PM says Russian vaccine is among best in the world

1000 Sputnik doses arrived in April

Prime Minister Gaston Browne is hoping that residents will avail themselves of 1000 doses of the Russian Sputnik Vaccine which arrived here over the weekend.

The vaccine has not been approved by the World Health Organisation.

However, Browne insists that the vaccine is safe and that residents should make themselves available to be vaccinated.

He said “the safest vaccine is the one that is available to you.”

The Prime Minister said on radio over the weekend that based on how well residents respond to the vaccine Antigua and Barbuda will purchase up to 20k doses from the Russian Federation.

Browne says another 1000 doses are expected here in two weeks time.

The Prime minister said that he would have taken the Sputnik had he not received Moderna earlier in the year.

He says countries around the world are lining up to purchase Sputnik given is efficacy and given Russia’s longstanding record of producing quality and safe vaccines for over 100 years.

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  1. With all due respect, sir, WHY is it not approved by the World Health Organization (WHO)??? Has the Chinese vaccine been approved by WHO?

  2. I got the astra Zeneca shot and my second shot is due on the 24 may. I do hope that the prime minister is not suggesting we all go with Sputnik in place of the astra Zeneca. Mixing the two has not been okayed.

    • No, only new persons. So far we have not bought into the idea of mixing different vaccine doses, as some EU countries

  3. Well this government is playing with peoples lives … first of all you have to get the same shot type of vaccine as you did for the first shot … second, the government is forcing people to take alll kinda of random vaccines from China and Russia that’s not approved by anyone … so sorry for Antiguans

  4. If it is among the Best in the World? Why you as the Prime Minister of the Nation,did not wait and take it.People take that of which you have some public information on.You know the AstraZeneca,Moderna,Pfizer and Johnson and Johnson Vaccines. I got 2 shots of the Moderna and had zero side effects.Good luck to all of you.Who are going with that Russian Vaccines.

  5. THE WHO did not approve of this Vaccine.So why is “Mr.Knows It All” want Antigua people to use it.He want are you foo dead.Just asking.

  6. Again…simple question. WHY hasn’t the World Health Organization APPROVED the Russian and Chinese vaccines?????? We need this information. We do.

    • I think that you have a valid argument. I have not heard anything positive about any other vaccinations other than the ones approved by the FDA. By the way astra Zeneca is only now being investigated by FDA it has not yet been approved for use in USA.

  7. Is the Sputnik available at all our vaccination centres or is the 1000 only going to be available at some?

  8. Reading from the same script , everybody saying the same thing what they have been told like they helped make the vaccine. Is he qualified in vaccine development

  9. One lie after another. AstraZeneca was the best. The Indian was the best. Now Sputnik whatever that mean is the best. His words. “The safest vaccine is the one available to you.” So Antiguans must be in the Sputnik trial and see what happens. What a load of nonsense. He’s wanting this population to participate in a trial of Russian medicine. Willing to risk his own country men and women of a drug not approved by the WHO. Wickedness. The devil has a friend in him!

  10. Surely the introduction, facts, efficacy and communication around different vaccines, as they are known to be arriving in Antigua, should be handled by the relevant medical leader, followed by a special edition of ‘House Calls’ ABS, with a clear, simply spoken doctor, such as Dr. Belizaire who did a tremendous job explaining how AstraZeneca works & handling caller questions with understanding & care.

    Why does our moderna-boasting PM need to say a word unless he is asked?

    Folks, it might be an idea to get ahead of this communication confusion or risk the excellent participation in vaccination by many previously hesitant citizens, dropping considerably.

    We are told we need to reach herd immunity to all stand a good chance of healthily getting through the coming, & welcome, tourist build-back.

  11. Yet the traitor dictator Gaston still opted to take Moderna while getting AstraZenica for us. The lying garbage must be voted out. He is only concerned with his creative enrichment schemes at we the people’s expense. We are his slaves in his eyes.

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