PM scolds opposition leader for not attending church service

Opposition Leader Jamal Pringle

Browne says this is the second year in a row Opposition Leader Jamale Pringle has absented himself for the National Service of Thanksgivings.

Listen to him here:

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  1. These people are representatives of the devil so their absence should not be lamented on. Look at his dark face good!

    • Avatar photo I'm a neutral voter I look at everyone and you make your case . This why you old farts are loosing folks like me because of your insults and continued political tribalism.

      @ Dot Brain
      Having a dot as your name and probably your brain shouldn’t surprise anyone of that comment made. You actually type that and hit the send bottle .
      Are you playing with your phone again?
      The shit that drools out of your mouth when you open it maggots included is totally nauseating what a DUNCE .

  2. The OPPOSITION Leader and His UPP are full of EVIL. Let’s not worry about Them. They are on the road of DESTRUCTION.

  3. Pringle is a waste of tax payers dollars, nothing productive eminates from this guys mouth much less his actions……..

  4. Even the church pulpit has become his bully pulpit. What’s the point of going to church if you continue to act like the devil? Where is the compassion for the pensioners many are still unpaid. Gaston just get packing with your damn hypocrisy.

  5. Where on our calendar is there a National Thanksgiving Day. This is not a mandate and how soon we forget opposition absence during the period of 2004 and 2014. People wake up and stop listening to party and guide yourselves accordingly. You have a choice to support who you want and so do others. We all can do better and deserve better.

  6. Is he talking about the same God that gives life?
    The same God that makes a perfect immune system to protect his creation?

    The same God that give his creation choice to do good or evil?

    No he is talking about another God a different God so do not be fooled when he mention God. He is talking about his God the devil.

  7. I have the solution. Let’s have a mandate for church attendance…I mean… is Jesus really expecting people to go to church out of love, commitment and gratitude? Certainly not! Once we reach herd spirituality Jesus will have to let us in to heaven, or even better, move his headquarters to Antigua. This would be good for Tourism. #spitiualpowerhouse

    • @Solution…🤣😀😎could you possibly rewind, scratch, PUUUUULLLLLLUUUUUPPPP and fling dat again!
      I need to learn the christian Two Step….slide to the left….slide to the right! Back it on up! Stomp your feet One time….

  8. Is this the same man that said
    1 The police did a good job shooting and discharging chemical weaponry on the public?

    2 Send workers home with no income or safety net?

    3 Deprive children of their education?

    4 Disallow nationals from returning to their place of birth?

    5 Gave away 200 acres of wet lands?

    6 Gave no stimulus in time of need?

    7 squander 2 billion dollars?

    8 pensioners cannot depend on monthly stipend?

    Nah somethings are very wrong with that man and he goes to church? Seriously

    • Guy CIP been in place for some 8 years. It generates about 100 million, on average, EC a year. 2019 they brought 141 million but in 2018 it was almost 60 million. For 2020 it was 115.7 million. For most of the 8 years, Social security has garnered some 36 million annually via CIP. The unit publishes a 6 monthy report which speaks to how the funds were dispenced (IMF loan, Hospital equipment, Solar plants, APUA projects…)

      In terms of stimulus, the pandaemic callled more for social programs to help those impacted. What good is a stimulus when the country is locked down? You may have missed it but there was a policy that held back the hands of: land lords, the utility company, insurance companies, banks & creit unions re mortages. There were also food vouchers given out. Farmers received further subsidies to help lower the cost of the goods they produced (eg water prices was reduced, government stepped up and helped some with heavy equipment). The barrel initive was instituted early. This subsidy, as of July 2021, amounted to some 4 million EC for the prior 16 months, in revenues given up (see Customs set back $4M due to Pandemic Barrel Relief programme, Comptroller says
      15 July 2021)

      • TENMAN I always thought that you were losing it in your political blindness. Now, I am fully convinced that you have lost it at the beginning of 2022. Please tell me what your comments have to do with the captioned article. I have also looked at the other comments to see if you are specifically responding to any of those comments and I could find no connection. Did you have too much to drink over the holidays? I hope you get over your handover soon.

        • Go get your eyes checked (happy new year, get the vaseline ready ):
          Melchesidec January 3, 2022 At 10:09 am
          “6 Gave no stimulus in time of need?

          7 squander 2 billion dollars?


          • Point 6…we have an economic downturn, revenue contracted by over 605 yet not a single person was laid off..not a single person did not receive their salary…yet you crying about stimulus. Ungratefulness is truly worst that witchcraft.

      • You nar hear wah de 10man a say? no stimulus needed because the country is on lock down. LORD HAVE MERCY! Maybe no stimulus was needed but Lock down has nothing to do with stimulus. Maybe you didn’t need it but plenty did and the really reason they did not get it is because there is none to get. The country cannot afford it and no one have any idea what else to do, so as usual we do nothing. BUT what this has to do with the man not going to church?

  9. Gaston you go a church and your heart still dirty like nobody business. So what if the man no want go church

  10. Exactly when did Christianity become nationalized? Wouldn’t Mr. Pringle have his own church to go to if he so desired?

    • @Skyewill…
      …r u lub too much phuckery!😆😇😇😇
      …Papi G de Wurl Boss a scold he Picknee and dem.

  11. Why these UPPITES people are so angry and ignorant? It’s 2022 and they have changed one Goddam bit. This Politicitis have really infected their brains. It’s so sad….

  12. I would not have attended that Church Service either. Who in their right minds would want to sit with those people .Does going to that service would make you a clean hearted better person. As for Gaston Browne scolding anyone. He should begin to scold those within his household and all of his other non household children.A National Day Of Thanksgiving Service today,so you would be cleansed of your sins.Then tomorrow you would go back to your gutter snipe dirty ways.Hypocrites,damn Hypocrites.

    • That’s why they all belong in church, kneeling at the altar in repentance. Hypocrites are cleansed there.

  13. The bit of diatribe I heard from the pulpit, why would Pringle want to go listen to that crap that was being spewed by that charlatan?

    • @Tenman as usual your modus operandi is to sing for your supper. Wasn’t st Kitts close when their government gave their citizens a stimulus, plus the usual double salary to civil servants?

      All of the social problems that is in place, was instituted by the UPP and any food voucher your party giving out was donated by friendly government. What your party was given out was mac&cheese, Viana sosage and Romain noodles.

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