PM: Three thousand new jobs in 2019

Royalton Antigua

Prime Minister, Gaston Browne said thousands of new jobs will be created in the hotel sector in the new year.

“I believe next year, we should be able to create at least 3000 new jobs”, Browne told Pointe FM.

He said several hotel projects are expected come on stream.

“I mean, Sunwing alone will… create about 800 new jobs and take up about 800 unemployed people”, he said.

Browne also predicted a call center being established by Calvin Aire will employ another 500 to 600 people.

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    • PM Browne is doing really good, at least he is trying his best, which is more than I can say of most politicians.

      He’s clearly an Antiguan Economic Nationalist, and I like that.

      • Doing good how if I may ask? How long he promise this 3000 jobs(since 2014 election). So much unemployed Antiguan and Barbudans without the promise jobs for so long

  1. Wait anr have to getting paid to post rubbish…..up to the time they see all this man doing is in enriching himself are u guys serious…..the islands girls out in the Atlantic that is more newsworthy than hearing this man and his ministers speak nonsense ……check jolly harbour,check ebenezer,check point ,check miami,check greese/europe a mansion and up to now y is apua and state insurance in a government official property that is corruption….antigua is the most corrupt country in the world….. look up to now PUSS CHEST BROWNE is still a government minister no investigation for the E books scandal ……who created the company to offer the E BOOKS who benefited…they have phone convo….antigua is the best 3000 more jobs he said that years ago……robin yearwood had a billboard up saying right after the election he was going to build this great building for the community where is it well the billboard went as fast as the first morning

    • You have to photograph these billboards quick quick before they get taken down because they are true cultural icons and a record must be be preserved.

  2. When he talks it is just to fill people with hopeless hope. When you look at how he speaks you can see he is not certain about anything, because he is using words such as “I BELIEVE next year, we SHOULD…” no certainty at all. Here we are all excited feeling everything on the up, and when next year end we would be like, wait!! didn’t GB say there would be 3000 jobs and not one new job created?

  3. The Jamaicans and Spanish a go bingo next year then 3000 a dem a go get brand new jobs in Antigua
    Gaston and cutie are the two best politicians Ever to represent Jamaica and Santo Domingo

    What a country !!!!

    • Jamaicans and spanish people have it extremely hard to find work in antigua cuz they still need work permits that companies don’t like dealing with. Wth are you even talking about or you just looking attention?

    • As a antiguan nothing at all wrong with Jamaicans and Spanish getting work they are a part of us and we should embrace them as long as they are law abiding it is ok they are welcome………

    • How Jamaicans come in your story.. A Jamaicans tell you not to be certified ,sit on your entitlement ass and then blame Jamaicans when you can’t get a Job… SMH poor excuse

  4. Great news Mr PM… But what kind of jobs? Maids, waiters, gardeners, cooks, bell boys, house men, janitors, secieity, dish washers, laundry attendants, taxi drivers, etc…..

    Is this all Antiguans can do? Is there nothing else to aspire to sir.

    Tell me about the quality jobs you are creating.

    Tell me of your plans to reform the education system to full fill the high paying jobs that will go to everybody else EXCEPT ANTIGUANS because their role is at the bottom of the barrel.

  5. PM Browne is doing a great job just ignore the sour UPP neygar and them. Hammock Cove and Royalton Hotels plus the new call centre about to open plus road construction and repairs continue. Not to mention decriminalizing marijuana. Give jack he jacket.

  6. WHAT KIND OF JOBS? Y’all give us Antiguans low paying cleaning/waitressing/receptionist/etc ONLY and then IMPORT immigrants (not saying “expats” for a reason) for the jobs paying $15,000+ EC per month. We don’t want any jobs unless they pay well. We have qualified Antiguan citizens that are never considered for Management positions etc.

    Say NO to minimum wage only jobs in 2019.

  7. 3000 in 2014, 3000 in 2015, 3000 in 2016, 3000 in 2017, 3000 in 2018 and 3000 more in 2019…. Soon unemployment will be a thing of the past….. And then the PM drive across friars hill red and the holes wake him up…. Still waiting on the 500 homes…. I wonder if booby alley homes going to finish before that 500 homes in 500 days promise??

  8. ABLP supporters need to stop turning a blind eye. I too voted for the party but you must hold them to a high standard. They work for you! Gaston has done good in many areas, Apologising to the Rasta community, being a strong leader, marijuana decriminalization, but when it comes to jobs: FAILING grade!. I know too many young people I care about who are unemployed. He needs to work harder in this area. And think outside hotel work. There is more we can do. You spend millions each year on the PM scholarship to educate our young people to come home and work in unskilled labour. Waste of money if you not providing jobs they are trained for. 2 cents

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