PM tells those accusing him of corruption to bring the evidence


Prime Minister Gaston Browne says there is no room in his government for corrupt politicians.

Browne says critics who have accused him of being corrupt must produce the evidence.

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  1. PM you very well know it I difficult to produce such evidence that is why corruption is rampant in Antigua. I however stick with the ALP cause neither of you or UPP ant better when it comes to corruption.

  2. The Evidence would be obtained the legal ways. The evidences would take the people to the end lines. Where ever it drops,it stops. Be careful what you wished for. I cannot wait to see you going to Prison in cuffs and ankle chains. Remember the Marcos Family of The Philippines and their ill gotten loots,gained from the People. They used their Official positions in Governance to acquire billions of $$$.You think you are clever and cunning. Remember,there is always someone much more clever and cunning than you do.

  3. What we need from you Prime Minister is evidence that the Odebrecht bribe money given to Casroy James was sent back as you announced in Parliament. Also, you might not see it as corruption (it would in normal countries), but the SHARE CHARITY scenario is highly unethical and certainly smacks of corruption.

      • @Slow talker, before reading your comment, I was typing but you mentioned John Ashe.
        We need to treat CORRUPTION like murder with ‘no statute of Limitations!’
        Let’s see who survives, who goes to the cemetery, jail, mental institution.

    • Greetings Tabor, a wah a guarne⁉️
      What the nation must have is #Independent #Forensic Auditing, by INDEPENDENT Auditing firms, for every Governmental department on staggered basis, say every five years, but let the process begins in a non-election year.
      All departments names are placed in bag, like an old fashion #Raffle and have children pull the names. Details can be worked out. The same way for the Auditing Firms as, they’re assigned to whichever Department they pair with in their drawing; as in, 1 gets 1, 4 gets 4 etc.

      We need to treat CORRUPTION in Government, as we would a murder, as in ‘no statute of Limitations,’ and treat them as COLD CASES. Here’s why, just as in the case(s) of murder and with the advancement of science and technology, forensics have done wonders in solving many unsolved mysteries and brought many who claim innocence and may even be found not guilty in one setting, but guilty in another due to thorough investigation of the same crimes, and prosecuted from a different angle.
      We can go back as far as 30 years, and let the chips fall where they may.

      If we’re to investigate Odebrecht, then let’s do the Wadadli Power Plant, the airport extension which allegedly had a 💯 % cost overrun, the Chinese contracts, to even some of these sweetheart Tourism deals.
      However, many of you will not go this route because as we all know both sides of the aisle in Parliament have their fair share of unsavoury characters, charlatans and crooks.

      By the way, I see Harry Josiah’s trial regarding some type of, #dealing n #wheeling at the Transport Board. The Rattah Resort & Spa is next, according to several sources. Not Mr. Hughes though he’s too busy trying not to be the next John Ashe.

    • Mr. Tabor while you at it find out from Dr. MANSOUR if he returned the 500.0k the Prosecutors in the US said he got from John ashe as part of the corruption and money laundering scheme where part of it went to a company in Trinidad. Also find out from Doctor Mansour if he is innocent why has has never travelled to the US since the John Ashe matter…

  4. Talk is cheap !! Bring the evidence…… LUMP was formed & tried but fail, Faithful Nationals tried also and failed miserably… Who next??

    • @Bluddy Bloke: You say,talk is cheap.I say bull chit !! For talk could one of the more costly things in this world.When you say things you better have the facts, or else your arse would be grass.

  5. Using the reigns of government get wealth is corruption. The land swapping at long bay, is corruption. The Cubans living in your apartment and collecting monthly payments is corruption. There is port expansion yet you were able to purchase lands in the same area , how strange corruption. After giving away our country to the Chinese. You are the only farm to get special agriculture prices from APUA corruption. Contractors , supplies, equipment owners are catching hells to get paid from the treasury you and your son gets paid on time. Corruption. No politician should be done business with government while in office. You as Pm, more so as minister of finance is doing business with government. That is corruption to the maximum and in most countries that will land you in jail.

  6. Issuing duty free to yourself, your wife , your son while other Antiguans cannot that is corruption in public office. In your quest to acquire great wealth you are using the government and more so the ministry Finance. That is corruption!

    • You were practically broke before you got into office now you are a billionaire.
      Answer Asot’s question: Where did you get your wealth?

      Giving away concessions so that you can get your house rented.
      Using insider information to GET Long Bay land and Dove Cove
      Paying your self for the treasury for rent
      Paying yourself for the heavy duty equipment
      SHARE- GIVING nearing 2 million dollars from CIP funds
      Did you make money from the inflated prices from the invisible cement factory

      You are unethical, unscrupulous, greedy, vulgar and unkind.
      and still unhappy.
      You will never have enough! Why? You feel inadequate.

      • I keep asking the question. What was Gaston Browne choice of career before he was inserted as the Manager of Swiss America Bank? After the spectacular collapse and ensuing corruption probe. That led to its closure. What was his chosen career path?

    • He LOOKS like a dictator because he IS a dictator !!!
      Psychopaths’ can’t help themselves… they are what they are and there is no hiding that.

      • The DICTATOR is Mrs. Gisele Isaac-Arrindell. She orders Lovell and the UPP candidates to do as she say.

        Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Happens without her approval. That’s why Miss Knight had to cuss her out so badly and bitterly. Because he wants the candidates on his show, but Dictator Isaac-Arrindell did NOT give them permission to do so.

        • Nice try11!!!! Trying to distract. Whe Gaston Browne wants the opinion of his Cabinet members he will tell them what to say. Remember when Dictator Gaston told Michael Browne to speak about what he knows about.
          Gaston and Hitler are brothers

  7. Nepotism is corruption, look no further than public works and land ministry. Also, competing with small farmers is a form of corruption because you have access to resources that others don’t. You are the PM, wait until your out of office to have farm. CIP agent, figure it out, constant duty free, red passport and many others that will be revealed with time.
    Don’t start anything you can’t finish. You are corrupt to the core.

    • The PM is NOT competing with small farmers. The competition is with IMPORTATION!

      You might want to tell the UPP Shadow Minister of Agriculture to give back the *26 ACRES* of wasted, abandoned, dutty, narsee, wutliss land so that other aspiring farmers can use it. Instead of being jealous, envious and badminded towards Farmer Browne who is taking farming seriously instead of “FARMING FOOL” like Algernon Watts.

      • Sad But True you choose the right name to call yourself. The situation with your dictator is sad but true. I cannot convince you of something you already know. It might be too late when you come to your senses. If Gaston cut off your two pence you see how fast you rat him out. Have you ever stopped to think that Gaston’s corruption is hurting the country. How the people are hurting because they can’t get a piece of land in their own country, how the so-called investors get lands and houses with no problem. How the Chinese take over our country and treat us like second class citizens, thanks to Gaston. How the Minister of Gaston’s Ministry collect money from CIP sales as an agent, how dem hold on to the lands for themselves, son and wife, how dem milking duty free at the harbour. How them give contract to family members. How dem want to dictate who eat bread and who don’t eat bread if you speak out. How dem try to get diplomatic passport for dem son who was not entitled to it. If I am jealous and envious of massive Corruption by the Browne Family, so be it.

      • It is nice to have assets at your disposal and be a PM because you can get all that is needed to go into farming. Would it have been impossible for the government to empower a group of farmers with large tracts of lands and assistance to form farming co-operatives? Which small farmer has the resources to build dams and dig wells? You see everything shouldn’t be about how Gaston can make money. And by the way is the farm owned or leased, and how many acres are involved? I am sure that we were told it was 10 acres and I am sure I subsequently heard 20 acres. I am sure I also heard that it was leased and I am sure I subsequently heard that there is no lease.
        A real leader empowers the people and not just grab everything for self and family.


  9. How do you judge corrupt politicians?

    1), Before going into politics, how was their economic status? And how is it nowadays?

    2), What’s the current financial status of immediate family? And how did they reach such highs in such a short space of time?

    3), Are the electorate (on the whole) benefiting or suffering?

    4), By association, are his close friends ligit?

    5), Does litigation regularly follow any politician? And why is this?

    I could go on, but you get my drift.


  10. If you are smart enough to thief and indulged in corrupt practices, you should be smart enough to know how to hide it. Why don’t you publish a list of all yours and your family assets and how and when you and them acquired them. Then the citizens can see whether you are thief or corrupt. Who can believe you when you tell so many lies? One example, you said you gave your son some of your assets when he was seventeen, and then on your radio show on Saturday, you say you couldn’t give him assets at seventeen as he was a minor. Did you mean you had set up a trust for him? You didn’t say that because bad liars don’t remember their lies.

    • De wud an dem dat cum outa he mout belang to he. Na put no wud inna de man mout. If he carn member wha he say how he go member dem dat you forcin in he mout.

  11. Every day I hear the caribarena tapes on progressive radio, where Asot, Robin and Lester was discussing their IHI kickback that also included Sir Sir Ron.

    Last I check, Robin is still in your cabinet and Saunders still work for you.

  12. Nigel Christian kidnapped and murdered execution style

    Mehul Choksi kidnapped and human trafficked him to Dominica with the intent to send him to India

    Gaston jr got an education grant and overnight becomes a millionaire

    Gaston acquires prime lands at way below the going rate. Land north of the former US base, land known that Barnacle Point sits on, lands by Long Bay, property in Jolly Harbour

    Gaston gives Hammer Pump a job at the Port to do nothing for $4k a month. That come straight from Gaston mouth

    Gaston company dredge up sand by Maiden island to go put by Yida to make beach

    Gaston and his brown paper bag transactions

    How much tax Gaston pay from collecting rent like the $20K from Singh

    And now I predicting Gaston will acquire all the property at Jolly Beach just so one day

  13. “Prime Minister Gaston Browne says there is no room in his government for corrupt politicians.’ I couldn’t agree more!

    “Browne says critics who have accused him of being corrupt must produce the evidence.” Careful challenging people, they will likely accept.

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