PM To Recommend Molwyn Joseph For Knighthood


Prime Minister Gaston says he will recommend Health Minister Molwyn Joseph for the nation’s second highest honour.

He told Pointe FM moments ago that Joseph is deserving of a knighthood.

The health minister is a senior cabinet minister and a long time Member of Parliament.

The prime minister has consistently said that his health minister is one of the best performing in his cabinet and the Caribbean Community.


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  1. Without the knighthood, this guy has the biggest ego in A&B. Heaven help us when he gets knighted. We may have to get an extension on A&B just to hold him

  2. Why in earth should we give additional recognition to people who are being paid handsomely to do their work? Is that his retirement package? We just had a number of police officers who just retired after serving the country for forty (40) unbroken years. Isn’t that deserving of the nation’s second highest award? Isn’t the contribution of every teacher greater in nation building than that of those tainted politician? Will the sash be long enough to go around the Rolls Royce? National awards is no a mockery. Is it reward for politicians who Gaston doesn’t want on his slate for the next elections? Antigua is living in eclipse. There is more “night” than days.

  3. You get a knight, me get a knight every body get a knighthood. Never see a country with so many knighs per capiter.
    Anyway I notice that Gaston is cleverly giving the the person who once opposed him getting leadership of the party knighthood like Robin the hood.
    Perhaps while he is at it, he can give tanny rose and max hurst a knighthood also, cause they had also opposed him getting leadership of the party.

  4. Hon. Prime Minister …You have made a wonderful choice. Hon. Molwyn Joseph for KNIGHTHOOD. Hon. Molwyn Joseph is the hardest working Minister . He has done and still doing a GREAT job with Health and Wellness . Hon. Molwyn Joseph is keeping Us informed with COVID 19. Blessings

  5. So what’s new? Didn’t hear any complaints from you during the period 2004 – 2014 when every dog and pussy ended up with titles ‘Lady’ and ‘Sir’. So Mr Retired Cop, you missed your morning and there is no “knight” for you. Get over it! Truth be told, these awards are worthless and meaningless to the average, decent, hardworking, deserving national. Cho!!

  6. Shout ! Scream ! Cry ! It doesn’t matter how they get them, but I still know that the BIGGEST gift of all is the one God gives to His faithful and enduring children. Knighthood wont take you to heaven. You still have a place in the cemetery. Soon there won’t be any more space on the chess board to accommodate any more knights so they may have to start making them “days” instead.
    These POLITRICKIANS should concentrate on doing the work the people elected them to do and stop lauding themselves with selfish undeserved gifts. Amazing how politrickians can give themselves gifts for doing the work they were mandated to do. In most instances, those work are not even done in the first place.
    Oh come on, when you know you are so not deserving of the gift…just refuse it! But greed, pride, selfishness and corruption will all end one day soon.
    All who can read and understand…better take heed ! You cannot take your bank account, land, knighthood to the grave. The only thing that goes with you is the ” CHARACTER” you developed for the time spent on this earth.
    Your riches and corrupt practices will end. Why do men prefer to gain the world but lose his soul. Just amazing !
    My people…WAKE UP…….. END SOON COME.

  7. The rolls royce ??this man close library an elderly community center in his area when he lost his seat in 2009,never to reopen up to this day……..molwyn more need an escort out than anything else

  8. Hell no! If he can get knighted I and other people also should be knighted for our contributions to this country especially Miguel tongue operator of the longest running tourism business in Antigua prickly pear island!

    • That’s a good one. Taking all the Credit and Really Working are not the same thing. Antiguan, take it from an Antiguan and Barbudan, knighthood and those independence awards have been cheapened since that debacle some five/six years ago when almost twenty people became either dame or night just so…lol

  9. Hands down!!Good Job well deserved it, the other health minister before him Wilmoth Daniel stayed at home for years and still receive his pay, Best Choice by far

  10. MURDER!!!!Oh my goodness…….Politicians really know how to treat themselves. It appears the more politicians align themselves with the GoF to fleece the country of it finances, the more they are rewarded not only with CASH but also with what appears to be a title that has become washed out and meaningless to the more intelligent citizens. That must be their going out of politics package as it is rumored the party will not be going into the next election with no “OLD SOLDIER”. 2021 is around the corner for a snap general election.

  11. Based on the commenters, Molwyn is undeserving of this and in my opinion has profited enough. #NoToKnighthood #YesToRetirement.

  12. All who are against Hon. Molwyn Joseph KNIGHTHOOD are ABLP haters. Hon. Molwyn Joseph has been doing an EXCELLENT Job with COVID 19. Can you imagine if UPP was in power andWilmoth Daniel was Health Minister …WHAT A DISASTER it would have been ?????.God Bless HON.MOLWYN JOSEPH.

    • I can imagine: there would be more unity, much much less drama and more engagement of all department heads and other sectors.

    • Molwyn said Viv Richards should not get a knighthood because all he did was knock a ball over the fence. That alone should disqualify him.

        • @MIDST. Go back to that parliamentary discussion. I am sure ABS might still have it. Would never lie or forget that. I am sure orhers is honest will remember as well. He said it!

  13. Hon. Gaston Browne has EXPOSED Harold Lovell LIES. UPP borrowed $2,000,000,000 ( TWO BILLION DOLLARS ) I saw it in black and white. Let Harold Lovell dispute it. UPP the LIARS Party.

    • Ask him to show you the IMF article 4 document in black and white. Why is he hiding that from you?

    • @ All AROUND. Dont make the PM make a fool out of you. If the UPP left debt of 2.2 billion, and accumulated 2 billion, then ABLP must have left only 200 mliiion. In debt. But with the still unpaid Deep water harbour, Heritage quay pier, paris club etc, that would be impossible. So conclusion, that a lie. By the way the debt is now 3.6 billion. So 1.4 have been added since ABLP got in. Is Harold do that too???

  14. KNIGHT IN THE HOOD.I am coming to get mine.Knighthood is not a big deal.Looking back on History.Many of those Knighted were criminals for England.They indulged in thievery and slavery for England.Have you ever heard of Raleigh,Drake,Hawkins,to name a few.Now in modern day Antigua.We also had a few whose names I would not mentioned to save ANR from law suits.Some were and are still in Political Offices up to today.One name I can mentioned is Alan Stanford.He was given a “SIR” in Antigua.He was recommended by someone in Antigua.Now he,Sir Alan Stanford is serving many decades(public records) in a Federal Florida.Whether Molwyn Joseph gets that “SIR” is not here or there to me.Does that put food on the tables of poor people in Antigua and Barbuda.Does it pay the Pensioners and Nurses their salaries for May.I can bet anyone of you,RED KOOL AID DRINKERS.Molwyn Joseph did get his salary for May along with all of his Cabinet colleagues.When he passes on.His tombstone would read.Here lies and so.You see folks, you cannot take titles with you when you passed on.They buried you under mounds of dirt just as those without titles.Along with the poor and indigent.So what the heck is in a TITLE.

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