PM Threatens To Deport Hispanic Woman

'Spanish Girl' In Black Top

Prime Minister Gaston Browne has issued a strong warning to a Hispanic woman over her behavior and treatment of front-line workers.

He if the woman’s behaviour continues she will be deported.

“This Spanish lady who they allowed to quarantine at home and they found at the tattoo parlour doing a tattoo, she actually lives in Villa, and as you know she was picked up by the police and health officials and she is now in quarantine at Hawksbill,” Browne said.

“My understanding is that this lady has been abusing the nurses at the quarantine facility both verbally and physically. And I want to send her a message via the radio, because I’m now told that even though she’s been living here for many years that she is not a citizen.

“I want to tell her that any time at all she continue to abuse our officials, our nurses and our policemen, that she will be deported out of this country forthwith,” the Prime Minister warned.



  1. Why does Antigua continue to let these illegals in from Dominican Republic and Jamaica? It is totally ridiculous! We need a new PM that puts Antigua Citizens 1st instead of these criminals and law breakers. I used to like PM Browne, but over the last 6 months it has become clear that he cares more about Jamaican Citizens and Dominican Republic Citizens more than Antigua Citizens!

    Can somebody please form a new political party in Antigua that puts citizens before illegals?

  2. Just awful behavior, at a time when most people are being careful and respectful, trying so hard to not to be a spreader.

  3. I am lead to ask, is the govt engaging in double standard in their practices especially during this pandemic crisis?

    Several weeks ago, drastic actions were taken against a religious leader for the mere reason that he was breaching protocols hence he was deemed responsible for putting persons at a risk to the Covid viral disease transmission. Although the penal actions I thought the govt took were harsh, i would agree that the pastor needed to be disciplined…. He should have known better….

    Now, it is reported that a lady who is alledged to be infected with the Covid virus and was summoned to be quarentined or isolated, yet, she is been seen throughout her community.

    Surprisingly, the govt has not done anything but only warned her. Now, Is she not putting persons at risk and moreso, more than the pastor?

    Clearly certain decisions seemed to be very much tilted and favor one more than the other…… What goes for Peter should go for Paul or what goes one should go for all.


  5. Since when government ministers can deport people.

    The magistrate court is the only institution that can deport people.

    Only a magistrate can make that decision. These ministers are making a mockery of the judicial process.

    How is it government ministers are telling the magistrate what sentence toland down.

    The magistrate can opt for the person to leave voluntarily and not return or face deportation should the person return.

    The court system needs independence.

  6. Some of them don’t take the hard working frontline workers serious they are good friends with leaders that they strongly believe they could misbehave,make phone calls even in their wrong doing and the leaders will hear their cry but cover their ears to the frontline workers. “Any one of the front line workers i get complain about will be disciplined, i won’t tolerate it”

    Support for the front line workers matters!

  7. Send her back. Abusing the self quarrantine procedure was bad enough, now having taken matters a step further abusing staff at the biosphere facility is just a step too far. What else will she do once released back into a society where everyone is doing their utmost to stay safe? Once quarantineed adequately and safe to fly back home a court date should be set for her deportation. Disgraceful behavior

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