PM Says Without A COVID-19 Vaccine Antigua Could Remain On Lockdown

Prime Minister Gaston Browne

Prime Minister, Gaston Browne, says if there is no vaccine for the coronavirus; he is anticipating that the country will remain on lockdown.

“If there is not a vaccine, that is the only way to inoculate against the virus, then there can not be any reasonable expectation that the country will be reopening any time soon,” said Browne.

Browne added that social distancing and the concept of doing limited business will become the new norm.

“We also need to understand that social distancing will be the new norm for a long time. I do not believe that until such time that a vaccine is established, I do not believe that we will be able to discontinue the lock down policy,” the prime minister said.

He added that “people now need to settle in a new routine in doing a limited amount of business without crowding areas unnecessarily so if there is no need for you to shop on a particular day, the individual needs to show that level of discipline and to stay at home and to ensure that at the same time if you have to avail yourself of the very limited essential services that you do so in a responsible manner.”

According to Browne, the government has been trying to encourage the Antiguans and Barbudans to settle into a new norm, a new way of doing business rather than locking down the country and causing panic.

Residents practice social distancing outside of ACB

The Prime Minister says the main focus is sustaining the policies put in place and to ensure that there is no community spread.

He urges citizens to be responsible and to protect their personal space of six feet.

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  1. So your trying to tell the people even when it becomes a time were we don’t have no new cases the country will still be on A 24hour curfew lock down. The airport is close.come on are u putting money into people account for this order. The government is set don’t mean the people are set. Your still getting paid while people are hanging on a small string. You lost your morning now u wanna gain your evening. U see all these country’s doing curfew but they come with a stimulus package. Where just on a curfew. Trust me minister. Your heading in a dangerous part. Example if you close down all the supermarkets tomorrow your gonna have a carnival today because everyone going out to get needs. Now imagine you doing it next week when no one have good in them house and no money. Wrong part minister wrong part. We need a batter way 24hours curfew can only go for so long. We don’t print money here. So make up you mind. And give back not even the church is giving. Nothing. In hard times we see who the 3 6 are

    • I agree 💯,my landlord refuse to wave my rent only give time to pay,all the bills are there waiting and he talking this crap.

    • I really think before you address the country with such statement, mr pm you should also tell us your plan as to how you gonna to feed the ppl pay their bills. Remember mr pm some of us lives from hand to mouth an being on lock down for so long without any income to provide for our family its only gonna create chaos

    • This thing was always designed to take away your civil liberty. MARTIAL LAW is what these elite have always been pushing for and the fear has gripped our people. When DENGUE fever was killing people just last year, wasn’t the country still functioning? so now with 2 people dead from covid 19 you are already preempting a permanent lock-down. YES PERMANENT , because it takes at least 2 years to develop a so called vaccine. you already announced a cashless society, 5g is already here, now man cant leave there house freely.
      THE NEW WORLD ORDER IS HERE…………………………………………

      • Fu real, fu real…
        Every illness, death, disease has mutated into COVID-19.
        If you cough because you just ate some peggymouth pepper, in your food, and it’s bringing mucous off your stomach, you’ve COVID-19.

        If you sneeze due to pollen in the air, and your body is getting rid of the pollen, a natural response of the body, you’ve COVID-19.

        If you get hit by a car, and get emergency care, and dies, you’ve got COVID-19.

        Every, and anything is related to COVID-19, in the blink of an eye.
        The funny thing is, for a Nation whose People, know that they’re going to Zion/Heaven after their physical shell/body deteriorates, along with its organs and they die; many of these same People, are scared to face COVID-19 head on.
        To me, COVID-19 has being given the powers like a godsend, is behaving like such, and is scaring the Soul into submission, like they’re facing the Unknowing Powers of Universe, aka YAH, or God!


        Everybody wants to go to heaven, yet, none of them, not anyone of them wants to die.


    • Sweety get use to been without because all the governments of the world are luceferians. They are going to do what their masters say do. These people have no power they r puppets on a string. Whatever the globalist says goes. They want to bancrupt every one so that when they introduce the chip people will gladly take it because they r hingry homeless and broke. Think of a way to plant food so u can sustain yourself. Accept Christ in your life. Ask him to forgive your sins and be prepared to suffer like the apostles in the scriptures auffer.
      Not much home family.
      When Christ return we will be happy in that new kingdom.. blessings

  2. Mr PM you continue to be a visionary in dealing with this Covid issue. I can’t be easy on your end having to juxtapose this issue and the economy. Keep it up!

    Recent polls results: How satisfied are you with the Government’s handling of the Covid pandemic 90%. Margin of error +/- 5%.
    What’s your level of confidence that the UPP would have manged this situation even better 1%. Margin of error 0%.

    • I understand the predicament the government is faced with, but it’s a obvious that they are out of ideas because a continuous lockdown cannot be the end result. A stimulus package to help all unemployed has to be coupled.

      “Just saying” you are very smart person to give yourself that name because you are really “just saying” nothing.

      So get onboard the ignorant Antiguan bus until.

    • Hey you are an selffish person ..why dont u look on things on someones else behalf thats not in a position to help themself or isnt wrking ..this thing is taking a troll on everyone and i dont think the prime minister is doing his best with this situation rather being selfish

      • The PM is just playing games. He knows that this can’t happen. Watch ….. he will open up the borders as soon as the U.K. and US open theirs. Then he will use all of the above comments and say the people demanded that I reopen our borders. All psychology. What vaccine? That will not be ready for at least another year. We are so slow, it will take us a year after the vaccine is in use, before it reach Antigua. The PM has nothing but time to run his mouth!

      • The country can’t remain close. it’s stupidity this is not the first and definitely won’t be the last pandemic.
        more people will suffer if the country ramain close. we know hiv is transferred during sexual intercourse and body fluid, WE use protection. we don’t stop. so use drastic measures.
        Social distance must be advocated. wearing of mask, institution and all public operation have facilities for people to sanitize their hands upon entry. no more than x amount of person in a store or building. implement fines. But we can’t stay in our homes forever. first of all this will decrease healthiness of most people. The stress of being restrained to our home will affect our immune system negatively.
        we are All scared but this is bigger than us. But this is life . people will die.

  3. If this is the new normal it must be made more normal. One individual in a vehicle is an infection danger to no one. Nor is walking, jogging or cycling on residential streets. Beaches are the easiest places to maintain social distancing. In short, if government wants people to behave responsibly, it must not prohibit otherwise responsible behavior.

  4. If all our quarantine persons recovered and no new cases,you saying we will remain on lockdown as long as we have no vaccine,you can’t be serious,do you intend to provide food for everyone,pay our bills,rent, insurance? Now you are being ridiculous.

  5. If, and when such a vaccine, vaccines or flu shot are rolled out to the Public, the Governor General & his immediate family, all members of Parliament, both Lower & Upper Houses and their immediate family, all ambassadors and their immediate family, the doctors and health officials MUST, be the first in line to take such vaccines, and or flu shots.
    They can make it, a LIVE Social Media event.

    And, by the way, Da BOOMERANG Effect will affect, and continue to test, the health of the Nation.

    …Eat To Live, and not, Live To Eat.


  6. It is absolutely incredible how ppls minds work. This world is a cycle, we live on an island, do you not listen to what’s happening the world around? Have we learnt nothing from history, or are we ostriches? Have you not seen the photos/videos circulating on social media? The world is in crisis. Tap ah arru yard and nyam rationally. Antiguans and Barbudans too indisciplined and irresponsible. Believe it or not things are getting worst so get use to the “new normal” curfew. Stop holding on to your frivolous and materialistic ways. The sooner we get this in our heads the better. Our life as we know it will be a thing of the past. Kudos to PM Browne and his team may the powers of the universe continue to guide you forward.

    • No one is disregarding what’s happening in the world and the seriousness of this virus,but some of us are feeling the financial effects of it more than others,you talk about how people’s minds work, while you show no consideration for the less fortunate,you talk about staying home and eating rationally, how many of us can’t afford to stock food for weeks or months? have no space or even a proper refrigerator because we work for minimum wage? This is our concern,who gives you the right to speak for all of us? Will you donate from what you have?

    • Stop speaking for all of us,we are painfully aware of the situation,but we also have other concerns, he who feels it knows.

  7. Anna aru min dey ah scream lock down the country wen da fust case com in now arwe pan lock down aru ah complain again. Tupz aru get wha aru want.

  8. I fullcourage us all to really be wise with what we are willing to accept and allow into our temples. Are we aware that the body is a self generating organism much like the Earth we stand on and it heals itself? All we have to do is assist this process of healing by adding things that don’t promote deterioration of the body’s tissues, and cells. This is simple, by consuming living enzymes, minerals and nutrients from the foods we eat will strengthen the body and allow for it to operate in optimum capacity. In optimum functionality the immune system is able to fight off anything! Also it is most important to be in living in a balanced state of mind because the brain tells the body to react! Now, Why are we not educating the people on how their body actually works and what foods they should be intaking in this time? there is proof that people are recovering WITHOUT a vaccination shot. And there is no evidence to prove that these vaccinations will help a damn ting. In vaccinating people you will be giving the “virus / Dis ease ” to people who do not even have it. Prior testing of Vaccinations for other dis eases like polio India and for Malaria in Africa have failed, and resulted in more detrimental and long-term effects on the nation. Children disabled and , women sterilize etc… Do the research. Before you dig a whole for yourself and for the people and paralyze the nation. I urge you to take a more holistic approach than this. Vaccination is not the way. Man on this Earth have divised so many plans and methods to “Save the world”… RUBBISH what the most high has provided for us like the herbs, fruits and vegetables that grow abundantly, the oceans and seas full with mineral water and the Sun light that never stops shining. Land of sun, sea and sand?? KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE! stop follow trend and follow the Almighty. Blissings and love to you all may The Most high guide and keep you all.

  9. He’s not even asking the banks to wave their fees … Do you know how much money he said they made last year ? Mr PM your pocket full .. please help us poor people

  10. People’s lives come first….. This is a reflection of true leader’s agenda….. We were forewarned by the PM especially on his Browne & Browne radio talk show, to begin to put a contingency plan in place….. Mama always warned me to eat little and live long and to put up for rainy days

    • Yes you can put up for rainy days because you have something to put up but what about the people who are barely making the minimum wage and living hand to mouth
      Perhaps you don’t know what hand to mouth is

  11. Come on people you all was calling for lock down now you get not even a full lock down you cannot take it. I remember people saying that all the pm cares about is the economy all he thinking about is money, when the man was trying a different rout to keep things going, now lock down come you see how difficult it is and vital it was to keep the economy going. Now that the man cares more about lives you telling the man about money and the need to keep the economy going. Pressure no easy back up are you talk now and take lock down. In the end we all need to stop complaining and learn to adapt and evolve. man has been doing that through out the centuries to survive.

    • Finally someone gets it. Some of these people here were the ones calling for a lock down and for the boarders to be closed. Now them see how it fell. Aru want um tek um.

    • You hit the nail clean on its head. Some people are so short sighted and hard to please.

      So many new important developments can happen in the coming weeks and months. Officials are learning new things about this COVID19 by the day, literally.

      His decisions are based off of updated developments from the experts and his gut feeling on what’s best for his nation. It is not easy to use data from other countries and apply it to your individual country.

      Give the PM a break, but question his judgement in the name of democracy.

      With all that in mind, let us just do the right thing by listening to the experts and pray the officials can wrap their minds around this virus sooner than we predict.

      Who knows, maybe next week, someone discover something that allows us to get back to normal, sooner.

      Until then, let us adapt and evolve. Make the best of what we have now instead of worrying about all the lifestyles you had before COVID19

  12. ““Like most vaccinologists, I don’t think this vaccine will be ready before 18 months,” says Annelies Wilder-Smith, professor of emerging infectious diseases at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. That’s already extremely fast, and it assumes there will be no hitches.” so you’re saying we have to live like this on lockdown for years?? what kind of craziness is this? China locked down for 2.5 months and are now easing the lockdown. Spain is planning do so so after a lockdown of a couple of months. Nobody anywhere is making such statements as the Antiguan PM, who has swung wildly from leaving the borders open too long and allowing the infection into the country claiming the economy was the most important, to now swinging the other way and essentially proclaiming martial law because now it seems people’s health is the most important.

  13. Me just haffu laugh at all who ah complian about being in lock down. Is this is not what you wanted for Antigua to be on lock down. Is not you same fools who said the pm cared about the ecomony more than lives. Well you got your wish. Y’all think lock down easy.

  14. Then why the government said in the beginning for March 2020 it is invevitable that Antiguans and Barbudians can escape from contracting the virus. If they had closed the closed borders on 1st week of March with out doubt we would have spared. Just for earning few thousand dollars through few tourists whole economy of the country and routine life of public is in jeopardy now. Actually the tourists who flow in during the month of March is few hundreds they did not bring business they brought virus. I don’t understand why government did not take proactive measures although they have been watching some developed countries in Europe were crumbling because of virus.

  15. Never heard so much asinine bullshit in a long time! Was this really our prime minister saying this? No vaccine, no end to curfew? What preposterous nonsense! Firstly, my so called educated PM, who ever told you that the populace is going to agree to vaccination? From which authority you have harnessed your facts to conclude there is indeed a veritable anti covid vaccine? Have you not been gathering information from the many more learned medical scholars with regards to a covid 19 cure? Are you also in a state of susceptibility and dancing to the whim of the world order? Do you by any chance know what are the consequences of this vaccine. Do you know that after the supposed 1 anti covid vaccine that a multitude of other vaccines will follow to counteract the damages done to our bodies as a result of the previous? Well well, people you have all better listen and know now that we need to incite a rebellion and protest.!
    The dictatorship says we will have to be vaccinated. Well , i would not be one to take that toxic vaccine. My people, be prudent, read, research and acquaint yourselves with what is happening globally. A selected panel of elitists have every intention of crippling our God given rights to freedom, choice and life. There is a subtle bit yet blatant global conspiracy by these elitists to treat us like puppets, slaves. The people of this world must be submissive to these despotic and diabolic bureaucrats. We must protest now! We need help, food, money, medical supplies, and our jobs back. To fuck with the patented Covid 19 facade. We will conquer that and it will be without the promised venomous vaccine. Wake up PM, wake up. Its obvious from your tantrum that Covid 19 has made you a sorry victim.

  16. Statements like this should not be made without serious advise on what activities are important to remain healthy. Lock down can prove to a be very unhealthy situation and maintaining ones physical and Mental health is equally important.


  17. Just want to drop a few facts here. The mumps vaccine holds the record for fastest vaccine ever produced…and that took 4 years. In order to prove a vaccine will be safe and effective in the long term, researchers have to test the antibodies produced in humans over a period of years. They also have to measure the relative risk of administering the vaccine – does it trigger allergic reactions (these can be deadly), do the antibodies cause any autoimmune response (where the new antibodies attack organs in your body), do the antibodies make the infection even worse? These are the kinds of questions that must be answered before any experimental drug can be called a vaccine

    Here’s a troubling fact that people need to know – there had never been a successful vaccine made against Coronaviruses. The common cold is caused by a group of bacteria and viruses, and some of the cold viruses are coronaviruses that we have never been able to create vaccines for.

    Covid-19 is mutating, so in a few years a vaccine create to fight the current versions of it will likely be less than effective at completely stopping infection. We already see this with the flu virus (influenza virus) where the flu vaccine doesn’t stop flu season and lots of people are still dying from the flu every year.

    Honestly, I’m in two minds about the issue of an extended lockdown. I think that once we gain the ability to do local testing for Covid-19, we will be better able to make determinations about community spread and act faster and with better accuracy if there is possible reappearance of the virus. So we shouldn’t need to keep businesses closed once our international borders remain closed and all infected has recovered. But on the other hand, history has shown that all of the last pandemics to hit the human race in the last two hundred years have come in at least 2 waves happening over a period of a couple years. Every single one. And the second wave of infection is always much deadlier than the first wave. Even if this disease quiets down by summer in the northern hemisphere, it will be back with a vengeance by next winter. So regardless of the ours or the PM’s viewpoint now, some form of lockdown is likely going to be our new normal for perhaps the next year or two.

  18. Does the PM realize that there are people with children living without electricity and running water. These people do not have a refrigerator. They worked in stores that are now closed and other minimum wage jobs. A lot of these people are non nationals. They have no income. If you close the country down indefinitely, what will happen to these people? Will everyone not receiving an income receive financial assistance from the government? We have enough crime in this country and when people are starving they will resort to criminal activities to survive.
    Not everyone is $200,000 a year tax free.
    Please think before you speak so as not to make illogical pronouncements.

  19. aleast mr pm before carry that vaccine in wi country arrange some flight fi go work to native land so plant some corn and banana in back yard cause no land space no dey no work fi pay bill no money fi buy food here a turn in a western movie billy the kid style

  20. We are not taking any f@#$ing vaccine, why don’t you vaccinate your kids and your family first. We don’t know what the hell in those vaccine. Bill Gates is behind this vaccine bullshit! People do your research. What the prime minister really saying that the vaccine is mandatory. F#@$ that!

  21. If people are recovering why the hell we need vaccine, something not right. People open y’all eyes

  22. People say we ask for lock down, yes we did but before we even had our first case we asked for the borders to be closed to avoid this but noooooo, many agreed with the PM that it was impossible because we depended on tourism and the other economy will suffer. Look at this now no planes flying, no boat docking and we still have to try to survive without tourism now and the economy still may fall. All this foolishness now with lockdown could have been avoided. I hope they would be the first to take the vaccine, if they truly believe in it. Solomon ask for wisdom to rule his country and at moment the PM is not asking God for wisdom he is just doing things off of his own mindset. Come what may whatever happens my trust is in God and God alone my provider. We need as a nation to pray for the PM to get wisdom cause at this moment I don’t see any. We can only hope things will get better. 😢😢😔😔

  23. What you Antiguans want Mr Brown is I do ??? He is trying his dam best to help you all in Antigua I know a lot of us lives Frm paycheck to paychk .. But he is trying his best .No 1 you all is not abiding by the rules set !! No 2 you all believe Antigua is the only Caribbean island that is going through this !!! You all need to slack up on the PM and put politics aside!!! All you ANTIGUANS are ungrateful

    • Who is ungrateful? What has PM done for the people during these difficult times? How can the PM talk about locking down the country indefinitely when other countries are looking for an opportunity to get their people back to work. Talking about waiting for vaccine? What nonsense. If the country is in lock down and no more cases are coming into the country, deal with the people tested positive, keep the the borders closed. Let the people go back to work unless you want people stealing and rioting on the streets for food. What has the pm done for Antiguans except have a minister pose for photo up with donated food? Tell the PM to give up his lobster and steak all obtained at the people’s expense and help the poor people who have no money to feed themselves and family.

  24. Nothing is wrong with his statement but what stimulus package are you putting in place for your citizens? There are so many of us who have to choose between paying rent and buying food. How can you continue this lock down and not put anything in place for the unemployed? This makes no sense. Nothing is being put in place as it relates to tenants and ensuring that each household has sufficient food in these times. Most of us live pay check to pay check. It’s hard! It’s hard! It’s hard! Not even the courts are open to ensure that child maintenance is available. I am crying every day because I don’t want to see my children suffer. My landlord does not care.

  25. The Prime Minister and the leaders of the WORLD new what they were UP to. They want the Whole WORLD to SELL their Souls to Satan like many of them had done. People have been saying for some time now that it was all about the in VACCINE now it’s in the open. People refused IT. You do not need it to survive. The Same GOD whom they had a DAY of Prayer is the Same 🙏 GOD who will see US through.

  26. I’ll say this again…IS NOT SOME OF YOU FOOLS WHO ARE COMPLAINING THE SAME ONES WHO WERE POSTING ALL OVER SOCIAL MEDIA LOCK DOWN THE COUNTRY. You got your wish so what are you complaing about now.

  27. BCG, 100 year old vaccine for tuberculosis might protect against Covid-19, according to the news on Yahoo.

  28. Melchisedec April 8, 2020 at 7:37 am
    COVID19 strategy 20 days plan

    1 Zone the country by establishing the parishes and Barbuda.

    2 Create strategic check points maned by soldiers not police offices at borders for parishes.

    3 No one is permitted to move outside of parish.

    4 Establish medical icu facility, hospital, quarantine, police, supermarket and media etc in each zone.

    5 Curfew 24/7 with a hotline to call if supplies runs low. At no time should anyone one be allowed on a public road without calling the toll free hotline first.

    6 Supplies should be delivered to homes period

    • And were do we get the resources and man power to pull off this brillent idea?? Cironavirus really produce some real experts here with them pie in the sky plans.

      • @common sense is not common

        1 I can ask two 8 years old children to zone the country.

        2 The same 8 years old children will determine where the check points will be based on boundaries and make a call to the CDS and give the information so the soldiers will know where to go.

        3 The 5 years old children will come up with the decree to restrict movements.

        4 Clinics, supermarkets, media, etc is already in place this is also a no brainer. Cuba has lots of doctors and nurses for sale also equipment.

        5 We can get the 5 years old to answer the phones and package the supplies and given to the soldiers for delivery.

        Now I understand why simple things appear complicated to brainest….

  29. Nope. I will not comply. Nor will I surrender my Human Rights, or my soul for some quantum vaccine patch. I am not taking no devil worship, mark of the beast vaccine. Bill Gates and the Chinese, and you can it since God’s words means nothing to your kind. If you are looking forward to spending an eternity with the Devil in that lake of fire, be my guest. Take it. Wherever there is freedom and liberty, there is the spirit of God.

  30. What vaccine? There is no such thing only trials. There is an African president who said the vaccine is already in his country. Turns out he has been paid over §40mill to test the vaccine in his country. There are two doctors in France who want to test a vaccine in Africa because as they said, Africa has no proper healthcare system. Therefore Africans can be used as lab rats. Hope the PM is not being paid by some organization to require Antiguans to take Part in a trial vaccine. Don’t think his intention is to shut down the country for years until a tested vaccine is available.
    Some of these black leaders cannot be trusted as they will sell their souls to the devil to line their pockets.
    Antigua is broke and these are desperate times.

  31. That statement by Gaston Browne is very foolish.Is he using the Covid 19 Virus to keep the people under his total controls.There is a State of Emergency in place along with an ongoing Curfew.What more is he seeking to find.Are you trying to create a Dictatorship? Where by you could rule forevermore.That would not ever happen inna Antigua and Barbuda.Heck,no.if that were to happen.There would be weeping and gnashing of teeth on your part.

  32. Looks like the Antigua Labor Party has decided to commit political suicide.
    Lockdown until their is a vaccine? Are you serious? When people’s belly is empty they will revolt. You all will be lucky to make it to election before the rage of the people defends upon your heads.

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