PM Says String Of Sudden Deaths Not COVID-19 Related


Prime Minister Gaston Browne says several men who died suddenly in the last several weeks did not have the novel coronavirus.

“We have had about a dozen relatively young males … who have passed suddenly and there’s an assumption by many in the society that it is as a result of COVID,” the prime minister said on Pointe FM’s Browne and Browne Show.

The prime minister said a number of them were tested and they didn’t have COVID.

“COVID doesn’t care if you’re a man, woman, black, white, young or old. If it’s discriminating, it’s discriminating against the older ones. The younger ones, as we know, they generally survive, so that’s the only form of discrimination. It doesn’t discriminate based on your colour or based on your sex, that’s well known,” Browne said.

“So the fact that 12 men died suddenly could never be reasonably concluded that it’s as a consequence of COVID. Because if it was indeed COVID then it would have included some women.”

“The truth is, all of the individuals who died, they had underlying health conditions, serious underlying health conditions,” he explained.


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  1. Writer he also added we need to do more in terms of male health. Too many males are not paying attention to their health. One method he suggested is we need to go to these men and not wait for them to come to the clinics. One way is to have a mobile clinic. He made clear these deaths are indications that more needs to be done. They started way before Covid 19. He pointed out the various sudden death cases beginning early in 2019 and ending with an example in Nov 2019.

      • I hear you loud and clear. But it is a fact that generally speaking, MEN DO NOT LIKE GOING TO THE DOCTOR! So what do you do when you lead the horse to the pond, yet it refuses to drink the water??? Sedate the horse and shove the water down its throat? Old people say “who nah hear will feel” and it’s true.

  2. “A number of them have been tested”????

    How many is a NUMBER of them? 1, 2, 3…

    Test all of the sudden deaths and release the results. Stop playing games.

  3. Gaston Browne MD,Prime Minister of Antigua and Redonda.Does anyone really listens to that man.This man knows it all.He knows how much money taxi drivers and others have in their Bank accounts.His mouth and that Radio Station are going to be his Waterloo.So keep on gabbing Gaston. Are we want are we stimulus. LOL

  4. were they tested? “So the fact that 12 men died suddenly could never be reasonably concluded that it’s as a consequence of COVID. Because if it was indeed COVID then it would have included some women.” did our PM really say that? cause its nonsense. the proof is in the pudding

  5. From January 1st 2020 to May 23,2020.One hundred and thirty four men have passed away in Antigua and Barbuda. Gaston,did you in your capacity as a Pathologist performed any autopsies on those men.You seems to know it all.

    • Bugsy, as usual you will attack the messenger. in the interview the PM stated the data he provided was based on medical reports. In terms of the male deaths you mentioned for this years (not sure of its accuracy), it seems normal considering for the past 4 years we average 25 per month. Breaking it down for you (data from our statistical department) in 2016, there were 292 male deaths, 2017 310, 2018 295. For women it was slightly lower (256, 262, 286 hence about 50 less for 2016 and 2017 but around 9 less for 2018) Earlier in the year, at-least for 2016 and 2018 tended to have more male deaths especially the months March and April.

      • Tenman:i dragged you out.I would attacked the messenger according to you.While you would defend Gaston Browne to the detriment of others.I am my own soldier.Not ABLP,UPP and or DNA.I stand my ground.I stand by what I say.

      • You have to remember when we had all those male deaths in prior years, approx. 300 per year, there was no Covid. Therefore by Covidiot logic, almost all the deaths this year MUST be Covid and we must TEST, TEST, TEST (I think more people need an IQ test rather than a Covid test based on the comments). In fact my dog got run over by a car last week but before that he was looking a bit sick.

        Maybe I should have him exhumed and checked for Covid since that could be the reason why he ran across the road….Remember the tiger that tested positive?

  6. “In all countries that report death rates by sex, men diagnosed with COVID-19 are more likely to die.”
    from the UK research and Innovation page. The PM clearly know nothing about covid and is trying to run the country’s response to it!

  7. Mr PM you’re a blatant liar. Dr Simon a few nights ago made it clear only one of those men were tested and the result was negative. He also said after 5 days the virus dies in a dead individual so even if it’s tested thereafter the results would be negative.

    All three deaths from covid are all men and we also know that more men become ill and die from covid throughout the world from reports given.

    Stop trying to mislead the citizens of this country because it’s not all who listens to the news and it’s not all who are analytical in the information disbursed.

  8. Lies, lies and more lies. So our Prime Minister turned chief medical doctor now.

    Why can’t anyone in government count all of a sudden, its either a few or some or most and now a number – why can’t they tell us what this mysterious number is?

    1. The chances that 2 members from the same band died suddenly within weeks of each other are astronomical – 400 million to one – you have a better chance at winning the lotto jackpot, but that is what the PM wants the sheep in this so called country to believe.

    2. More men die than women because men have an extra ACE2 receptor factory (testicles) that women do not.

    The PM need to quit playing politics and endangering lives with these dangerously misleading statements. This is no time for campaign slogans or photo ops. You cannot sweep a virus u dear the carpet.

    • Boss why you always throw logic out the window? The officials have stated clearly that persons whose death is unexplained will be subjected to a coroners inquest. These are medical issues hence not all information can be released. All persons do not need to be tested since medical officials have stated for some the cause of death is already known.

      Your lotto statement shows something (those who know you know the cause) blinds you. We have had spouses die within a short time of each other. We have had friends die around the same time. Grief from bereavement, if not controlled can lead to death. Fact is there is empirical data on this (see Grief can cause inflammation that can kill, according to new research from Rice University, 2018 study) In a way it reminds me of the bitterness you hold in your heart. Forgive and move on, its not helping your health and probably already causing your family pain.

      • Stop muddy the water with your lies and dishonesty

        The issue at hand here is “sudden deaths” aka otherwise apparently healthy men literally dropping down dead or dying in their sleep.

        Straw man alert – Spouses do die months after each other but never collapse and fall never to get back up – the sickness is progressive up to death. Spouses live together while band members do not.

        All this BS about deaths per month for previous years is irrelevant.

        As far as inquests all the public need to know is if they are Covid related or not. If not our interest stops there.

        You and your party are the ones that are maligning the dead saying they were using viagra.

        • The Medical professionals have already showed the lie of your statement “allegedly healthy” There are persons on the list who had serious medical issues. Among them one guy who had recently been to the hospital for serious surgery. Of the truly young ones we have already heard from the family that he had a serious medical condition. Already told you, based on the UN definition of elderly (60 and over) most of the 14 were elderly (this is after you posted 14 young men had died). Sadly you are the one engaged in lies

  9. If anyone took the time to listen to the interview a few nights ago on ABS television with Dr. Simon we would know that Gaston Browne PM/MD statement is a lie and we may never know if all the male sudden deaths are covid-19 related. The very knowledgeable MD/Pathologist made it clear that if tests were to be done on the bodies now even if the virus was indeed present it would have already died and the results most likely may be negative. So for the PM turned MD to make such a statement is very misleading, unethical and unsympathetic

    • You are being the one who is being untruthful. Dr. Simon stated he was unsure whether the decayed state of the body could cause false negatives. Not sure if you know this but with PCR testing there is also a possibility of false positives, especially when exposed to non ideal situations . Anyway you will be hard pressed to find any nation where dead bodies are being tested without information that the person’s showed signs of covid Why? Test kits are still limited. The interview with Dr. Simon can be watched at

  10. At least one of the sudden death cases was due to COVID19.

    At least one of the remaining cases of sudden death was in quarantine.

    So any person that is wise can reasonably conclude that none of the sudden death cases was due to COVID19.

    Now, since a test cannot be done at this time, any wise person can conclude that none of the cases was COVID19 related.

    See how easy it is to be wise.

    • Melchisedec the only one of the sudden deaths which tested positive was symptomatic. This was why his sample was taken before he died. He was the the first recorded Covid death in ANU. The others who have been tested since they died, have all come back negative. The CMO should shortly provide more deatils

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