PM: US and Canada should show more concern


Prime Minister Gaston Browne is highly critical of the action of the world’s wealthier nations whom he has accused of hoarding the vaccines developed to fight the COVID-19 virus. But at the same time, PM Browne has expressed disappointment that the Caribbean’s neighbours to the north – the United States and Canada – have not shown a commitment to ensure that these countries gain access to the vaccines.

“I think the US and Canada, in particular, ought to take greater interest in the Caribbean region. I don’t see how they can leave us to languish like this. We share a common geographical space, we are linked by a common history and by millions of our people who call those countries home,” he told the audience of his weekly Browne and Browne show.

The Antigua and Barbuda leader said he hopes these two countries would be “more responsive” to the needs of the people of the region which the US in particular has always referred to as its ‘third border.’

While this is happening, the Prime Minister noted that some countries that are not part of this hemisphere have been very responsive to the needs of the Caribbean.

He singled out the government of India which has already committed fifty thousand doses of the vaccine to Barbados and has also made a commitment of a set amount to Antigua and Barbuda, which is to be confirmed this week.

“One would have expected this type of assistance from the United States and Canada as they should be more willing to assist us. Whenever there is any candidature or global issues they lobby us. Now that we are facing this most significant challenge they disappear. This is totally unacceptable!” PM Browne declared.

He was equally critical of the wealthy nations for not readily making the vaccines available to the less developed and poorer countries.

“Wealthy countries are getting vaccines many times the size of their populations and in the process literally leaving developing countries vulnerable,” he lamented.

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  1. Oh Kamala Harris!!! You shouldn’t have third world countries right infront your door step begging for assistance….Tell Biden that Gaston and other Caribbean countries need help….Oh wait I forgot Biden and Harris are only about assisting African Americans not African West Indians….True Dat…

    • Let’s forgo the fact that the American Administration you are referring to has been in power for 22 days.

      Approximately 330 days ago countries around the world called for their citizen to return home and scores followed with closing their borders. Each country followed with an additional series of precautionary and preventative measures.

      The current Antiguan Administration was in power when the virus was discovered to this date.

      What steps has the Antiguan Administration taken to safe guard their citizens?

      • Antigua government been like chicken without head from the beginning of this pandemic. They Covid flood gates without proper planning and foresight. American and Canadian governments got their own problems to solve…

  2. “made a commitment of a set amount to Antigua and Barbuda, which is to be confirmed this week.” ???
    Media briefing 5pm yesterday Melford said
    “40,000 from India as part of Caribbean regon gift
    40,000 COVAX delivery late February
    PM is negotiating to purchase additional 100,000 AZ from India”
    Are the numbers given in cabinet briefing correct?
    Or is PM saying those are the ‘desired yet to be confirmed’ figures????
    Or is PM just referring to his 100,000 negotiation?


    • And took one of the best vaccines himself (and surely his family and cabinet members as well).


      Everything is two-tiered in Antigua

  3. What sort of diplomacy is this from the leader of a very small, dependent, island state?
    Please please be aware when you broadcast on your own radio station, we the people and our overseas allies hear it as the PM speaking on behalf of the country.

    It is beyond embarrassing.
    Especially as there are ongoing funded projects that positively impact citizens that could be paused or halted with such loose undiplomatic talk.

  4. Fact check this. Canada can’t even secure vaccinations so please do not point fingers, The US has secure supply of over 600,000,000 doses…who is hoarding

    • We don’t inform ourselves, we just listen to the half truths on TV. All the vaccines that are been produced in the US at this time are for the US government. America first!!

  5. 11 Feb 2021. FYI. WHO advising 8-12 weeks between doses of AZ more effective than 21/ 28-days.
    The WHO’s Strategic Advisory Group of Experts (Sage) said the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine should be given in two doses, eight to 12 weeks apart.

    “The efficacy of the vaccine is higher when the second dose is administered later,” said Dr Joachim Hombach, executive secretary of WHO’s Sage.

    You can expect to see a higher efficacy if you administer the vaccine in our recommended schedule which is 8-12 weeks between doses.”

  6. The PM is 100% right. We thank God Almighty for the assistance reaching us from Russia, China, and India. By the way, where did Lovell get his vaccination?

    • Of these five countries:

      United States

      Which countries produce vaccines, PPE and special syringes?

    • CErmle since you want to know. Lovell got his vaccination the same place you got yours —— from Gaston Browne.

  7. You acting like it's something new . Suppliers still trying to catch up with local demand in the U.S. and they're gonna entertain you ? Oh and you're so considerate shuups. You acting like it's something new . Suppliers still trying to catch up with local demand in the U.S. and they're gonna entertain you ? Oh and you're so considerate shuups.

    What channel does Gaston watch Fox news ? How on Earth they can give you any right now and they’re in short supply of. Oh please the way you govern you would do the same take care of your citizens needs first and deal with you after and then again with you v maybe not .

  8. I thought the vaccines being administered in the USA were bought with American tax payers dollars.Perhaps if you(Gaston Browne) had any regards for others to include your citizens.You would not be in that situation today.You are loud mouthed and filled with dung.Americans come first in America.Is that the same in Antigua and Barbuda? Where do the Nationals rank in their country.

  9. First off, the reason the US is doing so well with administering the vaccine numbers is because they have TWO vaccines being manufactured right there at home, but production can’t keep up with demands. Canada doesn’t even have their own vaccine. They’re recieving it from the US. And frontline workers aren’t even fully vaccinated yet. Do you suggest that they should halt vaccinating health care workers to send doses to the Caribbean???? I’m all for the Caribbean receiving the vaccine ASAP, but I dont think that countries should forgo vaccinating their own priority people (frontline, vulnerable sector and high risk) to send to other countries. PMs complaint in entirely premature in my opinion.

  10. Gaston, maybe you can have your powerful “family” who gave you the Moderna vaccine, source some of that Moderna for the rest of Antiguans? By the way, how does a family in Antigua manage to get their hands on doses of Moderna vaccine and import it themselves into the country? Aren’t vaccines controlled drugs that need all kinds of import Licences and permissions? Why is Gaston not giving us any details of how this family got the Moderna vaccine? Who gave it to them? Too much evasion and secrecy.

  11. Dictator and traitor Gaston thinks he can beg and fool them like he fool a lot of people here.

    What makes him think it’s ok to use our tax dollars to get the better vaccine for himself and his family and we get the cheapest, least effective one?

    Go ahead and keep voting this ahole in. If you can’t see he only cares about himself and not we the people, you all more stupid than I thought.

    Where are Nigel Christian’s killers?
    Why haven’t they been brought to justice?
    Where are Nigel Christian’s killers?
    Why haven’t they been brought to justice?
    Where are Nigel Christian’s killers?
    Why haven’t they been brought to justice?

  12. Approximately 1% of the Canadian population has received a vaccination. PM Trudeau cant even get vaccinations for his own country.

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