PM Seeks UWI’s Help to Boost Math Education with AI in Antigua and Barbuda


Ahead of next month’s AI conference in Antigua and Barbuda, Prime Minister Gaston Browne has requested the University of the West Indies (UWI) Five Islands Campus to help improve mathematics education.

During a radio discussion with Professor Curtis Charles, Dean of Academic Studies at UWI FIC, it was revealed that UWI will train 150 local teachers to integrate AI into their teaching.

Prime Minister Browne urged expanding this initiative to develop an AI-based math curriculum to address the shortage of math teachers and enhance student performance.

Education Minister Daryll Matthew will also lead a panel on reimagining Caribbean education with AI. Dr. Charles highlighted the Caribbean’s low math pass rates and the need for a strong foundation in math to advance in AI.

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  1. This was all I demanded, using experts to train those in their position where that makes sense and hiring experts for the positions they are best positioned for. Merit.

    Always making it a priority to assist those with good ideas and those having a shot at executing those ideas to the benefit of the country.

  2. One of HUEmans best and oldest computing devices, the #WARRI_BOARD is still an integral part, of Our Heritage and Culture.

    Not only is the #WARRI_BOARD a computing device, it assists in developing #cognitive_skills, comradery, patience and of course artistry.

    The main issue with teaching, learning #mathematics is the administrators who are not necessarily EDUCATORS keep separating the ARTS and SCIENCES.
    The ARTS and SCIENCES have the same ROOT.


    (i)…music, dance, reading, languages all deal with sound.

    (ii)…letters have shapes which are mathematical in nature with curves, angles, length, width; e.g. in English a capital “A” is two insoles triangles, “B” is two parabolas side by side, “V” is a triangle, “U” is a parabola, etc. This means, the area can be computed.
    Curved letters have tangents, perspectives.

    Artificial Intelligence cannot teach “common sense.”

    Jumbee_Picknee aka Ras Smood
    De’ole Dutty Peg🦶🏿Garrat_Bastard

    Vere C. Edwards

  3. Mastering Mathematics is an art and very few Antiguan and Barbudan teachers has been able to really grasp the fundermentals and bring it across to the students. Mastering Mathematics requires having teachers who are not just proficient in Maths, but who knows how to bring it across in an exciting, fun, and simplified way to students. One such person who was skillful at this was the late Cornelius Glasgow and there are a few others I know….Ms Weston for sure. I therefore support any move that will further train our Mathematics teachers so that they can make teaching Maths fun, exciting and intriguing. Most people find Maths to be very complicated and there is nothing worse than having a boring teacher teach an already complicated subject. Too many of our students are failing Mathematics and yes, English as well. We definitely have some serious work to do at drastically improving in those two subject areas.

  4. Mastering Math takes practice on the part of the students. The teacher can be the most exciting in the world but if the students don’t get enough practice they still won’t do well. The teacher needs to assign enough practice, and the students need to do the work. Also, students sometimes need one on one help to identify their misconceptions on a topic and reorder their thinking in the right direction. There definitely should be sufficient number of Math teachers to achieve a good student to teacher ratio. Some countries give scholarships to those who agree to study Math and teach. Something to consider.

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