PM Says Residents Should Prepare For Months Of Economic Pain Ahead


Prime Minister Gaston Browne has warned of the economic hardships associated with Covid-19.

Writing on his Facebook page Browne said the coronavirus will prove to be “the most economically destructive virus the world has seen for the last century.”

“It’s economic impact will surpass the 2008 global crisis,” he added.

One case of Coronavirus has been confirmed in Antigua & Barbuda with Browne suggesting things could worsen.

“Unfortunately, the worst is yet to come and we should all begin to condition our minds for several months of economic pain” he said.

The prime minister has however struck a note of optimism saying that “our people are not unaccustomed to crisis and pain, we will surmount theses challenges.”

“However, with every threat comes opportunities. Let’s seize the opportunity to lead healthier live styles and to grow more food to ensure food security,” Browne added.

He also wants this crisis to be used to strengthen the unity within the country and to be each other’s keeper.

“As we brace ourselves for the worst, we must remain resilient and optimistic about the future and position ourselves to harvest the bounty that will surely follow.”

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  1. is it possible for the government to allow certain vulnerable individuals (older folks or persons will underlying health issues) to take advantage of a program like “dollar barrel” so that they can receive imported important goods (vitamins, medication for their underlying health issues etc.) from their family and friends abroad.

    I understand that some revenue streams for the government is been or will be negatively affected by the coronavirus epidemic. Including revenues from imported goods. I understand that the last official “dollar barrel” was only a few months ago. But maybe we can limit who gets to take advantage of this type of program. Maybe we can limit it to one barrel/box per two months. Or even just not worry about the issue of how this “dollar barrel” program will affect the government’s revenue streams because health is more important than money.

    With all the panicking and precautionary preparation for what is yet to come, individuals (especially younger and healthy persons) all over the world are buying out important items from the shelves of stores. But one of the issues with this situation is the older folks or individuals with underlying health issues, might be unable to get the important items (vitamins, etc.). There is an issue of shortages.

    A temporary solution to this issue is to allow these types of individuals to receive important items from their family abroad with similar advantages from a program like “dollar barrel”. Bearing in mind friends and family abroad are facing the same shortages issue but on a different level.

  2. Go into your rainy day fund.Do you have one set up as of yet.As a tap dawg,financial genius,banker,real estate mogul,construction genius,politician,Prime Minister.The smartest person in Antigua and Barbuda.You should have put aside millions of dollars for situations like these to spend on the people.If not,you would have failed the people.That would be shameful.

  3. Remove or reduce import duties on food , medication or supplements and other basic essentials so that people can bring in those goods with ease, this is an emergency and is going to be a long ride

  4. Blame it on COVID19….

    No sah this is direct mismanagement of a country, if you knowingly put all the eggs in one basket and it falls, who’s to blame? Must be the administration that failed to diversify and sure up real industry.

    Tourism is not an industry….

    Here is a simple plan for the country free of charge…

    Be self sufficient in providing food, clothing and shelter end of story.

  5. Weston the economist and the PM the financial geniuses. Where is Antigua and Barbuda strategic or emergency plan for a crises like this one that is now facing us? All the money earned from the CIP. At one time it was said $1 billion. Shouldn’t some of this money puts asides for emergency or rainy day? As far as I can see other than paying salaries and wages with it, I have not seen where in the country that money has spend. Infrastructures haven’t improved at all. All the money you have been putting aside for the next election, Top Dawg, you better start pull it out to save your people and the nation as a whole.

  6. If they and their supporters couldnt accept that there was a worldwide economic down during UPP second term, you expect them have rainy day monies? All funds have been used to hide the failures of their party. NAMCO now has all the funds that should have been in the treasury and statutory bodies. And for what? Creating the illusion of some kind of ‘economic powerhouse’. How can government assets become private? Or semi-private? That should have raised serious concern in Antigua but they, having convinced the masses of their smartness(competence they call it), now tell us to tighten our belts like PM Spencer told us in 2007/8. Of course ABLP and their supporters laughed it down then but calling for unity now.

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