PM: Unsuccessful candidates who have lost twice should not expect to run again

ABLP Leader Gaston Browne

Prime Minister Browne Discourages Unsuccessful Candidates from Repeated Runs

Prime Minister Gaston Browne has issued a clear directive to the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party (ABLP): unsuccessful candidates who have lost twice should not expect to run again.

In a candid radio interview, Browne emphasized the need for fresh talent and discouraged repeated candidacies of those who have failed to secure victories in past elections.

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Browne questioned the motivation behind unsuccessful candidates seeking another chance, stating, “Why would you want to run again to lose a third time?” He described the persistence of such candidates as a “Harold Lovell syndrome” that the party cannot afford to support.

According to Browne, the electorate has been sending a clear message calling for change and new reprentation.

He dismissed claims that he was to blame for the losses, attributing them to the candidates’ lack of engagement and viability.

He asserted that voters’ decisions were not necessarily an endorsement of the opposition but rather a rejection of the existing candidates, signaling a demand for new representation.

In response to this demand, Browne has been advocating for younger, more dynamic candidates.

He cited individuals like Randy Baltimore and Michael Joseph as examples of the fresh energy needed within the party.

“The younger talent is energizing the constituencies,” Browne remarked, highlighting the positive response from the electorate to these new faces.

Browne urged unsuccessful candidates to avoid causing division within the party by stepping aside gracefully. He stressed the importance of not repeating past mistakes by re-nominating those who have already lost public confidence.

“We want winners, not just runners,” Browne declared, reinforcing his commitment to revitalizing the party with capable and electable candidates.

As the ABLP looks ahead to future elections, Browne’s emphasis on discouraging repeated candidacies of unsuccessful candidates is expected to shape the party’s strategy, reflecting the public’s demand for change and fresh leadership.

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  1. I can’t believe people still vote in this country lolol what are you voting for? Do you enjoy seeing more of the same? ………Very strange behaviour

  2. The man ain’t lying. Gaston is simply saying that they need to get up off they lazy buttocks and get to work.
    If I have to work hard to keep MY job, why can’t they?

  3. Dis man always a chat no fuck…. Antigua nasty because of he… It burn me to see dunce people a argue over party both UPP ABLP full a fuck… This is just a stone with dunce people living on it. Not one blasted thing had been done to better lives, just Dem a get rich… I don’t even vote no more just work untill I can get a better opportunity. He say people mentally sick but a Fu he rass pan crazy pill. And he whole family crazy too… He should not be able to run a country just off the fact he i literally mentally unstable without he pills.. like me say dunces and ignorant people and full of foreigners with no education too the worst of their, country and they outnumber born Antiguans why you think him and Percel keep bring more… Me done see… keep voting for poverty fucking idiots….

  4. If he cannot see that the electorate was voting against him and not the candidates, because of the melee, division he creates on his radio station, and the proclomation that everything is going be completed in 2 two and it never happens, then Pringle will be PM.


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