PM To Protesters: ‘We Are Doing This For You’

Pointe Protest

Prime Minister Gaston Browne was booed today as he addressed angry protesters in his constituency.

The protesters who partially blocked the roads earlier today are upset over plans to move them.

They took to the streets today after some residents had their electricity cut, a move they view as an attempt to force their relocation.

Government is in the process of acquiring land in the Booby Alley area for the construction of modern housing for residents.

However, some residents are against the move which will see them temporarily relocated.

Police officers were called in today to monitor the tense developments in the impoverished community.

Browne told his constituents that what the government is doing is for their benefit and that they should not oppose it.

Last year he warned residents that if they don’t move voluntarily they will be forced.

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  1. PM To Protesters: ‘We Are Doing This For You’…[But of Course Me haffu get me cut in the construction process]

    • LMAO!! You have to get used to ppl spewing nonsensical stuff. My understanding is that the family had already signed the papers agreeing to move. Isn’t it the same family that got a house donated to them from MP Gaston Browne? Wah old people say about “biting the hand that feed you”? How about “ungratefulness is worse than witchcraft”? I guess “no good deed goes unpunished” Or there could be some other underlying issue here and the full story is not being relayed accurately. Time will tell

      • Biting what hands Gaston donate anything to anyone u guys really dumb …..thats is y u guys keep voting for them because they give u guys ham and Turkey lol tham u guys low

  2. Do not fight it Gaston. I am sure somebody, somewhere in Antigua would appreciate a good house to live in.

  3. Well we used this approach for the Barbudans.

    We see how well that turned out for the ABLP; so well that they even want to dismantle the Council.

    Let’s see how the same method works on the mainland.

    Bulldozers next perhaps?

  4. I find it very difficult to believe “We are doing this for you”. The people in Point need to realize that they were/are nothing more than a means to an end. I would venture to say that this cruel and selfish behaviour against a Booby Alley resident and her disabled daughter is nothing more or less than acquiring lands to ultimately earn personal income. The people in that area sold their soul for the proverbial few pieces of silver and will now pay the hefty price for doing that…Bullies don’t usually back off unless the people meaningfully react.

    • Here is your opportunity to rant about socialism but then again imminent domain also exist in capitalism so i guess not. Offer rescinded.

    • If this was the aim then why help ensure she gets a house under the HAPI program? Recall her thanking the same man you accuse of being health less for empowering her and her family. Recall hearing of the rats which used to infest its prior state. Brethen, I can speak from first hand knowledge that we have a PM who goes out of his way for especially poor.


    There is as much ‘…Hell Down in Point.’

    Bringing in a ‘…Bat who is Duncy,’ could be very troubling.

    The devil could break loose at any moment.

    And not even a ‘…Dunce with a Bat’ would be able to contain an irate people.

    However, do not mind the ‘…Dunciness,’ watch the ‘…Bat.’

  6. …. there are no free lunches!
    I can only s.m.h. at both parties (GB and the residents).
    We get the Government that we deserve, so why the fracas?

    #hiddenagenda #grabbygrabby #beggybeggy #manipulative #gullible

  7. …. there are no free lunches!
    I can only s.m.h. at both parties (GB and the residents).
    We get the Government that we deserve, so why the fracas?

    #hiddenagenda #grabbygrabby #beggybeggy #manipulative #gullible

  8. Right you are. People in Point are known to be awkward when “advantaged”. If this is the first family affected it does not bode well politically for Gaston not withstanding all the crap he pumps out on Point FM. Are they planning to move that house that the GOAB gave the family? It looks like one of the better ones in the area.

  9. Not all person in this ally feel so you cant walk in my shoe so say wat you like sick of the the slum , bit you never even walk though here and I know am an dumb ass because me still say gaston any day

  10. Since i was born i never hear anyone run from Progress.What the heck is wrong with Black people? And the comments coming from people who should know better is disturbing to say the least..We are in deep dodo in this country.Like the dodo they wrap in bags and dump in Bins in booby alley in 2019..

  11. Who are you Dam Skippy or Straight Up? This is what you people do- post under numerous pseudonyms to make it appear as though your arguments are well supported by others..You,ll are as deceitful as the failed political aspirants you are following..Guess your post fooled you this time,you were not sure if it went through so you posted again,only the second time you used a different moniker.Liars and deceivers..

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