PM says U.S diplomats in Bridgetown Not Doing A Good Job


Prime Minister Gaston Browne has criticised U.S Diplomats in Barbados for not doing enough to foster better relations with the region and Washington.

Browne told Pointe FM on Saturday that the U.S Embassy had a responsibility to ensure that accurate information is supplied to the U.S Department of State in regards to their various reports.

He also criticised the embassy staff for not doing enough to ensure that vaccines are available to Antigua and Barbuda and other countries in the region.

“What I want to say to them, the Embassy in Barbados, I know they don’t like to hear when I speak like this, but I say this without fear or favour and I say this without any enmity to the resident U.S Ambassador and her staff. She knows I love her as an individual but you know what, in terms of maintaining the type of strong diplomatic relations, between the Caribbean and the United States, I don’t think they doing a good job.”

“When they can perhaps work with others in the State Department and put out things in the US Human Rights Report that not accurate, what they are doing is undermining the bilateral relationship between the United States and countries here in the Caribbean,” Browne said.

“They have a responsibility to ensure that whatever information they document in these reports, that the information is accurate.

“And if is one country that will always speak out about these types of inaccurate statements is Antigua and Barbuda,” he added.

“And similarly we expect them during this period of a pandemic for them to also advocate on behalf of the Caribbean region. They live here, they too are at risk and they should be literally helping us to push capital, to include the Caribbean and to make some vaccines available and I am not seeing that kind of effort,” Browne said.

Regarding the 2020 report, Browne said it was not true that he owned “several media outlets within the country.”

He said it was not true that “there is no independent print media.”

Here is the 2020 US Department of State Reports on Antigua and Barbuda: ANTIGUA-AND-BARBUDA-2020-HUMAN-RIGHTS-REPORT

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  1. If its one thing your mouth and the way how you do things always make it hard for the people of Antigua and Barbuda

  2. I am going to blame all others. I Gaston Browne would not take any responsibilities for anything, wrong.Because I am always right.

  3. Please keep cussing everybody. Just cuss them out. We’re known as the LAND OF SUN SEA AND SCANDAL.

      • You and him sick alike so you would not say anything better. America is an independence nation like us what they have is theirs not ours. If they do not want to give us or help us that is their choice. As for Antigua and Barbuda, we are an independence island so we should be able to fend for ourselves and stop beg people and going around cussing people for their resources.

        • Hello “Maryland”. No wonder you talk that way. You must be a fresh water Yankee or a wannabe. The fact remains, they need cussing out. The PM is right.

  4. This represents a fundamental misunderstanding of the role of diplomatic missions. They exist to push forward the agenda of the home country, not the host country. Tragically, the PM appears to have no conceptual framework for this. He sees himself as the big man, when in fact, in the eyes of the US, he barely exists. Antigua represents no strategic or economic interest to the US.

  5. a fire sale Idi Amin without an army. Hardly anyone on the planet knows of him or his tiny 2 by 4 island. Why make enemies of people who dont know you exist? His fall will not be a pretty

    • Wait since when Sir Ron has control over the info the US state department uses when reporting on our region? The US embassy in BDS no longer plays a major role in such? Much of what’s stated in the report shows they have little care for the region since it in general reads like a book report done by a 5 year old. There is the section where they speak about allegations of corruption conveyed by Asot Michael. For some reason they claimed there was no response to his allegations. Seems in their research they did not see the response from the CIP Unit (carried by ANR, Observer etc.. or the follow up responses from the Gaston Browne himself).

  6. He's like the obnoxious child in the classroom trying to get the teacher attention . The only difference is if I was the U.S. you want my attention YOU GOT IT ! He's like the obnoxious child in the classroom trying to get the teacher attention . The only difference is if I was the U.S. you want my attention YOU GOT IT !


  7. This man has to be mentally sick. After this woman work so hard to for us in getting Antiguans and Barbudans who have a three (3) years US Visa expired waiver from to fly to Barbados to renew our immigrant US Visa. This waiver has help a lot us financially especially on airfare to fly there and to stay at a guesthouse/hotel accommodations. Somebody need to put a clothes pin on Gaston mouth or heavy duty staples. He need to think before he talk. America don’t have to help us because we are an independence nation. Wow, Gaston forgot that we are independent nation. Leave America with their resources, they work, pay taxes, and fight for what they have. Leave America alone and stop beg and run Antigua and Barbuda as an independence nation. If they wants to help us they will help if you ask in a diplomatic way. Right now me just sick of Gaston.

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