PM says UPP stole the name for the credit union in Point


Prime Minister Gaston Browne says opposition United Progressive Party stole the name of for credit union in Point.

Prime Minister Browne says the name will now be changed from People’s to National Cooperative Credit Union.

The building is now under construction but Browne says the UPP rushed to acquire the name.

“The primary objective of this credit union is to provide home improvement loans to help improve the housing stock in the area. When you look at the area the housing stock is not the best even though we have built new homes. We’ll have to look at the existing home and provide the opportunity for them to get easy access to money so that they can repair their homes. Obviously they will have to repay the loans, it’s not going to be a gift.”



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  1. CONGRATULATIONS….Hon.Gaston Browne man of the People. UPP are followers. Let Them go ahead with the name.

  2. Sounds like the little spoiled brat world dictator traitor tyrant liar Gaston Browne didn’t get his own way and what he wanted.

      • Pete, Pedro, Pedro ( the Dominican )
        How many names have you used. You are such a fool. You think Gaston care about you. He giving away the land to the Chinese as you defend him.
        You are a fool.

        • @ Desert Rose

          No need to waste time responding to the likes of Pete and the rest. You can’t reason with world dictator traitor tyrant liar Gaston Browne batty kissers.

  3. smh just please stop the charade – someone can’t steal from you what was never yours Mr. PM… you own so many businesses already and know very well if you never register a business name at IP office it is fair game…. talking bout he ask FSRC to reserve name knowing fully well that they are only regulators and don’t have that kind of power or responsibility…

    • The FSRC hosts the register for not only Cooperatives , but also international Business (Offshore) companies . Check the respective acts

      • @knowledge – FSRC as the name suggests is the regulator for our financial services sector (in which I’m employed) – onshore, offshore, cooperative, money transfer services etc… They are not responsible for registering names – “THE PM” himself said so….

        @From The Sideline – when you decide to stop drinking whatever koolaide your party is dishing out, you will realize that not all a dadli people red or blue or green or orange – some of us actually are actually #fedup of the crap that politicians spew when they try to bamboozle the public or seek attention… The PM always a tout himself as being a successful businessman but yet make such amateur moves a talk bout nearga huff name when he very well know FSRC does not provide such a service – again PM stop the charade smh

  4. You know in life there are not many people who can follow a dream/vision for very long. Those that do are the one that reap success in the end. The PM just revealed that this plan was in the making for 20 years. I therefore applaud the PM for sticking to his plan for so long and didn’t give up. For it is in and for the benefit of the people of Point and Villa. I know as a former banker he understands that the monies in the bank are really the people’s monies, but it takes a skillful banker to take those monies and lend it back to the very same people. A cooperative was therefore the best business type to birth to this idea. Good luck and all the best to the people of Point and Villa. You guys should be incredibly happy you have a man in the person of Gaston Browne always working and fighting to give you a better life.

    • Hope when they get the money they repay it. You know that labour people will think that it belongs to government and anything that belongs to government they don’t have to pay for.

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