you evidence for this statement?
        Every piece of data besides Facebook says exactly the opposite. Yes vaccinated people can still get infected, and die, but less than 1 in 10 people dying are vaccinated.
        I don’t really care if you choose to die, but please don’t expect everyone elses to pay for your treatment until you do.

        • “don’t expect everyone elses to pay for your treatment”

          Dangerous logic!
          Tomorrow will you say the same thing to overweight people? What about you or your family having an accident? Don’t you expect some else to pay?

          • I appreciate your comment.

            As to your examples, obesity is a societal issue that deserves much more attention, unfortunately theirs no simple vaccine to mitigate the problem. It will take decades of education to change the cultural norms that result in obesity.
            An accident is by definition unforeseeable as opposed to people not taking advantage of a free vaccine that will significantly reduce the risk that they will become a burden on the health system and possibly die anyway.

    • You are wrong. Doctors don’t treat people who test positive for Covid. They send them home and tell them to isolate. If they can’t breathe they send tell them to present themselves to the emergency room. Covid is readily and cheaply treatable with various ivermectin and HCQ protocols, as numerous doctors and researchers the world over have found. However, in the West in particular, governments don’t want this to happen. Big pharma is running the show.

  5. Countries with Covid vaccine mandatory:
    Welcome to the club of freedom.

  6. I don’t agree with the decision but he’s the PM and he can make proclamations as he pleases but why on earth did he find the need to input the word “weaponize” in his statement. Seems like he’s just looking for a fight and just continuing to spread divisions in the country

  7. The answer is not the vaccine the answer is self care and god. How many catch Covid and don’t die. Or don’t end up in hospital. The deaths are a result of mans cull and complications. If it’s your time it’s your time.

  8. If it’s just about COVID immunity then those that have immunity naturally shouldn’t have to take the vaccine if they don’t want to. They should be able to take an antibody test to prove their immunity.

  9. Will unvacinated tourists be allowed to travel to Antigua? Will it continue to be one rule for tourists and a different set for nationals?

    • And of course Antiguans will continue to be treated as second class in their own country

      And of course clown Gaston will continue to blame people for becoming sick from the disease he invited in

  10. For all who don’t believe the Bible and the revelation of things to come, just look around and you’ll see that the time is upon us. No vaccine, no government, no amount of money in this world will be able to solve our problems. Nothing can stop what is coming. May God help us.

    • God has already helped us. He gave us his Son. And he gave us wisdom. Anyone lacks wisdom let him ask from God.
      Now those that want to remain stupid and foolish let them be. When Covid kills you and you reach to heaven and ask God why he didn’t help you, he would say, but I gave you a vaccine to take. But you refused to take it.

  11. Leadership matters. Tough decisions are not easy to take. And only in trying times like these you can separate the boys from the men. Thank God we have a leader that is not afraid to take the tough decisions no matter the political fallout. Doing the right thing is more important than doing the popular thing. People’s lives are at stake. Young and old, male and female. Someone has to make the tough decisions. And history will exonerate him.

    • ‘We have a leader’???? You got to be kidding!!! We have a wanna be dictator-Hitler. Leaders lead not mandate and dictate. You all are just f&£@&g Nazis

  12. The Antigua government is prepared to use it’s population as lab rats for the benefit of foreign pharma and political interests. I wonder how much money will be going into the pockets of local politicians for agreeing to this societal experiment? This will not end well as the jabs fade and increasingly don’t work.

    • Otherwise there would be prophylaxis being given to everyone as in certain states in India and other countries

      And traditionally made vaccines from Cuba would be made available to the population

  13. It’s unenforceable. You can’t do anything once half the police and half the civil service start to push back on this personal infringement. You would need the full logistical strength of the civil service to even start to do this….and you will never get it. As for me, I already have my arrangements set where vaccination is concerned. Nothing goes into my body without my consent. That’s nonnegotiable.

    • yeah good man and well said but you may consent to food going in your body but if you aren’t earning to pay for it good luck.

  14. It crazy how the Anti natural believe scientists knowledge is supreme than the Almighty, these people never preach building your immune system, all they say whosoever will come for the experiment.

    Get the jab you get a $50.00 food voucher, kfc etc

    Get the experimental drug you get a chance to win Land and money

    “These bribes didn’t get a huge turnout, now let’s make it mandatory, these unvaccinated is slowing down my cash flow..

    In a crisis all he boast about his wealth and wife wealth and vaccine nothing else for the people, they can’t get stimulus because they will spend money on hair stlye, and clothing, just give them vaccine. He shows no compassion for the people

    • a prime example of a low iq, congrats! If they wanted to test as experiment after 100’s of millions tested worldwide already they may have had enough results already.

  15. One thought or two.
    Health crisis, yesterday, today, and tomorrow. It’s time to act!
    Develop a Culture of Health. EAT BETTER and EXERCISE MORE so that we can all, especially the youths, TAKE CONTROL OF OUR HEALTH, and be BETTER together.
    Plant, Eat, and Trade (PET action) fresh Fruits and Vegetables.
    Grow Herbs in the garden and use them.
    “You are what you eat.”
    “Health is Wealth. Wealth is not Health.”

    “From the nigger yard of yesterday, I come with my burden.
    To the world of to-morrow I turn with my strength.” Martin Carter.


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