PM scolds Opposition Leader for asking “moronic” questions in Parliament


Opposition Leader Jamale Pringle questions Prime Minister Gaston Browne on the source of funds for CBN, which handles the voter’s register. Watch as the debate unfolds over the nature of the transaction—grant, loan, or other means.

Prime Minister Browne’s response highlights the irony of the question, pointing to the Consolidated Fund of Antigua and Barbuda.

Watch here:




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  1. This is the reason why the ablp wanted Pringle as opposition leader, so that they can continue to embarrassed you every chance they get

  2. It is the members of the ,UPP who elected Honourable Pringle to be the leader party. Judging from comments it appears as though members of the party find it difficult to coalesce around the leader of their party. A recipe for failure at the next general election.

  3. For all those years in Parliament , Pringle is not learning. UPP just elected this Guy as political Leader ?? Pringle asked the questions as GISEL Isaac whisper in His EAR .Pringle DO NOT understand the questions Himself.

    That is the reason for BOWEN , RICHARD LEWIS , SMITH JR. , SEAN BIRD , FRANZ , SERPENT , ALEX BROWNE , SHUGY penned the letter that created the wounds in Pringle back. How can Pringle look these Guys in the eyes. UPP MPS are bunch of HYPOCRITES. Cannot be trusted.

  4. Calling my Good Friend BRIXTONIAN to tutor Jamale Pringle , He is getting worse. Needs help. At present We have an F class OPPOSITION in Parliament. Looks awful on the INTERNATIONAL market.

  5. Pringle Im hearing Baba gave you money for the general election and for your recent election, could you confirm or deny? Maybe your greedy ass pocketed most of it because we know this is just a hustle for you. You have no personality and no passion for politics, you’re just a placeholder and a waste of our time so get your ass out.

  6. 🤣 lmao. Y’all on here acting like Gatson Browne is an intelligent bloke.. lmao.
    The man is a dunce, real dunce.
    Look at his financial policies ” borrow Antigua out of debt”, that is this dunce PM financial policies.
    The man is rated 9 out of 10 as the most productive PM in the Caribbean, and many even said he should be dead last, that’s the guy y’all worshipping, a financial dunce.

    So go figure.. 🤣.

    At least Jamal hasn’t sold out Antigua to the Chinese and Nigerians, with nothing to show but a massive crime wave and Gatson Browne dressing up like a clown and dancing before these corrupt leaders.

    Fools a tell you, real fools.

  7. Any blind person can see that for the UPP, anybody, or anything, is better than a native who is in bed with a foreigner. I’ve raised the issue with many of the party’s supporters and they couldn’t justify the reason for electing The Honorable JP over the Honorable Richard Lewis. All they could have done was ramble, stammer, and make all kinds of idiotic remarks about how humble Pringle is and nonsense. Pringle is just a pawn for Giselle, a puppet on a string. And while GB might not be the people’s favorite, he can buy Pringle and sell him for two cents. I done see the Redeem Team needing redemption.

  8. Caesar, beware of the Ides of March.
    All that pompous, arrogant bluster will be your downfall. You have become a dictator because no one has arisen to stop you in your tracks. Calling the opposition leader a moron is the height of foolish arrogance.
    When you fall, the whole forest will hear the crash.

  9. So sad, each time this guy has to shame himself so. And the PM always takes the opportunity to rub it in. He makes such a fool of himself its not funny. How can this guy be considered as our next prime minister? UPP people you cannot be serious. Out country will become the laughing stock on the world stage if he ever has to represent us. God spare us that embarrassment.

    • All I can say, the upp is not utilizing the tools it has at it’s disposal, the leadership ideology is you can use a rake to take up dirt and not a shovel, I would never be a party phenetic as you see happening by color or emotional politics, the upp had a chance to use a different person as the tool of leadership and was overwhelmed by emotional politics and not ideology of the future of our country. This will stagnate upp as a future force and create disenchantment among it’s supporters, if Pringle was honest as stated he should have decline going for that position he held circumstantially and try to get time to learn the art of politics and ideology while someone else take the batten.

  10. Pringle (for some weird reason [fetes] ) got the confidence of the people of Antigua and Barbuda but is a joke for those around him in the political arena. If you are standing next to the dullest in the room, u appear bright 🌞

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