PM says to expect increase in COVID cases in the 20’s


Prime Minister Gaston Browne today announced that one new case of COVID-19 was recorded in Antigua and Barbuda in the last 24 hours, warning that the nation could see an increase in cases during the winter season.

Browne said the new COVID case is related to a current patient and thus tracing is possible.

He also said that there are no hospitalizations as a result of COVID-19 and that two of the seven patients have already tested negative once.

The Prime Minister said the changes are not yet reflected in the COVID dashboard which is released regularly by the Ministry of Health.

Speaking on Pointe FM today, Browne warned residents to expect COVID cases in the 20’s due to the busy tourist season.

Browne said despite being labeled as ‘Moderate’ by the Center for Disease Control in the United States, residents should not let their guard down.

He also commented on the “good news” of a COVID-19 vaccine saying that while Antigua hopes to get the vaccine in the first quarter of 2021 it could be as late as the third quarter 2021.

The Prime Minister’s message to residents is to continue observing measures to slow the spread of the disease.


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  1. I wonder what in the 20’s means.
    I guess we can expect some real sad & trying times ahead.
    Many are planning to celebrate Christmas in small groups, I hope it is not the last Christmas that some of us will celebrate.

  2. OK so people come here and we do what?
    When do we start to clamp down on those who are wanting to escape from their realities? Maybe when their realities become our reality?
    How much ICU bedspace do we have? Is it that we have determined that we islanders have some inherent protection… News flash_we don’t.
    To date it’s been a combination of demographic factors that has kept us from the worst case scenario, but we want to continue to tempt fate!!!

    • We earn of living from tourism. If we keep the country close people die of starvation. We have to keep the country open and at the same time safeguard ourselves. COVID will be here for a while even with the vaccine since it may not be available for everyone. So I understand the PM intention.

      • We have many people with chronic diseases, we depend on the tourist from high burden covid countries, we have limited health staff and hotel&health staff will become covid cases also. So @JBF its just a matter of choosing our poison it seems.

    • Good questions @AHealthcareQuestion

      You’re absolutely right.

      If they kept the island closed or opened it sensibly no one would starve.

      There’s no good reason to let in any and all tourists without testing and/or quarantining them.

      Every other island has better protocols.

      And the true count of cases is undoubtedly in the hundreds or more at this point.

  3. The nurses and Ems dawg tired and we now just seeing cases in the one’s and two’s, so when we start to see cases in the 20’s whats the plan, robot medicine?

  4. Why this is expected? Who suppose to do their work are not doing it, too much dam talking.. if people don’t abide by the Law for their own good, well let them feel it in their pocket or comfine them. Who like party and bars and can’t buy a bottle of rum and drink it at home, then lock them up. Who won’t hear will feel.

    • People abide by the law still get infected, people who don’t go to Bar get it and people who don’t pary get it and by the way I know people who retired home get it….(“-“)

  5. Cases are imported how every you want to put it, proper screening from our borders we need to stress on, we have people from high risk countries travelling here it is the authorities should be talking to themselves about not relaxing measures for people coming in.

    • The way to stop COVID in Antigua was not to let it in, in the first place

      But TPTB wouldn’t dream of not having to Sandals and other big money resort owners

    • @wake up Define proper, visitors lie on forms, health personnel cant keep up with the sheer numbers coming in most days. Might as well say Abierto

      • Then you don’t have to rely on visitors telling the truth or not

        And BTW many people have COVID and don’t know it. So it’s not about lying.

        • How can testing be done on everyone at vcbird international…can anyone say….sounds good but a real nightmare to actually implement.
          Dont believe that everything that happens on the tele, can happen here.

  6. TEST EVERY SINGLE ARRIVAL at the airport
    Let’s Go! Less chat More action please!
    This is working on other islands WHY THE RESISTANCE from cabinet?

    • Simple and needs to be done

      Test all on arrival

      Isolate the positive ones from everyone else

      Quarantine everyone for at least a few days and test v them again


    Sean Stone majored in American History, studying at Oxford and Princeton University. Sean begins the conversation with how the New World Order lineage are connected and they have been planning the great reset for a long time. Their mission is to remove the rights of the people and move the current world into their world. There is one problem, Trump, he stands in their way of completing their plan.

  8. Don’t you live in Antigua? Don’t you see for yourselves how serious we are adhering to the covid protocols, even though we are constantly reminded of best practices? Don’t you read the asinine comments of the many commentators whose sole objective seems to be to sound intelligent as the expense of the poor, ignorant and vulnerable? The figure 20 is, in my humble opinion rather conservative.

    • I see people not taking this seriously at all

      Not testing most arrivals from high covid areas

      Special dispensation to let an infected man in the country without restriction

      People with masks below noses or under chins

      Lots of lies and obfuscation from official sources

  9. Listening to the certain news people could get lost in their beliefs, the reason why people appear to be not taking it seriously is we are living in a country where they are not seeing the effects like in other countries numerous deaths, hospitalization and other symptoms that has been published by the news. It is just like a religion some people believe in God although they havent seen him and some dont because he is not visible to them

  10. The increase in Corona cases and deaths is to scare the ones into begging for the vaccine.

    Watch out for some tricky psychological language.

    To prevent push back the vaccine will not be mandatory. However

    The ones will not be able to function normally unless you have roof of taking the vaccine.

    Prepare to get uncomfortable if you decide the vaccine is not for you.

  11. Since the recovery rate is so high without any special regimen why a vaccine?

    If you will die eventually and this vaccine will not allow you to live for ever what’s the point in taking it.

    How many different types of vaccines can a human body tolerate safely?

    Where is the research on the effects of different combination of vaccines on the body?

  12. I’m a white American tourist that just spent 6 1/2 weeks in your glorious country. Thank you! ❤️ Upon arrival I produced a negative COVID test per protocol, AND in addition, I respected the residents of Antigua by wearing my mask, washing my hands constantly and most importantly, staying AWAY from everyone especially for the first week of my visit even though it wasn’t ‘required’ I quarantine. I certainly understand the apprehension of residents to having us tourists on the island, however, until someone comes up with another way for Antiguans to make a living other than through tourism, I’m happy they let me and my $ in…I also want to point out that not all white Americans are selfish, entitled a-holes, (although unfortunately many are) spreading Covid to innocent Antiguan locals.

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