PM tells Asot Michael to stand down and run as an independent candidate


Prime Minister Gaston Browne has made it clear once again that St. Peter Member of Parliament Asot Michael cannot be a candidate for the ruling Antigua Barbuda Labour Party.

Listen here are Browne tells Michael to run as an independent candidate and stop creating confusion within the party.

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  1. All you have to do is bring Asot Michael before the court with any wrongdoings that you are accusing him of. You call the shots with the police and the DPP. Prosecutorial discretion cannot be an option. Bring the CHARGES and let’s see what shakes out the COOKIE JAR. Who fall. Fall!

    • Asked the UPPITES? You hypocrites says that he was and is the most corrupt politician in Wadadli. You can’t remember that they wants to put this rotten mango in 1735. At least give the PM some credit for dumping his rads from his team. If you are so honest lobby Harry to have him on team? School Children says that plenty allhu are lining up to get his money’s. Hopefully, he don’t expose you cause he can’t handle the English Harbor and anyone who challenged his pathetic behavior. Please join him.

      • Oh Colonbo you should stop stressing yourself with politics. Don’t forget we will have a lovely session later tonight. Have your mangina well washed and powdered, we having a sweet bullriding session. And you can always expose yourself to me like you always have. Oh don’t forget to rinse your blackberries too. Think you can be ridden for 1735 minutes? I like that challenge. I hope you don’t get too sore from the ride session. I will try to bring Harry so we can double team you. You are going to be taken to heavenly heights tonight Colonbo.

  2. Sarrrryyy fe margar dawg …it tun round bite you.


    Bring ASOT into an excutive meeting / convention where members of the party can vote him OUT…

  3. The PM is right on this one. He speaks the truth. The old guy is just sowing discord and confusion. He doesn’t seem to have it in him to be a “team player”. Yes, if he wants to run, he should do so as an independent or else as a UPP candidate, but it’s doubtful the UPP would want him. Time to go home to the wife and kids. Spend some quality time with them.

  4. Asot Michael, his immediate family and his supporters will not let PM Browne get away with his tactics.
    Asot Michael is not, and I repeat he is not Vere Bird III nor Sean Bird.


  5. We are tired of the noise. If Asot is a criminal, file charges against him like you did the former UPP ministers. Who will be next, Weston and Molwyn? We know you won’t touch Cutie and pussy salad, even though he has long past his expiry date.
    You seem to have a vision for your party where you are the emperor. Your party had better have a leadership convention and replace you fast. Antigua doesn’t need a dictatorship.

  6. No way, no how, Gaston Browne is trying to circumvent, swerve and dilly-dally, because Asot Michael won his court case. The ABLP are not above the law, and like us they have to abide by the ruling.

    I am no Asot Michael fan, however, I’m a law abiding citizen and respect the rule of law; and so should the ABLP.

  7. Gaston just talking up smoke. Tell him to remove Asot off the ABLP candidate ticket and he would see who bad. He can’t move Asot.

  8. Asot is already “off” the list. Is there any truth to the rumor going around that Harry is going to ask Asot to run with UPP???? Just askin’. Anything is possible in this great land. Chuptz.

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