PM: UPP candidates are just ‘looking for jobs’


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  1. Hon.Gaston Browne is correct. 80% OF the UPP Candidates are UNEMPLOYED. UPP Candidates are CHARLATANS, LOAFERS and LAGARDS. They are looking for a PAYCHECK. Remember a UPP Candidate was FIRED from the bank for a PISSED POOR job PERFORMANCE.

    • They are unemployed because they are all FAILURE & PARASITES…… What they practice a yard dem wan tek a abroad and encourage the nation to rely on HANDOUTS rather than EMPOWERMENT

      • Which ABLP politician was employed during the period 2004-2014?
        Y’all sound like a bunch of fools?
        Pick the beam out of your eyes first before taking the plank out of others.
        Even your illustrious PM was dead stone broke. He couldn’t wait to gain power to do a long bay land flip, an Odebretch and just prior to losing power in 2004, another land flip at English Harbour filling his coffers. They had nothing, now all of a sudden they are rich from their self-enrichment schemes. And not once have any of you condoned their actions.

        • Was Dotsie the secretary for any UPP Minister? How many boards was Dotsie appointed to? How many sweet paychecks did Dotsie get under the UPP?

          P.S. are u taller than the pupah tree on the 🐍farm? 26 ACRES and wan single pupah tree sitting in the midst of OLD STOVE, OLD FRIDGE, DUTTY PAMPERS and RUBBISH HEAP!!!! Your shadow minister of Agriculture FULLA FART!!!

    • Would you say they are like minister Maria Browne who is collecting about $100,000 a year of Antigua people’s money
      to stay home with her children and buy jewelry and designer clothes. Gaston only has to look in his bed to find a parasite.

        • Was the minister parachuted into a constituency by a greedy, all for me and none for thee husband to collect Antigua people money and stay home and look after her children? All she and her husband are hoping for is that she wins another term so she can make official her retirement and collect a big pension the rest of her life. Hope them Spanish people up there vote for the UPP considering they have a Spanish heritage person as a candidate.
          Smh, how much pension you getting from government?

  2. So says the man who has sucked our country dry for the benefit of him and his family. He really has no shame with his constant deflection tactics used to hide his incompetence.

  3. Gaston you so right UPP candidates looking for the job, however not to thief but to save Antigua from you and all your thiefing. My day one in office you and all you Ministers ah thief. Just ask Chet Greene and a few others.

  4. UPP Candidates are All FAILURES. They are not working. I am at a loss how these UPP Candidates want to be trusted with the public purse when They cannot manage their own.

    Writing Bounced cheques

    Living in Person residence and paying rent

    SpokesPerson serve time in JAIL for MOLESTATTION.

    Candidate serve time in Jail for Murder.

    Another Spokesperson found quilty for FRAUD and will be sentenced in May 2022.

    Something is wrong with UPP.

  5. It is because Gaston, Asot, Robin, Molwyn, Cutie, Chet and all the others can manage finance so well why they have gotten so rich at the expense of the country and all ah we.

    • which UPP Candidate wrote a BOUNCED CHEQUE to pay for gas?
      if your wife sick with cancer, why u send she go live with your aged mama?
      which UPP candidate the party beg to check into Crossroads to get help with alcohol abuse?
      ZDK people get all them money yet?
      Alister LEGALLY owns the house?
      all she know how to do is SCOOP icecream. no entrepreneurial skills to branch out.
      took this country to IMF and plunged the economy into a pit
      need a bottle of Rescofer to stay awake. look sickly sickly.
      kick football and can’t read or speak properly
      wifey convert him into a yardie. now says “bully beef” instead of corned beef
      fresh water yankee out of touch with Antigua and Barbuda
      wet behind the ears, newly wed bossed around by wifey
      dead darg collecter with poor grammar, no sense and a puppet for the lipstick hog

  6. Pearl “FOOTS” Quinn is yet to tell the public WHY SHE LEFT THE BANK. Pearly did u receive 2 CONSECUTIVE PISS POOR PERFORMANCE REVIEWS from the bank???


  7. jobs or VICTIMS???? UPP attracts CONVICTS

    CONVICTED KILLER, Sherfield Bowen, Running in TESSA BARTHLEY constituency

  8. HAROLD LOVELL, the king of BADPLAY!!!!

    “Bro. Harold Lovell TOLD ME HE WAS DONE with elective politics and ASK ME if I would lead the UPP…To my surprise, Bro. Harold changed his mind and decided to run, but DIDN’T SEE IT FIT TO EVEN INFORM ME.” ~Richar Lewis

    “The run-up to the party’s internal election has been controversial and threatened to further destabilise the party which was already hit with a NASTY LEADERSHIP CONTEST when Joanne Massiah sought the party leadership.”

  9. Dear Gaston
    It’s not only the UPP who are looking for jobs. Many Many Many more antiguans are looking for jobs. What are you going to do to remedy the situation?
    Please Gaston, you have accomplished your one and only goal. i.e to get rich asap. You, your family and your educated friends are now millionaires. Please cut and leave the country for someone who can run it honestly.
    Each endeavoring, all achieving


    H_2_O (NO WATER)
    500 (500 EMPTY PROMISES)


  11. UPP candidates MAY be looking for a job but the ABLP are looking to KEEP their jobs.
    What’s the difference?

  12. The ABLP MUST be punished for enriching themselves at the people’s expense. More importantly, they must be punished for their covid response they inflicted an ALL the people of ALL PARTIES. They make a serious mistake aligning their policies with the GLOBALISTS at the UN, WHO, WEF…. We will NEVER forget it!


    • In your little dreams!!! Jonathan Joseph already told us what to do!!

      “YOU DID IT BEFORE 8 YEARS AGO AND YOU MUST DO IT AGAIN. VOTE ALP!!!!!!🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩

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