PM Tells Observer Management To Pay Staff Their Severance

Prime Minister Gaston Browne (file photo).

Prime Minister Gaston Browne is advising staff of the Observer Media Group to take urgent action to ensure that they are not disenfranchised with the planned closure.

The company will cease operations on November 30, 2018 it has told staff.

However, there are growing concerns over how the company has calculated its severance to the over 60 employees.

“So the issue to me is how the staff of Observer Media Group can protect their interest,” Browne said on Pointe FM which he claims he founded but does not own.

The prime minister said he is concerned about reports regarding the calculation of severance.

“My understanding too is that they are giving one day per month severance, so you have staff ending up with $800,” Browne said.

“My advice to the staff of the Observer Media Group is that they need to get legal advise and to pressure the Derrick’s to honour their commitments to them. They should not allow them to offer them any sort of credit they should pay them up front,” the prime minister added.

He said severance payments should be the company’s primary obligation.

“If you selling a company, the first thing you should do istry to get enough money to cover your severance payments.”

He wants the staff of Observer to make haste and head to the courts.

“Because remember what they did was to strip out to assests of OMG and put it in a new entity.

“So if that is the case the staff should go to court, get a judgment and get the assets of Observer Publications before they transfer those assets into a new entity.”

There are reports that two staff members of Observer will create a new entity out of the ashes of the OMG.

“I am calling on the Derrick’s to pay the staff their severance.”

Browne is threatening to review the license of the company and its relationship with APUA “because it means you are not trustworthy.”

He said, “whatever we have to do to join with the staff to make sure you pay them we are going to do it.”

Observer Publications

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  1. Caribbean Times Staff still hasn’t been paid by Asot Michael. Work with them and do everything you can to help the get paid what they are owed too.

  2. I have warned them already. The Derricks are not stupid people. They know what they doing, They have been stopped once in their track. Just asked the workers from APP what exactly they inherited. Glad they came out good in the end. The made lots of money selling Airtel. So that is trend they run a company for a while. Milk it out and then sell it. Anyway this industry doesn’t have lots of jobs. So I hope that the staff is trainable to enter into another field of work.

  3. I agree with PM Browne on this topic and he is just trying to give the staff some common sense advice. It seems PM Browne knows these what these Observer Media people are up to, so he is just waving a big caution flag to the staff so that they cannot say they didn’t know about the risks.

    Anyways, Antigua is too small for several media outlets. It’s time to consolidate and be more efficient on media in Antigua, since most of the media industry is losing money anyways.

  4. He should be concerned about paying his workers every minute he borrowing to pay …sick leader cant lead shit out of power they had the answer for everything so what happened now



    Action is required

  6. Poor Gaston. So disappointed that he hasn’t been able to silence Serpent. Well I think those Observer employees affected have a good faith relationship with the Derricks or they would have been gone by now.

  7. The PM need to mind his business and pay civil servants their back pay and overtime. Pot calling kettle black.
    How much workers you owe and don’t pay yet PM? How much workers , contractors and pensioners you owe and don’t pay
    Tek the beam outta you eye fus den you can talk bout Observer


    Good Day Duncy. No kidding. This time you have us allegorically covered.

    Your freedom to comment on the news story, and necessarily on this comment.

    Even with good intentions or good faith, a Prime Minister shall still be careful when it comes to the business affairs of private entities.

    Call it ‘…freedom of speech; or call it …democracy; or call it what you will.

    The position of a Prime Minister has always been the result of ‘…an electoral mandate to run a people’s Government,’ and not necessarily to assume the role of adviser to private entities, whether or not on the verge of closure.

    In such Government is a ‘…Department of Labor.’ Heading such Department is a ‘…Labour Commissioner.’ With overall ministerial responsibility, a Minister of Government.

    Even with the prospect of closure, they shall not pre-empt what an entity shall do until referrals are made by the aggrieved for ‘…amicable resolutions of grievances or satisfactory compensatory settlements.’

    Don’t shoot. Not a messenger.

  9. Why would the PM be getting involved? The ABLP believes Observer is the opposition media and the PM would probably do whatever he can to shut it down. What would be left is his mouth piece Point FM and the government controlled ABBS. Dictators around the world jail and murder the opposition and set up their wifes in government. Hope Antigua isn’t drifting towards a dictatorship. I am sure the employees can find a union to represent them.

    • He gets involves because he is the PM of the people and he is looking out for their interest. See how he was instrumental to get the most of the former Stanford workers ti get their severance paid. Every time the workers could not get through the called on the PM for help and so he did. but of course Observer should be allowed the screw the workers and not a drum would be said by you and others. Well not when we have a PM that stand up for our rights.

      • Why is he so concerned about the “UPP supporters” working for Observer? Has he paid the civil servants the amounts they are owed? We know that the PM likes to swagger and show he is the dog with the loudest bark. Suggest you guys wait for the settlement as some of the employees may be offered employment with the new entity. Seizing the company’s assets, if this were legal as I am not sure the employees are preferred creditors, will probably get them nothing in the end. How many other media companies are around to acquire the sssets? I can think of one. Pointe FM. Sure the employees can get legal counsel, but can they pre-empt the outcome? Now Gaston is looking into denying them electricity.

  10. Hahahahaha if the pm and the govt really wanted to shut down omg all he had to do was cut the light being that omg owe apua over 2 million board dollar notes if anything he has been far to nice to them.

  11. Gaston lets us know about the E books scandal and about the monies and the liberta school computers scandal but you wont touch that …

  12. Wow!! He really has the balls to “pretend to look after OMG workers” when the government is failling to pay salaries and contracts all over the place?? …..and my favourite part of this article…..”Browne said on Pointe FM which he claims he founded but does not own”. LMAO!!! Founded??? He now has really lost it… we will hear he created the sun!

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