PM Urges Nation To Ignore Calls Of Disunity


In his message to mark Antigua & Barbuda’s 38th anniversary of Independence, Prime Minister Gaston Browne has told resident not to allow disunity to destroy the country.

Antigua and Barbuda is holding a number of activities today to mark its independence from Great Britain.

In his message the nation’s fourth prime minister said the task of sustaining this nation’s independence rests in the hands of all of us, “none is exempted from obligations just as all are included in its entitlements.”

He warned that no nation divided against itself can survive, nor can its people prosper.

Browne told an address to the nation that independence “requires continuous nurturing to withstand battering forces external and internal.”

“That is why none of us should play in the hands of those who would encourage the  destruction of our state and the well-being of our people so that they can rule over its ruins,” he said.

“There is a place of political disagreement and dissent but all  of us must know where the line is drawn between political disagree and national anarchy,” he warned.

The prime minister told his nationally televised address that  “on this 38th anniversary of our country’s independence, as one people one nation with a common destiny, I urge that we deafen our ears to the siren songs of disunity, of discord that will sink our ship of State on the rocks of disaster.”

He said “each of us must hold the torch of Independence high in our own lives, we can only achieve our destiny together as one people one nation connecting to one another.”




  1. Top dawg you are the biggest architect of disunity with your foul mouth on Antigua and Barbuda. Look in the mirror before you open your mouth.

  2. What he actually means by “disunity”.. is that he needs to keep disuniting Antiguan and Barbudans of their tax money. He’s already disunited Antiguans of a vast portion of their country to China,and he needs to keep disuniting himself from blame. So you hardcore A*BLP supporters must continue to disunite your brains from common sense.

  3. The focus of our independence should not be the disunity that’s spreading but what makes us united. Antiguans & Barbudans need to unite regardless of political position/party. We are one nation and must move in an upward bound direaction towards progress. Parties and ideological views should not prevent us from uniting for the progress of one Antigua & Barbuda.

  4. People,People,we got rid of the White Colonialists.At least that is what we thought.Then came the Chinese bearing gifts so they could now Colonize us in 2019 and into the future.So we got rid of one Massa of a different pigment and now another comes into Antigua.And some of us are down on our knees.You people like to speak about white prejudices.In my opinion after dealing with those Chinese.There is not a group more rude and prejudice like the Chinese.You folks would find out the easy and or the hard way.Just hoping when you do it is not too late.Wake up,Antiguans and Barbudans.Wake up now and retake our Country.This is not about Political Party.This is about our lands.That our tax dollars paid for.Yes,our tax paying dollars paid the Banks for the Loans on those darn lands.Like I asked in my earlier post.Gaston Browne in that picture below.Why do you look so sad?Is your conscience bothering you? Is the weight of the Office too heavy for you.I thought you were like Atlas.Poor tap Dawg.Four years ago,I predicted that you would go down in History as the worst Prime Minister in Antigua and Barbuda.So far you are proving me to be right.Please prove me wrong in the future.

    • As the saying goes Leopards cannot change their spots so I don’t think you will be proved wrong in the future. Agree totally with you on the Chinese attempt to take over…all Antiguans need to do is look at what is being called an embassy, the debt trap loans and the propaganda with first an announcement about the China view on Hong Kong (which is not democracy) and now an invitation to go and watch a photo presentation of their 70years of what China calls “achievements and development” and I would describe as oppressive communism…I am sure Tiananmen Square is not mentioned, the lack of human rights or their intention to dominate the free world!

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