PM to DeNiro: We getting close to election make a start


Prime Minister Gaston Browne has given an update on the future of Jolly Beach Hotel.

He has also given an update on the Robert DeNiro hotel on Barbuda.

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  1. I hope and pray that Barbuda doesn’t become a playground for the super rich, to the detriment of the indigenous and small population on this beautiful island …

  2. DeNiro to PM,where am I to get the money from to start and or complete the project.The man with the money pulled out,he had a nervous breakdown.So no money dey.

  3. ruling administration want some extra cash influx in their favour – minute input into local economy where as the great amount of cash goes into their BUSINESSES, pockets and plus the coming election campaigns

  4. I predict the voters will re-elect the government with an ever-increasing majority. Even the Leaders of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition, Mr. Pringle (whom I like personally) is in serious danger of losing his seat. The UPP political leader doesn’t have a prayer of winning a seat. Then it’ll finally be over for Harold, and new people will take over the party leadership, with new vision. Some are already standing in line.

  5. That Syrian guy in the pic with Gaston and deniro, boustany I believe is his name, I see him flying first class btw Antigua and the states and like he is living the high life, what exactly does he do besides mooch off of the government and tax payers dollars?!!!!!!!

  6. This person probably use to beg for alot of handout when UPP was in power, but the previous government try to empower her than to be giving handouts that why she is ever so bitter towards the members, she prefer handouts than empowerment. No handout turn to bitterness

  7. Another failed project that came with Huge EMPTY promises. EMPOWER THE PEOPLE. Give the same concessions to the people with ideas to prosper and grow. Make Empowerment zones within villages. The Montzungu never loved us and will never love us. They only come to enslave us again. Foreign Investment is not the cure all. Organic growth is the only way for black people. Fix Social security and We want water all over the island like you give the Montzungus and Oligarchs. Just like God had Moses WRITE down the plan we want a written plan so we can read it.



      • Why chat rubbish? Its GB right after the hurricane who risked his life to go and check on them. Its GB who brought Barbudans here due to the threat of another hurricne meeting them exposed. The current Barbudan MP at the time heralded the decission to bring them here While in A&B, government policy was to place Barbuddan’s where there was space into the public service here. Millions was expendedd to provide accomadations for Barbudans. Miilions (local tax payers moenys) has been spent on rebuilding Barbuda. A major airport is being built there. Soon Barbudan’s will have land regitered in their name which willl aid them to more easilly get financing

        • Tenman
          Airport not building for Barbudans, it is for the wealthy white settlers who will be their masters. They need to fly in and out in their private jets and take all the lobsters with them.
          I am sure I heard Trevor Walker say that while the Barbudans were removed from the island, the government had 16 acres of Barbuda’ lands transferred to a trust. Tell me what you know about this as you always in the know. Who are the beneficiaries of the trust.

    • Brethen you have a way of advocating things that if you had done reerch you would know have failed in the US. Empowerment zones from the 90’s then framed oppertunity zones under Trump, have failed to deliver to those it was intended to serve. The rich ofcouse have benefited from the tax cuts. There are lessons to be learned from these failures before we jump on the band wagon. An interestingting article on the topic is How Opportunity Zones Launched a ‘Gold Rush’ for Wealthy Investors in Bloomberg, November 11, 2021. Would suggest you write an artcile on the topic, provide some ideas on how this could be properly implimented here with the lessons learned in the US. Must tell you unless we deal with the issue of local person unwilingness to partner this will essentially be the usual FDI. A&B size is essentially smaller than that of many US cities. The Bronx (a borough) has some 1.4 milllion persons. In essence/ reallity, it can be argued we already have empowerment zones (tax cut offfered for investments) but due to our small size it covers the entire nation. Would be interereting seeing you defrientiate how your idea would differ from what already exists

    Still trying to keep you Board job! keep singing Bro
    Gaston’s failed project

    500 homes in 500 days
    Callaloo Quay
    Marriot Hotel
    Beaches HOTEL
    Shell Beach project
    Waldorf Astoria
    Best Western
    Valley Church
    Willoughby Bay
    Sunny Hill Group
    Marble Hill Convention Center

  9. is how much taxes we go get from yida and western imperial again? oh gosh, me forget. dem dey no pay one coppa ever. gaston you mek billionaires come yah and pay nutting tall to the govament ever. no taxes, no duty, no work permit fee, no license fu liquor. we ready fu you next election. wet you han and wait fu see. woiiiii and dem hab dem own customs to. so dem coleect pan ebry ting and de govament get nutting thanks you papa.

    • Gaston purports himself to be the smartest person in Antigua. So why would he sign off on a deal like this. He likely knows whose bread is being buttered. We know he thinks he smart.

  10. TENMAN I think you are supposed to be a sensible person but I am at a lost many times with the rubbish you chat. How did Gaston risk his life to fly over to Barbuda on a private helicopter to assess the damage of hurricane Irma? Isn’t he the damn Prime Minister and was just doing his job? Boss your are really irritating me with your ridiculous, illogical reasoning to support the government. Even the so called renovation of the Barrymore Hotel to housed Barbudans was a project by some politicians to enrich themselves. The Barbudans were subsequently kicked out of Barrymore Hotel to make way for a new hotel and conference center according to Minister of Public Works Weston. Where is the new hotel and conference center today? I shake my head in disbelief every time I drive past the Barrymore Hotel.

  11. If you don’t know your history you are apt to repeat the mistakes of the past.
    History teaches us that people in the past exchanged the land for trinkets.
    We see this playing out once again.

    Gaston is a greedy short-sighted maniac who only knows how to curse people. Why is anyone surprised that he cannot get any investors.

    Deniro has had our land for over 7 years. Up to now, he cannot do a thing.

    Gaston gave away our land; He did not even get trinkets. Gaston obviously did not study history.

  12. What is Gaston asking DeNiro to make a start of? Is it an expansion of his NOBU restaurant in Barbuda? It has to be that since the Paradise Found shareholders have filed an application to be wound up so it could not be a start of the Paradise Found Project. The Prime Minister is really desperate to have some goodies to talk about in the upcoming election campaign.

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