PM Says U.S Travel Advisory Being Used For Political Purposes


Prime Minister Gaston Browne has called out political opponents for using a recent U.S travel advisory to score political points.

Antigua & Barbuda and practically all Caribbean states have been placed on a Level Three advisory for travel during Covid-19.

“I see too that our political opponents have tried to spin the recent advisory of the United States. That was actually spun by our political opponents to suggest that some form of punitive action was taken against Antigua & Barbuda,” Browne told Pointe FM.

“They tried to make it sound as though it was exclusive to Antigua & Barbuda when practically all the countries within the region are within that same category,” he said.

Browne said the advisory issued by the US Center for Disease Control serves as a caution to American travellers.

“Obviously it is a cautious position taken by the CDC in the United States in which they are asking their citizens to exercise caution.”

Browne said Antigua & Barbuda has its own cautionary measures imposed on citizens wishing to travel.

“We too here in Antigua & Barbuda would have said to our citizens to exercise extreme caution especially when travelling to Covid hot spots including the United States. The gentleman in the IDC center traveled to the United States and came back with Covid. We are advising that you not travel to the United States unless it is absolutely critical,” he said.

According to the Prime Minister countries must be respectful of the restrictions imposed on each other.

Browne added, “Just like they have their restrictions, we have our restrictions too and we have to be respectful of the policies of countries.

“There is nothing discriminatory about the United States policy to warn or caution its citizens against travelling.

“These are policies that are taken by government’s they are sovereign governments and we have to respect their decisions.”

On August 6, the U.S. Department of State removed the Global Level 4 Travel Advisory – Do Not Travel – and adjusted the individual travel advisories of Barbados and the countries of the Eastern Caribbean to Level 3 – Reconsider Travel.

After nearly five months of a global do not travel advisory, the upgrade to Level 3 takes into account both the current assessment of conditions on the ground and the fact that the COVID-19 pandemic continues to pose unprecedented risks for travelers.



  1. PM it is a good thing we know better and can get the true news behind the news. UPP is desperate and will try and spin any and everything. Thank goodness for the internet for us to all do a web search to understand the advisory. We don’t even have to take your word!

    • In the interest of full transparency, which UPP member(s) said those things? Also tell me where and when? Lets have truth and not ‘red meat’ fed to the base.

  2. @Just Saying
    I echo your sentiments. ‘They’ seem to figure that either Antiguans are too dumb to think for themselves, or that ‘they’ are so bright that their oft malicious spin on everything is the gospel truth. It’s almost laughable. ‘They’ are getting fat off their halucinations!

  3. First of all, just about every Caribbean island is on the list what’s the big deal. It doesn’t affect travel. Unless it’s some country riddled with war .. people travel where they want to go.. jamaica is on the list ALL THE TIME for violence and crime but people still go. It’s just an advisory.

    The US advise their citizens of place to be careful of. It’s their right to do so . They are protecting their people. Antigua and any other country can do the same.

    Why get angry and offended that they are doing it .. we can do it too but we don’t so don’t get mad if someone else does.

    So they have lots of covid .. oh well they can still advise their people. Why are we up in arms???

    America also provide their country with running water. Mr PM WHY YOU DONT FOLLOW AMERICA AND PROVIDE ANTIGUA WITH RUNNING WATER.

    You fighting over LIAT you say we can buy them. Then you say we have 20 million US. Why not use that 20 million to build a couple desalination plants in strategic regions in the country to provide more clean running water for your citizens.

  4. We must get the nations who are friendly to us to help with getting a couple more de-salting plants up and running. I’m sure China and India will fall over each other to help. They are both major players these days, and we welcome their humanitarian approach in a world with rank capitalism has gone nuts. This is a new time now. It’s a new day. As the PM has said, “We are friends of all and enemies of none.” That’s what the non-aligned movement is all about. The Arab countries will likely stand ready to help so. They have so much experience in dealing with low rainfalls and water shortage, but they know how to overcome that obstacle. We need the help of all who are willing to help us. Thank you.

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