PM: Serpent Doesn’t Have The Skill And Capacity

Algernon ' Serpent' Watts and Political Leader of the United Progressive Party Harold E. Lovell

Prime Minister Gaston Browne has responded to the candidacy of Algernon ‘Serpent’ Watts for the United Progressive Party.

Watts, a media personality, won the UPP primary in St. George this week.

Browne said this confirms that Watts was “deceiving people into thinking he is A-political.”

“He never made one sensible speech in his life,” the prime minister said making reference to Watts’ Snake Pit Radio show.

“All is has done is dumb down people,” Browne told Pointe FM.

He said Serpent doesn’t have the capacity and skill to be an elected Member of Parliament.

Watts said this week he is humbled to have won the primary. He will go up against Dean Jonas the incumbent ABLP representative for the area.

“Serpent cannot win a thing,” Browne insisted.

Without going into details, Browne said that Serpent may have to withdraw before the election.



  1. Gaston Browne:What capacities and or skills.One needs to become an ELECTED MEMBER OF PARLIAMENT in Antigua and Barbuda.I would say you could begin by looking at that man in the Mirror.Then go and look at those you are surrounded by.What do they have to offer.What have they done.For the past 6 years in your Administration.Under your guidance and or lack thereof.What does Melford Nicholas,Michael Browne,Maria Browne,Robin Yearwood Cutie Benjamin,Dean Jonas,Hernandez and Yourself.What do you guys really do.You are getting paid monthly for absolutely doing nothing.You people should be charged with FRAUD.Accepting finances under false pretenses monthly,in my opinion.Serpent has many attributes.He is a people person to start.That is something many on your team do not have.

    • And then again the people on the Gaston Browne team were all freely and fairly ELECTED by the people of Antigua. That’s democracy, and it’s called the PEOPLE’S CHOICE. Show some respect for the will of the people, please. They know what they are doing.

  2. Gaston Browne,that last paragraph could be deemed to be interference into a matter in the Courts.I am reading between the lines.There is a matter in the Court. Between a Member of your Cabinet and the same Serpent.That matter has been postponed 3 times now.A nonsensical matter adjourned 3 times.I did hear the open statements.By Chief Justice Janice Pereira of the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court.That there were attempted Political Interference into the Courts.Is it happening in Antigua and Barbuda at this time.

  3. Hon. Gaston Browne is CORRECT. Serpent does not have the capacity to serve. Serpent think that He can go around abusing People. I do not think that Serpent has the moral authority to serve. Serpent has fooled the UPP for His nomination. This Guy might have to withdraw because the amount of cases before the courts. Our St. George’s Constituency would never vote for Serpent. He is totally OVERRATED.

  4. When he encouraged his wife to run for politics , is it not a chance she got and it was her first time running for politics?Humble your self and stop uplifting yourselves to bring down people, people with that mentality believes they are better than everybody else.

    • Can’t help but wonder how many “we” is? Reading the naysayer comments on this page I would speculate that in all likelihood the dna may differ by about two, three at the most.

    • And the oddest thing of all, this guy who calls himself a “serpent” is wearing a cross on the picture above. That’s about as nasty as it gets. Crosses are used to drive out serpents and clean up snake pits. He even uses biblical statements from time to time. STOP IT!

      • Without creatures large and small there would and will be no planet earth. Creatures/snakes being evil is biblical mythology which applies to a couple thousand years ago plus some…this is 2020, time to move on from archaic thinking.

    • @ MARK
      Anyone can run scared of Someone like SERPENT. He has so many baggage. Cannot give a good speech. Just curse on His Radio daily. This Guy is the most DISTURBING and DISHONEST Person. He is a BULLY.

  5. “BLACK” – MAN(?)
    Are you serious? You obviously have an axe to grind with the PM. I certainly would like to know what skills and competence you possess? And who are you to question the skills and competence of the members of the present administration? Don’t let your hatred of the ABLP turn you into a dishonest and lying being for that’s exactly what happens when you dare to suggest that the members of this administration has done nothing since being elected. Bwoy, just crawl back under the soggy rock where you reside.

  6. As for Bugsy, man get real The Hon. Prime Minister was merely stating what any law-abiding citizen would state. If Trevor Walker or anybody on Barbuda breaks the laws of Antigua AND Barbuda, the Police MUST do what they have been trained and are being paid to do. Nobody can break the laws of the lahd with impunity. Barbudans cannot expect to play the sympathy card when they deliberately break the law and are hauled before the court as a consequence.

    • @Anon the 1st. Where in this story.It is mentioned about Trevor Walker.I think you have a lacking in understanding.Michael Browne and Serpent has a matter before the Court.

  7. Call the election and let us find out! That’s the only way we will know the real players from the wanna be players. Mr. PM you’re so confident. Dissolve parliament and set a date for the new elections. I want to see how brave you are and the confidence of the people in you and your comrades!
    Interesting that you would say that he can’t win anything. Check the court records!

  8. I’m soo annoyed by your statement Gaston!

    That stem to show why people like me unemployed cause you maybe say that an not capable to let’s say pump gas I don’t have the skill. Not saying maybe let’s use our discretion hire her an train her me sure me would be the best pump attendant after training.

    What kind a skills Maria had when you shove her in there an kick out Micheal an then try shame the man publicly, but he soo red an all about he hustle he settle for anything

  9. How can Antigua people take this man serious when his claim to fame as touted by him is that he has been a nuisance, the loudest and in some quarters a bully. Can you imagine this joker being the representative of people? Heaven help us! So deceitful. Kept his intent to himself talking bout he read to quit radio blah blah blah. If a man can be so deceitful can you trust him beyond him home let alone the realm of government?

    • You are right “Just Saying”. The people will never vote for this guy. This non-politician will never be allowed to become one.

    • @just Sayin. Cant see how he can be any worse rhan Gaston. Pretty sure his MO will not be self enrichment.

      • @ZACKIE
        Hon. Gaston Browne is more intelligent , Smarter and All Around a better Person than Serpent.
        Zackie why are you such a pest to Hon. Gaston Browne ? You are a very JEALOUS Person. You are an AWFUL Person.

  10. Serpant is certainly a great radio personality. He has that ability & skill to capture his audience attention….. However, going into the field of politics is certainly a different kettle of fish…… Politicians require a certain profile…. Initially, their background should not be stained….. If it is stained, then the term “Honourable” cannot apply to them. Serpant’s background is allegedly filled with alot of smears… This does not speak well of one who finds themself in a leadership position…. They certainly will not get the respect they should…. In addition, such persons will not make great role models for tbe future generation because, the past behaviors of these persons can corrupt the minds of those persons to come in the future .

    • @Damn Bloke. Do you really know profile of those in ABLP ? They are accused of every wrong under the sun and have been found culpable in every thing from thefing to skulldugery. Take some time to do some research and if honest, you will be enlightened. There is nothing that serpent has done that can come anyway near those ABLP scoundrels.

  11. ABLP getting another 28 yrs with Gaston Browne and team Labour all the way, Just the very few will get up set but Labour supporters will stay and when Sean Bird ready you will see him back over to Labour

    • There’s no question that Sean Bird will try to beg his way back into Labour. Just give him a little time. UPP know this, too.

  12. @ LESTER
    Hon. Prime Minister Gaston Browne is addressing the HYPOCRISY of SERPENT. Not that He is getting publicity but this is POLITICS. You must attack your opponent CREDIBILITY. No One in the UPP trust Serpent. They are using Him because He Manages a Radio Station. The Radio Station will develop FINANCIAL difficulties soon. Hope UPP will have the FINANCE to bail out the Radio Station. This is Politics and We shall expose SERPENT for All the BAD DEEDS He has done to People . More to come , Stay tuned.

    • @ON THE MOVE. And you also are engaging in the worst of gutter politics. That is not what politics supposed to be but dont expect any political maturity from ABLP and supporters like you.

  13. I am a Member of ” THE MOVEMENT”. What We stand for in the Movement is Good Governance. We were told in MOVEMENT MEETINGS that We are NOT affiliated with any POLITICAL PARTY. I am HURT and DISAPPOINTED to learn that SERPENT and CLEON ATHILL have now joined the UPP . This upsets me. I shall raise this question at the next MOVEMENT MEETING. I have spoken to a few MOVEMENTEERS who share the same sentiments as me. This is pure HYPOCRICY. This is not putting the MOVEMENT in a good light. I am upset and disappointed as a MOVEMENTEER. They are more questions than answers. Are you telling me that the THE MOVEMENT ORGANIZATION is finished ? SERPENT and CLEON ATHILL I cannot trust you Guys anymore.

    • Perhaps Serpent and Cleon were not REALLY “Movement” people at all. You are better off without them.

    • Concerned Movementeer, if you are a real Movementeer you would be glad to step up to the plate and take up the reigns from Cleon and Serpent and continue the fight for good governance regardless to who is in power. Stop the crying and be glad that 2 Movementeers feel the need to take the fight right inside government. Let’s applaud them and remind them of what we expect from them. If you’re so concerned, take over and continue the Movement’s fight. If you’re so concerned don’t let the Movement die. I am willing to join with you and all those who feel so aggrieved.
      To Cleon and Serpent, “only wise men change their minds”. Go and be the change you want to see!

  14. CONCERNED MOVEMENTEER I did not realize that being a member of the Movement precludes obe from participating in electoral politics. Having more movementeers in government would be the quickest way to achieve good governance in our politics. Anyway, I doubt very much that this post is from a genuine movementeer.

    • @Mr. Tabor
      Are questioning my Membership as a Movementeer? I am a member from day one. Mr. Tabor I would appeal to you to stop it .Are telling me that I cannot Express my Disappointment? WOW. WOW. You will hear from more MOVEMENTEERS.

  15. The man lacks the capacity. ABLP already have the greatest collection of talent in the world. The admistration is fearful that if it were to give the IMF permission to release the article lV report,The developed countries may try to recruit the likes of robin, cutie, max, weston and gaston. Asot has already decided he will take his talent to the UK. His expertise in building beneficial investor relationship will no doubt benefit court proceedings. He will be missed by the people of st peters and those suppliers of fridge stoves blenders washing machines and ipads beds etc etc.
    The gaston browne administration has solved the water issues in 15 days, built 500 homes in 500 days. Got 200 million yearly from YiDA since 2014. Managed 1 billion dollars from CIP now antigua is envy of the caribbean. hospital adequately funded medicines and supplies are in abundance. Projects gallore from paradise found to the one at morris bay to half moon bay and the one near the chinese embassy.
    The public sector has benefited greatly from the numerous FDI’s the wage bill went from $276 million to 487 million.
    Clearly the people of St. Georges are out of touch with reality to want a loud mouth blowhard for a representative.

  16. @TABOR
    Very much DISAPPOINTED in you to question my membership as a MOVEMENTEER . This is DISRESPECTFUL.

  17. CONCERNED MOVEMENTEER yes I had my doubts that the post was from a genuine movementeer. I am sure you can understand my doubts since there are many people who falsely put posts on ANR. Now, if you are a genuine movementeer, I still find it hard to understand why you should see the candidacy of Serpent or Cleon Athill as a disavowal of their commitment to the values of the Movement. I am sure there is no where in the Constitution of the Movement where it is stated that members should not participate in electoral politics. You can correct me if I am wrong.

  18. @ TABOR
    MY disappointment is that We were told that We would never be aligned to any POLITICAL party. THE MOVEMENT is the Watchdog for good GOVERNANCE. I personally is hurt because SERPENT and CLEON ATHILL have deceived the members. Tabor …More members will talking out. Tabor you are out of place to attack People’s feelings. TABOR YOU HAVE LOST MY RESPECT. I would not comment anymore. More MOVEMENTEERS will be speaking soon.

  19. CONCERNED MOVEMENTEER if in fact you are a movementeer I apologize for questioning your membership. However, you would agree with me that many commentators on ANR hide behind pseudonyms so you really have to be very careful in the interpretation of what is posted here. Yes the Movement is not aligned to any political party and as you say it functions as a watchdog for good governance. My question to you though, should that function of the Movement precludes any of its members from entering electoral politics. As I said before I would find it rather strange if your Constitution prohibited members from engaging in electoral politics. Should Serpent or Cleon ever become members of a government, I am sure they would be in a better position to effect the good governance ideals of the Movement. I hope that the view you hold of the objective and raison d’etre of the Movement can be clarified at a meeting with the leadership of the Movement so that your organization can move forward as a united force to bring good governance to the country irrespective of whether your members engage in electoral politics or not.

  20. As a National of Antigua and Barbuda.I never realized that the country is “willed” to the Labor Party of full of Gas Man Browne.That no one should be involved and or engaged into Politics.Unless they are on the ABLP ticket.I see many of you are mind readers.You knew exactly what Gas Man Browne meant he said something.Serpent has a right to change his mind as many times as he pleases.To change ones mind is to be a Human.If you the Labor Party supporters have never changed your minds.Something is wrong with you.The Cult Doctrine and or the Kool-Aid are too strong within that Party.Serpent would win that seat hands down.That is my prediction.He would beat the weak Dean Jonas.The one with no backbones.The one that the Gas Man Browne insulted and talked down too.The one that the Gas Man Browne did say was renovating a building.To housed Government Contract Workers from Cuba.Now he crawled back on his stomach like a worn a begging.He is now like a high paid Messenger in the Gas Man Browne Administration.

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