PM says vaccine rollout begins within 14 days


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  1. Because he knows there’s thousands of cases of COVID on island due to him bungling the pandemic response

    I hope it works for Antigua’s sake

    But if it doesn’t he’ll just blame it on people who don’t take the vaccine

  2. But 14 days may be too late.

    I estimate 9500 active cases on island today with 40 very serious cases being hospitalized

    This thing spreads exponentially. Imagine how many cases there will be in 14 days, how many deaths, how many that need to be hospitalized.

    And vaccines don’t work immediately with 100% efficacy.

    He’s playing a game with your lives.

    • Prophylactically treat the entire population with ivermectin, vitamin D, zinc etc. while you await rollout of the vaccines

      Hey PM, contact Dr. Pierre Kory or Dr. Paul Marik of Eastern Virginia School of Medicine. Their protocol works and it works quickly. It will save this country.

      “ A study by All India Institutes of Medical Sciences (AIIMS)-Bhubaneswar in the Indian state of Odisha found that two doses of potential drug ivermectin prophylaxis resulted in a 73% reduction in Covid-19 infection”

      • I agree that this should be tried immediately. The science is not there to back this up but nevertheless I think there is nothing to lose.

        • Check out the link.

          There have been 34 positive randomized controlled trials with ivermectin showing a significant benefit.

          It is a inexpensive drug that has been around since 1975 (decades of safety data).

          They are giving it to everyone in several provinces in India, in several states in Mexico. Everywhere that it is being given en masse the death rate declines and the infection rate declines.

          This would be a bold move for the PM, but it would almost immediately turn things around.

          I hope he will reach out to those American doctors and talk to them about it.

      • 119 is just the tip of the iceberg.

        You can estimate how many there actually are based on how many people are hospitalized.

        According to the CDC’s calculations, .42% of all cases will be hospitalized.

        Do the math, that works out to more than 9500 active cases.

        It’s time people like you took this thing seriously.

      • Businesses all over the island wouldn’t be shutting down if there were only 119 cases.

        There are many, many more than that.

        There wouldn’t be 40 people hospitalized if there were only 119 cases.

        Most people who get COVID never get hospitalized and many are asymptomatic (but they can still spread the disease)

        Using our brains and a little math, it’s quite clear that if there are 119 known cases with 40 being hospitalized there are orders of magnitude more cases that are asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic that have not been officially counted.

  3. Shocking that a so called leader has zero empathy, zero communication skills, lashes out for we the people to dare to criticize the manner in which he mentioned he’d had his first vaccine shot, Moderna, (not scheduled to be distributed in Antigua as far as we the people have been told this far), cannot understand, or doesn’t wish to, that his behaviour is not in the least reassuring and now posts an infantile Facebook visual.
    This is leadership?
    To quote ” smdh”

  4. …It’s like he saying me hafu tell R U everything professionally like I should?!?!?! Me cyah say nuttin pan social media!?!?! Well hold ya!! Injection ah come fa all R U and ya betta tek um cause if R U na tek um me ga continue blame R U……

    • Actually when you think about it, this whole episode seems fishy. Surely if he was going to get the vaccine as an example for the population, he would have done it publicly, made an announcement, had a media event etc. None of that was done, instead he waits 3 weeks and then casually throws it into a conversation. Much like he only admitted he had had the vaccine because he knew the truth was going to come out anyway.

      • Y’all’s little PM is not that bright.

        He says all kinds of stuff on the clown and clown radio show and on his Facebook page that makes him sound like a moron TBH

    • It is now coming to light that the AstraZeneca vaccine are notches below the Moderna. Currently one can say that the Moderna and Pfizer are the rolls-royce of covid vaccines. So if Mr. Browne has taken the Moderna and is asking Antiguans to take the less effective AstraZeneca all I can say….what a ring.

      • The Antiguan government should stay away from the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. There are daily reports of deaths from the Pfizer vaccine. The Pfizer and Moderna attach chemicals to your RNA. No one knows the long term effects of these vaccine. These vaccines are very unstable and have to be kept at very low temperatures. What if there is a malfunction in the refrigerator? I would advise the government to to go with the AstraZeneca or the Russian Sputnik V as these can be stored in a regular refrigerator and do not mess with your RNA.
        I thought the PM hinted on his Browne and Browne show that he took the Sputnik V vaccine.

          • @ Paul T
            Told the Moderna has to be stored at -30 % and the Pfizer at -70%. None of the two can be stored in the refrigerator. Verify your statement.

  5. In different news, as reported by a different outlet,
    AG has announced tightening of Freedom of Speech legislation, specifically on media & social media users as he is ‘troubled by content’ advising any journalists or social media users in A&B the legislation will allow them to be ‘dealt with by the law’
    ( If we follow Hong Kong trajectory, censorship then shuttering of non-aligned outlets/citizens will follow).

    Max Hurst reports Cabinet seeking USD25M+ loan from China, with 2 year moriatorium then 3-yrs to fully repay the debt…in addition to USD 90M China loaned for pier development.

    One wonders:
    a) Where the money will come from in a short timeframe, when long haul air travel is predicted to revive in 24/25, foreign border restrictions & travel protocols will be with us for a few years yet – both impacting tourism.
    b) What is our country’s total USD debt to China as of now?
    c) When the Embassy of China will open.

    & not to forget most wealthy people in Antigua have bolt-holes elsewhere… cabinet appears to fit the wealthy category, whatever they say on the hustings pre-elections or in their red quasi-military costumes, just remember who had to pay family what millions of dollars/pounds, who has plenty rental property overseas, whose family members apparently favored with land, investments, opportunities.

    Stay Alert to all news, not just Covid.
    Tings changing.

    • So he’s going to criminally prosecute journalists and citizens for criticizing him?

      Is that what you’re saying?

  6. Gaston, you are well aware that Covax will be sending very little vaccine to Antigua this year and only the front line workers and very elderly will get it. The rest of us suck salt for 2021. You know that is the truth so why are you telling us to “get immunized”. We do not have friends in high places who can get us the Moderna vaccine. We are just everyday people trying not to die. But I guess it is easy for you to tell us to get immunized as you done get fu you.

  7. Do we get the same vaccination or do we get the Chinese one probably made from rice, is this the reason for another Chinese loan?

  8. Its funny how people say that this disease is ”deadly”‘ and yet again some you all on here estimating the cases are in the thousands, but no one dropping down dying on the streets but as soon as they go to the hospital coincidentally they die, something to think about.

    • And stop trying to minimize the seriousness of this disease

      Over 2 million dead worldwide, over 300K dead in the US

      Officially there’s 8 dead in Antigua but that’s an undercount

      The estimated infection fatality rate varies depending on your source. Worldometers has it at 3% but given this is an ongoing pandemic we will not know until it’s over because numbers are changing every day.

      And some countries are doing better with early treatment than others so their IFRs are significantly lower.

      The point being a lot of people have died of this, many left permanently disabled and ill because of it.

      This is serious. It should be treated seriously.

      Another point is we can make some rough estimates based on how many hospitalized (the tip) on how many are really infected (the test of the iceberg)

      You better believe is 33% of known cases are hospitalized that there’s many many unknown cases about.

      Don’t be that guy who only realizes the boat is sinking after he’s submerged

    • Several found home suddenly dead, one guy in the gutter, a couple of bodies in the bush, one guy walking to the hospital, a funeral director

      I lost count at about 20 that were reported.

      But I have no way of knowing who else died and the cause and neither do you

      Let the government release the figures and were can do an excess mortality rate calculation

  9. @ Arnold:He is Gaston Browne.He is a selfish person.He does not like anyone but himself.He got the vaccine.When none of you knew the vaccine was in Antigua and Barbuda.Some of you are saying he did not leave the island.So how could he have gotten it.Perhaps he had his high flying rich friends brought it into Antigua for him. They are above the laws of the land.The Moderna Vaccine does not need to be refrigerated like the Pfizer one.I got my first shot already and the second is scheduled for March.Folks once it is being administered take it.That would be my advise to all of you.In the mean time just follow the protocols and your instincts.Good luck to all.Do not let Gaston Browne dictate your attitudes.

  10. What vaccine are you rolling out mr. Prime minister. Do Antiguans have a right to know or are we to be treated like lambs to a slaughter? Do we have a choice which vaccine we take or will this will this be dictated to the people of Antigua by you? I guess Antiguans are considered dumb and just do as told with no questions asked.

    • @DC:
      You should be told the Manufacturer of the vaccine.Before you received it.Then it is up to you to say yea or nay.

  11. The nation must proceed very cautiously with the Oxford astrazeneca vaccine. It is still yet to be proven to be effective against the south African variant of the covid-19 virus.

    South Africa has suspended the rollout of this particular vaccine. Germany has voiced its concern over its use also.
    Yes, it is the cheapest of all the covid-19 vaccines thus far and the one that can be stored at room temperature. However, we must be certain of its efficacy.

    COVAX and the WHO must let the people know the truth about the Astrazeneca vaccine.

    I am calling on the CMO and other health officials here to tell the nation the plain truth about the astrazeneca vaccine before they proceed to administer vaccinations.


  12. That man likes the number 14. He also like 500.Remember he was going to solve the water issues within 14 days in Antigua.Then he was gong to have 500 houses built in 500 days.Yes,those 500 cardboard houses.LOL.Now he is saying in 14 days the vaccines would be rolled out.Let us see by the 23rd of February,2021.If that holds true or just another broken promise by Gaston Browne.

  13. The cure is on the earth. The virus is we speak of is one of inflammation. Theres herbs that have that anti-inflammatory properties. If u know these herbs and and use them the virus don’t stand a chance.

  14. I agree that this should be tried immediately. The science is not there to back this up but nevertheless I think there is nothing to lose.

  15. The dictator and traitor Gaston doing his usual selfish bullshit yet again and now trying to twist shit around. He took it in secrecy with a different manufacturer and no one can verify or confirm he did it.

    This imbecile as usual only looking out for Number 1, himself and screw the rest of us.

    Yes people keep voting this piece of garbage in and watch how it will only get worse.

  16. Complied to boost confidence? Something done it secret don’t t boost confidence. That is being deceptive, seeing is believing not just hearing from a lying tongue

  17. Should we really care if Gaston, his family and all ministers and their families take the vaccine? Wish it were possible to wait a few months to see what happens to them. Freedom from the scourge Antigua.

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