PM says the process of selecting national heroes must be reviewed

Sir George Walter

Prime Minister Gaston Browne says there needs to be political consensus with the selection of future National Heroes.

Last week, Browne made controversial comments about National Hero Sir George Walter, suggesting that he was not deserving of the nation’s highest honour.

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  1. No one should even be considered for the designation of “National Hero” until they have been dead for 100 years. Time has a way of bringing everything hidden into the light of the noon-day son. 100 years should be the rule.

  2. Only Labor Party Politicians deserves to be honored in Antigua. They are the only ones who have ever done anything in Antigua. Streets,Airport,Schools and Government Buildings are named for them. Gaston Browne,just give them all Knighthoods for doing absolutely nothing.Every Dawg has its day.

  3. Even if you think that the selection process is flawed, the way that you tried to broach the issue by ridiculing and denigrating a current national hero is utterly ridiculous and shows a lack of intelligence and statesmanship on your part. All would agree that the the selection committee is too politically and needs to be reformed. However, that is how you needed to approach the issue rather than in your infantile way. You are the government so you can initiate the discussion to make the necessary changes to the selection process.


    TABOR …….You are very DISRESPECTFUL to the Hon. Gaston Browne. Tabor your HATRED runs very. Tabor is an AWFUL Person.

  5. The PM needs to simply hush! This is a man who awarded a high award to a person who after an investigation was deemed: unfit to ever hold public office again.
    How can anyone, but a minion, can ever take him seriously again?

    • @ JACKIE
      Jackie Hon.Gaston Browne has ever done anything good for Antiguans and Barbudans ? This a question for JACKIE and TABOR. Both HYPOCRITES.

  6. @ INGRAM you sound like a Dunce.
    You have nothing factual to say or to rebut with other than you hate Gaston Browne
    I guess there’s thousands of us then

    • Of course there are thousands of fooly people dance to UPP’s music and answer to its commands… Continue to hate Gaston all you want- He will still be PM after the next election…… We are more than y’all. Bape

  7. After he made Sir Lester “Asian Village” Bird a national hero, the PM wants a review? Is joke he mekking? The list of national heroes is rightly short and outside of Tim Hector and Tomboy (of the planned 1736 slave revolt who was broken at the wheel) there isn’t a credible case for any new heroes.

    • You prefer George “STEEL FRAME/BLUE CHICKEN” Walter who badplay VC and got kicked out after 1 term? Even with their flaws, it is evident what all the other national heroes contributed to the country. When it comes to George Walter, it remains unclear. But….I guess if Selvyn could be knighted after being fired by Baldwin Spencer, then anything is possible. Not to mention that since UPP named a street after him, Lauchland Benjamin is their next choice for national hero.

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