PM Says Tourists Using Fake Covid-19 Certificates

Positive blood test result for the new rapidly spreading Coronavirus, originating in Wuhan, China

Prime Minister Gaston Browne says some visitors are trying to gain entry into Antigua by using Fake Covid-19 certificates.

He said the problem is not unique to Antigua & Barbuda but at other destinations where ports have reopened.

Browne said this may lead to authorities taking another look at covid-19 protocols next week.

Currently, visitors are expected to test before arrival into Antigua and present a negative covid-19 certificate.

Browne said this policy has resulted in lower number of imported cases.

The Prime Minister has also reported that two of the four visitors who recently tested positive for the coronavirus continue to protest quarantine. He said the visitors in questions were angry because they tested negative in the U.S.

Based on this, he said the two Americans called officials in the White House who then contacted the American Embassy in Bridgetown.

He said the Embassy made representation on behalf of the visitors noting that “some of the people who come here are well connected.”

The Prime Minister is appealing to all visitors to comply with the laws of the country.




  1. Send them back..!! With the unhindered spreadimg of covid 19 in the USA we need to follow the EUs example and close our borders to anybody coming from the USA. Choose life over economy.

    • Exactly. Let’s use this as an opportunity to get stronger on our own two feet & regionally.

      For example, the long promised Broiler Program is not fully completed. And there’s much to be done in agriculture & manufacturing. Tourism cannot be the be all, end all.

  2. Their “well connected” ass doesn’t mean anything here. “Disconnect” these scamps and lock them up. Antiguans aren’t stupid. Any holders of fake certificates need to be charged and locked up.

  3. If they were tested again here after arrival, there must have been a reason.
    Also positive is positive, doesn’t matter you were negative last week and then travel and expose yourself.
    Must quarantine.

    • So the called their White House AKA their Dog House? La de dah. When will Americans realize that it’s actually now embarrassing to be called an American? We don’t care who you are. You chose to leave your country and travel. Abide by the rules. Shut up and stop your whining.

  4. These damn Americans think they can come into the region or go anywhere else and try to “call shot”. Oh they well connected. Put their ass on a plane and post them back to Trump. Let Trump “cure” them of their Covid.

  5. So, America buys(hogs) up most of the Covid meds & equipment. Then it’s citizens arrogantly feel entitled to recklessly spread the virus to other countries? I hate bullies. Slam the door shut on these fools & tell them do their worst.

    America is in a downward spiral. They are all for themselves now. We should follow suit.

  6. For once I can agree with most of the comments generated on the topic. Of course there is usually of jokers in every pack, for example a so-called “native” whose conclusion that suggests “dead people can’t spend money” is as unclear as it is worrisome. The “native” and the “Antigua Citizen” appear to be in favor of disease explosion in Antigua. Be careful my natives and citizens.

  7. There is something fishy about this story.If he could prove they are using fake certificates.They should be arrested.It does not make any sense at all.I would be making a few phone calls tomorrow,Monday. ANR,did you do your research into this matter.Or you took the Prime Minister’s words as GOSPEL and ran with it.

  8. As an American I am embarrassed. Deeply embarrassed. Your Island has it’s rules and these tourists should be arrested or thrown out. Please don’t hate all Americans. I do beg of any country to shut their borders to all US citizens. Covid-19 is out of hand here. Shut your borders to US.

    • Covid-19 is out of hand in SOME American states. SOME people of a particular demographic refuses to wear mask. Not all. If it is proven/confirmed that the Covid-19 certificates are fake. Deport them. No exemption. But to group all American… All Antiguan are not the same.

  9. If USA borders were open
    and we were able to travel to the USA attempting entry with fake Covid19 test papers we would instantaneously be detained, fined, charged by their laws and then most definitely be deported! If we were obliged to undergo a Covid19 test in the USA on entry and tested positive we would also face all the consequences of that too. It is not remotely relevant who is ‘connected’ Covid19 does not discriminate the same rules apply to all, anyone can be an asymptomatic super spreader, unwittingly infecting hundreds in their wake. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. Go forward as the USA would do with our citizens who had travelled to USA with fake Covid19 test papers.

  10. This is an act of terrorism biologically! Antigua has a dumb prime minister and he knows he’s going to loose the next election thas why he doesn’t care to win or loose his seat, once he has served two terms apparently he gets compensated for life as well as the other ministers. Don’t you see they do not care about the people look at the amount of stories they fool the people with and the same with the other party its time to give some one else a chance not upp not alp lets see what dna can do if not then someone needs to run a Fidel Castro on these idiots!

  11. I was born in the USA but my family is originally from the Caribbean and my I am extremely PROUD and GRATEFUL for my Caribbean heritage. I am ashamed of America. Their conduct over the last five months has been both reckless and abhorrent and as someone who lives in the USA I can tell you that many Americans are too entitled, too rude, too disrespectful, and too racist!! You’re better off not having them in Antigua believe me, especially now when everything is severely out of control and we are under the tyrannical and pathological rule of a narcissistic sociopath. Many of the people here literally do not care about anything or anyone but themselves and their orange god.

    I’m not surprised that Americans with fake certificates tried to travel to Antigua. Their actions show you how little regard they have for the sovereignty of other nations and their citizens.

    Many of them (not all but many) are selfish, self-entitled, and racist much like their president (I didn’t vote for him…he is not my president and never will be). I would advise ALL of the islands of the Caribbean to close their borders to the USA. Protect your people and the resources of your beautiful islands. Furthermore I would encourage the islands of the Caribbean to become self-sustaining. Do not rely on the wealth and money of tourists from the West who do not care about you, who come in and build hotels on your beaches and restrict the locals and drive up the cost of living.

    Money isn’t everything. You cannot spend money when you’re on a ventilator. You cannot spend money when you’re dead. Caribbean Islands! Protect yourselves!! Covid19 is not a hoax! It’s real and it’s killing people!

  12. Close the damn boarders to the USA. Gaston that is the only way to safe guard the citizens of Antigua. The only way. Stop fooling yourself about economic activity. Whatever “activity” we get will mean nothing at all as the cases continue to rise. You will have blood on your hands.

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