PM Threatens Trevor Walker With Jail


Prime Minister Gaston Browne is threatening Barbuda Member of Parliament Trevor Walker with jail time if he breaks the country’s laws.

“You break the law we take you to court, you hurt anybody you go to jail,” Browne warned.

The Prime Minister was making reference to protests on the sister isle led by Walker and Devon Warner, over the US$ 100 million Peace Love and Happiness Investment.

Walker is opposed to  aspects of the project and wants to regain control on areas which the council uses for sand mining.

“Anytime they do any thing illegal over there I am sending the police and army over there…I rather fight them and resign than to turn a blind eye.”

The PLH project will construct several luxury private homes similar to what obtains on Jumby Bay Island.

“PHL is here already and we not letting it go,” Browne who recently visited Barbuda said.

He said the PHL project is one of the properties that the government is banking on to help it recover from the economic fallout caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Browne said based on this, he will not allow Walker and friends to destroy the investment.

“If we have to go to court to change the law we will…We going to fight them tooth and nail…I have made up my mind to go after them”

So far the project employs 100 individuals including 70 Barbudans.

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  1. He’s going to court to change the law? (” If we have to go to court to change the law ..”) smh

  2. Again, Gaston right. The man is a natural leader. He will be at the helm for the next 20 years. God bless Antigua.

  3. All I am saying Barbuda should remain a nature island and a small community.. there should not be any major developments because the island is below sea level. With all these environmental changes the island soon disappear..

    • They are building 30 million dollar mansions… exclusive properties… I don’t see millions or hundreds of thousands of people flocking to Barbuda… this is the perfect model… low density… high value ….. and no science exist that … the environmental changes will make the island disappear… not sure where you got your information from

  4. Gaston Browne you a police officer now? So everything you bring to the table we have to agree with? You have no respect for the people of Barbuda, it’s our land, lease it or leave it, Barbuda land not for SALE.We fed up of You and your economic poor house.Poor leadership.

    • No, not a police officer but a government official responsible for enforcing the law. No, but PM who represents the people of Antigua and BARBUDA can lead…. and by the way…I think they a lease is in place… where have you been? Please catch-up and read before you comment. worry about your comprehension before you worry about grading someone’s leadership skills and economic planning abilities.

    From the age 16 years old Barbudans have been fighting every DEVELOPMENTS that are ear marked for Barbuda. MP Trevor Walker has been keeping down Barbudans for many years. Trevor Walker has SUPERMARKET , GAS STATION and other businesses but Trevor is Hell bent on keeping down Barbudans. Trevor want Him alone to be the only successful Barbudan. Wake up Barbudan and see what Trevor is doing to Barbuda and Barbudans.

    • That is the kick backs i’m talking about. It should only be for Trevor and the group that he is leading. Too long has these guys being left alone to become kings of that little Island and they want to keep it so forever. But that will not work any longer. Barbudans wake up. Fight for the right for all to benefit from the development of the Island

  6. Gaston leave the ppl land alone ya too blasted fast stop running the nation like a dictator. Who so ever agree with this dont want nothing good for thier country, they bad mind, sad and nah lub nun body bout them selves, selfish idots, why you all just dont wipe yourselves off of earth.

  7. I thought laws were passed in a parliamentary setting. Thought courts set precedent. I guess the PM misspoke. Has he taken a cognitive test lately? The pressure of governing in an emergency might be impeding his speech and cognitive abilities. Irrational thoughts lead to irrational behavior. LIAT fiasco is an example.

  8. Barbudans are just a bunch of wild renegades. If I were the PM I would halt all present and future investments on the island, cut them to hell off, grant them their independence asap. I, as a true and loyal Antigua, am totally fed up with the self defeatist ignoramuses who head this tribal village. They are a damn nuisance. Leave them with their already below sea level land and earth scratching sandmining industry. The opposition here just continues to encourage them with their barbaric behavior, using them for their own political benefits but they are just too dumb to realize that.
    On the other hand, the land in Barbuda, constitutionally and legally speaking is as much mine as it is theirs. Prior to cutting them off, let them pay compensation to the people of Antigua for our land. After that I wouldn’t have to be concerned one way or the other about what these foreigners do in their own island village. ‘Nough said. Dammit!!

  9. All Walker and the BPM Council is saying is that PLH should come to the table to discuss some environmental concerns in the said area. Nobody is trying to block anything. DOE already submitted a report in 2018 saying that the said development will cause catastrophic damages to the area, but still PLH is disregarding that report because the PM is on their side.

  10. I would like someone to tell me.Why would a developer needs 200 acres of land to build a resort in Barbuda.I have traveled to Europe,Asia and Africa and to many Caribbean Islands.I have never seen and or stayed at a resort with that many acres.I went to Jamaica last year.Stayed at a Hotel in Montego Bay.It has 3 Towers and 5 cottages on 9 acres of lands.It also has 4 pools,3 pool bars and 3 beach bars.We should be encouraging investors to go upwards into the air.Not expanding outwards and gobbling up all of the beach fronts in Antigua.If this Hotel only investments continues.We the people would have none of the very nice beaches to bath in anymore.They would all be owned by others.Gaston Browne does not have the power to send anyone to Prison and or Jail.He is all talk(fluff) and nothing else.

    • Guy it happens especially when you strt speaking about major Golf courses. I know there are many hotels in JA with over 200 acres of land. One such is half moon Jamaica (400),
      Hilton Rose Hall Resort & Spa (400), Holiday Inn Resort Moby (200)

      Sandy Lane (800 acres)
      Sandals Regency La Toc (220 acres), Sandals Saint Lucia Golf & Country Club .(375)

      Think you can use google like me and find the rest

      • He sure doesn’t know what he is talking about. And furthermore this is not just a resort, it is a club with private homes. And rich people with private homes want some space and privacy and security as well. When you have people like princes Diane vacationing there you think Barbudans could come anywhere close by her just so. Secret Service would just take you down so fast. And I have said it before when you go for the high net-worth individuals you have to be prepared to give up something of your sovereignty because security is very high on their agenda.

      • Yes they may have all these lands but do they used them for the hotel in its entirety ?
        I go to those hotels and it’s a far fetch. They just own the lands.

        • resort vs hotel
          The main difference between a hotel and a resort is that hotels are usually just a place for lodging while a resort allows for more privacy, entertainment, and experiences during your stay.

      • @ Tenman:I think you missed a glaring point.I did say.I have never seen a Hotel built on 200 Acres of land.So if you had to Google it.That is your concern,not mine.I have never seen and or stayed at a Resort on 200 Acres of lands.
        @Sidelines:I do know exactly why I am talking about.You know it all.

        • Since you know what you’re talking about than it is really sad that you had to state never to have stayed not seen a hotel or resort build on 200 acres of land. Cause there are so many. But as you say, you have not seen them. Poor you.
          Here is the property of the Mill Reef Club. 1500 Acres
          The Mill Reef Club, Antigua, West Indies, is a private club offering its members and their guests an exclusive vacation paradise. Set on 1,500 waterfront acres with white sand beaches, the Club features sophisticated island accommodations, five-star dining, a breathtaking 9-hole golf course, 6 tennis courts, a state-of-the-art health and fitness center and infinity pool, and a fully equipped Mill Reef Yacht Club.

  11. If your Passport says Antiguaand Barbuda, Barbuda has no land. Maybe if Barbudansrecognixe they themselves have no more claims than Antiguans, they would have more support.

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