PM tells Ambassador Boustany to resolve whatever issue he has with investor


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  1. Lol, fire under his feet, tell the truth boustany, eventually all of this will unravel, this is the sort of thing happening that needs to come to an end now

  2. 💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵…

    Kaiso Time…

    …oh! Please! Please! Please! Papi!
    …won’t you stand up, and blow the Conch Shell for we
    …’cause it seems all the crooks got to do
    …yes, between me and you
    …is show them the big bag of money!
    …even if, it’s renk and dirty
    … just like BOUSTANY,
    …they’ll end up in some kind of controversy!

  3. Gaston well know is the YIDA bad play money. The chickens have come home to roost. Time longer than rope. Bunch a pappy show dem be!!!

  4. Gaston,
    Distraction, distraction, distraction, only when Boustany and the rest of your cronies get caught you speak out. You want us to call out the corruption, this is another one. You know about all the under handed deals that’s happening. You chose to turn a blind eye because you doing the same thing. When they get caught then you try to do damage control and you have the nerve to tell people to call out your corruption. You are a fool.

    • It’s so pathetic to hear a big man brown nosing as the Americans would say with his nose so far up Gastons As..

      Boustani wa happen to the building up airport, that you run observer out of, that you claim was needed for some business?

  5. Investigation into this needs to be done ASAP, this nonsense needs to stop. Dig deeper and you shall find out all the dirty details. Investigation must happen now

  6. @ Mark Spencer : Ok i agree but ,who’s going to dig deep and call the investigation the Moustache or Cutie too cute Benjamin ?
    Then I will sell anybody the original city of Atlantis

  7. So Gaston, is only when he get catch you want to say something. So if Serpent didn’t open we eyes you woulda keep quiet.
    ABLP full of corruption

  8. Boustany must be panicking now that all these secrets are being let out, sure there’s plenty more out there yet to be uncovered

  9. When them at the top are involved in thieving and corruption, them below who know do the same thing. Who can hold anybody accountable? This is why Antigua is the way it is. As a previous labour politician thief said, everybody a thief.

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